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Ep 97: What’s Your Brand Identity? (it’s 1 of these 3) Transcript

Ladies, ladies, how are you? Welcome to thriver. Thursday live want to make sure we’re live here on Facebook? Yes, excellent Welcome to thrive for Thursday live, ladies, I can’t wait for this one thriver Thursday live is where I show up for you every Thursday, even when I’m technically on a respite. And this is the place to be to learn powerful business strategy and grow in your walk with Christ. So welcome each and every one of you, whether you are here live with me or on the replay. And as you’re coming on, please take a moment to say hi, I love to see who’s watching. And I really want today’s thriver Thursday, live to be interactive, because that is what’s going to best serve you. So I’m so blessed to be here with you.

My name is Judy Weber, and I am the professional woman’s business coach. And I work exclusively with high achieving women of the Lord Jesus Christ just like you, right, who want to grow and scale a business of significant God’s way. So again, thank you for joining me, if you watched my video earlier this week, you know that I am technically on a birthday respite, I’m visiting my twin sister here in Virginia. As you may know, I’m from Philadelphia, I won’t be home until next Friday, but I am here. And I’m showing up for you, as I always do Thursdays at 11am. Eastