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Ep 95: Social Media & Marketing Beach Retreat 2021! Transcript

I think I’m streaming. I think I’m streaming live. Hello, ladies. Yes, I am. Yay. How are you? Welcome. Welcome to this brand new Facebook group called she is extraordinary.

My name is Judy Weber and I am the professional woman’s business coach, I help high achieving and professional women like you build businesses of significance God’s way. And so as you’re hopping on thank you for joining me, I’m so excited. Of course, I have a few announcements before I dive into the big announcement of why we’re here. Okay, but I’d love to know who’s here. So this ease here, awesome. Great to see you. Sonia is here. So much fun.

Oh, my goodness. So, first of all, this group is specifically for high achieving and professional women of faith, who are committed to growing and scaling a business of significance, right? It’s not just about making the million dollars to make the million dollars, it is about doing God’s work, right. And so she is extraordinary, is really all about you. Okay, I want you to understand that you are an extraordinary woman of God, who is on fire for the Lord Jesus Christ. Am I right about that? You are on mission to serve others, using your God given talents and gifts and passions, right? You are on purpose. you’re committed to stretching yourself and doing it afraid.

Why? Well, you know, I’ve been telling you, you need to go all in on who you are in Christ, in order to walk into your purpose before God right to tap into that extraordinary life and business that God has planned for you. Ladies, I’m so excited to see all of you here. Thank you so much for for joining me. Lynne is here, Virginia. Evie and Sonia. So I think I mentioned before, great to see all of you. Alright, so first things first, if you have not listened to my she is extraordinary podcast, please do. So. We’re going to reach 100 of thanks for the love. We’re going to reach 100 episodes in the coming days. I’m at 92. And I’m going to be pumping out a lot of episodes this week. There’s a lot that are that I haven’t that I’ve been kind of holding on to and I’m like, why am I holding on to it, I’ve got to get it out there. So we’re all over the place. I’m on iTunes, Stitcher, I Heart Radio, wherever podcasts are, that’s where I’m at.

Okay, but if you would like $250 discount from the big announcement that I’m about to share, then you want to head over to iTunes, and you want to search she is extraordinary. And leave me a rating and review, snap a picture of it, and tag it on Instagram or Facebook tag me at Judy Weber live. Okay, so that’s the first thing. She is extraordinary Podcast. I am going to talk about a minute about what I would love to see on this page. But she is extraordinary. That’s the podcast that is a movement. That’s going to be I’m gonna roll out a campaign before the end of the year. You want to hop on Oh, and by the way, I didn’t even write this down. But I want to say it now. You all should be on my email list. Look in your spam, your whatever promotions folder, I sent out an email over the weekend. I’m writing a book that I want to be all about you. Right? It’s called she is extraordinary. And I want to feature 100 of you ladies.

Okay? So search for that email. If you’re like, Judy, I’m not on your list. Okay, pop your email right here in the comments now, and I will add you to the list. Because I am going to be featuring 100 of you with inspirational stories, your background, some photos, and it’s going to be a book that I’m going to be putting out there. And How awesome would it be to say, Hey, I’m featured in the she is extraordinary book. So whether you want to nominate yourself, or if you want to nominate another extraordinary woman, maybe your mom, maybe your good friend, maybe another business person in your neighborhood. I want to know about who she is. And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, leave a comment here and I will be in touch with you and give you more details but start with an email address to okay. So second thing that I wanted to say was you were likely were in my last Facebook group of nearly 3500 amazing ladies right, called the blessed to thrive community. Well what happened was two weeks ago, approximately my personal account got hacked. And it was right smack dab in the middle. It was a Wednesday, smack dab in the middle of a week long workshop, a live workshop.

Well that messed everything up, didn’t it? But God is so good. I’ll tell you I was called through the whole thing I was annoyed. Don’t get me wrong, but I only freaked out once. And it was short lived. So, you know, I realized I couldn’t be an administrator of that old group. So I had to start a new one. So that’s why you’re here. That’s why that group is kind of just kind of sit there because I don’t even know how to access it really. Okay. So,
I mean, I could as somebody else, but it was just getting weird.

You know, if you know if you if you were there, you know what I’m talking about. Okay. So what I want you to do to help us grow this community back to the hundreds and thousands of quality, high achieving ladies like yourself is I want you to invite your friends. And maybe some of those friends that used to be over there that you don’t see here. seek them out, okay? Because I see who’s inviting. And I’m going to start keep track, right here on app. Okay, so here’s the deal. If you invite five ladies, if you invite five ladies, and you can’t control if they join, but you can just do the inviting. If you invite five ladies, you’re going to be put into a drawing to get a one on one strategy session with me, which is a power 30 minutes that we can get a lot of work done. If anybody here is watching that had one of those with me, or is one of my clients, you know, we can get a lot done in 30 minutes. So if you invite five ladies, you’re going to be put into a kitty, where you’re going to be a chance to win a one on one strategy session with me. If you invite 10 you invite 10 ladies, and I think Bonnie did earlier today. I’m going to send you a gift card. Okay, I’m going to send you a gift card if you invite 10 ladies, and if you go really crazy and you want to invite 20 ladies, then you’re going to get a one on one strategy session with me.

Okay, so you don’t have to have a chance for it. You’re going to get it all right. So Fontenay says here, Margie is here. Yes, keep on truckin. That’s right, Raji. I love her and Clark is here. This is so good. All right. So invite your lady friends who love the Lord Jesus Christ, and who either have a business or our diet to start one. Okay. That was number two. Number three. What do I want to have happen inside this group? I want engagement. I want you to post. Okay, I don’t want it to be the Judy Weber show. That’s kind of boring, right? I want it to be that you are all extraordinary. So let’s make this thing blow up. Okay. So as long as it is not promotional, outwardly promotional, post it, post your awesome thoughts, your behind the scenes, photos and videos.

You know, anything that you value that you give to your target audience, test it here, if you’re working on your branding, if you’re working on marketing, if you have a question if you have a challenge if you have a win post here, because we are all about community. Okay, there is no competition even though you know, I’m sure I have business coaches here in the group. There’s enough room there’s enough you know, out there for all of us and we all have specific backgrounds, experiences and talents. And we have very specific niches an ideal client. So this is the place to engage, we can let our hair down thank you for the love Thank you very much.

Really, this is going to be as good as what you participants make it right. So as long as it is not outwardly promotional saying hello, I have this Will you please by I want you to engage I invite you to all right. Finally, what else what else? What else? Okay, this is not fine. This is the next to finally okay. This is my birthday month. November. I love November. And are you like me where it’s not just my birthday? Or my birthday week? This is my birthday month. Okay. So part of the time I’m going to be heads down planning hard for my best year yet in 2021 because I know it’s gonna be 2020 was a fabulous year, even though we had Coronavirus and hack.

I mean, last year or last week, I generated over $20,000 See, that’s how God works. Number one, that when you trust Him, and number two, when when you just keep going? Right? And when you never say never. So um, Now interestingly, I just said $20,000 in a week, like you’re probably like, Oh my gosh, how do you do that? Well, you can do that. You can do that. And I have a challenge that I want to do and I just kind of work out the details. So stay tuned for a very special challenge. Where the participants the goal is going to be making $3,000 in a matter of days. Does anybody would anybody be interested in participating in a challenge?

It’s like three k in seven days. I haven’t worked out the details. But if that sounds like something you’d be interested in making three K, in seven days, I want to show you how to do it. Okay. And Virginia, it’s her birthday month two, what’s your date? My son’s 17? Tell me tell me. And Megan is here. All right. Okay, so, question and please write this write the answer in the comments. Okay? About this challenge three K, seven days or whatever I’m going to call it. There’s two things you need in order to do that. Number one, you need an offer. Right? What do you sell? Who do you sell it to? And, and then you need to connect with people. Right?

And have a communication, have a presentation, have a conversation, and connect the lead convert the lead from a lead to a client? Okay. This is daughter also has a birthday. Yeah, three K, heck, yeah, we can do three K. Okay. All right. So that is that. So fill it in. Let me know if that is something you want to do, because I’m really excited about doing that. Okay, so let me tell you about my big surprise. If you are reading the caption, you see that there’s an application for something and you’re like, why? Okay, so drum roll. I I’m an I’m an extrovert. I don’t know about you, but this Corona virus year of isolation, and masking, and stay away from me. That’s not me. It’s been hard for me. And if I were to watch the news, I probably would have lost my mind. But instead, I just keep going. Right? I pray a lot. I work a lot. And I love on my family a lot. You know, oh my gosh, Virginia birthday is the same as my mom.

Wow. That’s awesome. Okay, so I was talking to some of my clients in my accelerator lab program. And I was just dreaming. I’m like, you know, I had wanted to have this beach retreat in September, but then the lockdowns and everything. But what do you ladies think about a retreat? They all went nuts. Oh, my God, they all went crazy. Oh my gosh, I would love it. I want to do it. So do you know that very night, we got off the phone, that was an evening time with them. I went and I looked and I secured a beach house that night. Because what I had planned in September didn’t happen. And so long story on what happened to that house. But I am in a better location, right smack dab in Rosemary Beach, Florida. I’m in April, on April the 11th to the 14th. And ladies, I am hosting a social media and marketing beach retreat. Four days, three nights of amazingness work hard, but play hard. A time of sisterhood.

This is going to be awesome. So let me tell you a little bit about Are you excited about that? Are you super excited at the at the prospect of being one of the 12 ladies with me and a bunch of other experts? Let me explain. Okay. So I, I want to make sure that this retreat like other things that I’ve done and participated in is actually about getting things done like like rolling up our sleeves and getting it done. It’s not just sit there and take notes and then go home and scratch your head and say oh my gosh, I don’t even know where to start. Okay, we’re going to get stuff done. So there’s going to be two big takeaways at this social media and marketing beach retreat. One is your social media content calendar for a solid month is going to be done. And we’re going to set it up in a way that it’s going to be specific to your brand. It’s going to address issues that are relevant to your ideal client, right, and so on.

And so we’re going to do it so that you’re going to have 30 days, you’re going to know the process of putting the social media content calendar together, including repurposing, and batch creating your content. So that once you get done what we’re going to get done together in that 30 day, you know, month long calendar content calendar, you can just rinse and repeat for every month from now till the end of time. Why? Because you will have gone through the thought process, you would have gone through the strategy and figured all of that out. Now it’s just Okay, now I execute I got the plan in my hand. And now I just have to execute. Okay, that’s one of the huge takeaways is social media content calendar with repurposing and batch content creation.

The second thing is a more comprehensive marketing strategy plan. We’re going to map out for you the strategy and strategies and action items that you will take that take into consideration your brand, right, and your ideal client and where they are. And what you want your business to be all about, this is going to be very customized to you, this is not cookie cutter, okay. But those are the two big things that you’re going to take away with. And before we even get down there in April, we’re going to come together in a very engaged Facebook group, where we, the participants, and the experts are going to be in there talking about things that we need to get done before we even get there. What am I talking about? Well, I’ll tell you the moment more specifically, but in order for you to optimize and get done what I want you to get done in Florida, you need to have certain things in place.

And so we’re going to make sure starting at the first of the year, that there is absolute clarity on what you need to do, not the least of which is knowing having having a great brand, knowing your ideal client and all that kind of thing. Okay, so let me just tease you on the experts, not by name, but by subject type that are going to be there. Okay. So obviously, I’m going to be facilitating and leading it. I also have a social media expert that’s going to be there, right? Social media across all platforms. Okay. I’m going to have a video marketing, amazing lady who I just love. So yes, you’re gonna be doing video, and maybe even live video? Yes, and you’re gonna feel great doing it, because you’re going to be in this small, tight, intimate community. Okay. I’m also bringing in an email marketing expert, that is a marketing technique and tool that is so underutilized. And unutilized.

And that has to stop now. Okay, then I’m also going to be bringing in a LinkedIn expert, that’s going to tell us how to use the platform, so that we can get even more clients. Let me tell you, I know I talk to ladies every day. And so many say I don’t need LinkedIn. Well, I beg to differ. So we’re going to explore that. And then finally, I think it’s really important that we have a funnel expert, if you have no idea what I’m saying. That’s okay. You will in time, what if you are to jump in a funnel is what gets you from, you know, this is a funnel, right? leads come in, they go through this process until at the bottom, they come out, and they are converted into a client. So amazing. This right? Does this sound amazing? Or what I want to see kind of what’s going on here. Alicia says this is just amazing.

I wish I could make it Yes. Alicia is in South Africa. She’s coming to the states though, which is, where are you going to be moving to Alicia? I know amazing realtors all over the place here in the States and Canada. So let me know and I can hook you up Jennifer’s here. Phoebe is Oh, she has birthdays in November. That’s awesome. You’re so your mom. That is so cool. Okay, so that sounds great. Right? So, um, here’s the deal. I have 12 spots, but four are already taken. So I’m down to eight spots, which are going to go like that, okay. But I want you to understand, this is high touch, you know, Lux accommodations.

This isn’t like 100 bucks. Okay, it’s not 500 bucks, it’s not 1000 bucks, but it’s not 5000 bucks. Okay, so I just want you to understand, you’re getting, you’re getting quality, and you’re getting specific deliverables done important business tasks done. And I can tell you, I’ve done so many of these, all of the attendees at my events, they just found you know, some business besties and the importance of investing in yourself like this lady’s number one, not only that, it’s a business expense. It’s completely deductible. 100%. But, um, you know, there’s a lot to be said,
for who you hang out with. Right? If you would hang out with people who are constantly saying, Go get go back to that day job and stop dreaming, and you’ll never do it, you’re smart, but you can’t do business or whatever, you’re gonna have a result that is far different than if you’re hanging out with people who are doing the scary things. You’re looking at them. They’re spurring you on.

They’re encouraging you you’re learning from, from them, you’re sharing resources and ideas and strategies. I mean, you level up when you come to an event like this, this is so different than a conference of hundreds. This is very hands on direct access to me and to the experts. So I’m just really, really excited to make this special announcement and I I just can’t wait to get to know you better there in Florida and actually give you a hug. And, you know, learn with you grow with you. Right. So this is going to be held in Rosemary Beach, Florida, Rosemary Beach, Florida. Google it, ladies. It’s an amazing place. To me. It’s the most beautiful place on Earth. It’s in the Emerald coast, in the Gulf where the sand is squeaking. White and I say squeaky when you move your feet, it like actually squeak because it’s made of quartz or something the sand far different from Jersey, and the water is greatest blue like the Caribbean, I absolutely love it.

And we’re going to be right in town, you can walk to the beach, you can walk to the shops, and the restaurants. It’s a beautiful surrounding a beautiful environment. And it’s going to be a powerful time. And Lynne was just throwing me some love. And Lynn was at an event that I did years ago with my twin sister in Avalon, New Jersey. And this is going to be similar only are these going to be better. So if you would like to vie for and apply for one of the eight remaining spots, the next step for you is to complete the application. Yes, there is an application, because again, this is not your average event, right?

So I don’t want to accept just anybody you need to be. I’m not saying you have to like be at six figures and plus, but what I am saying is I need to get a feel for your level of commitment and understand where you are in your business. And then I’ll be reviewing all the applications and inviting you then to a phone chat so that I can tell you more details. Okay. So Oh, you’re moving to Miami. Okay. Do you have a real estate agent yet? I know a bunch of awesome agents, we should chat.

And Lynn said yes. That event canisters he was awesome. Okay, so ladies, once again, welcome to the she is extraordinary Facebook group and community. I love you. I serve you. And I’m just so excited for not only the retreat coming up in April, but also for the amazing goodies and things that I have planned even in this very month.

So I have got to run. I’ve got some ladies to speak with all the rest of the afternoon. It’s such a blessing to be here with you. Please post let me know how I can help you. Okay. And if we are not connected on Instagram, I am getting more active there and I would encourage that you do so as well. Join me over there at at Judy Weber live. Follow me I will follow you back. And I think that’s it for now. Ladies. Well God bless you and I will see you soon. Take good care.

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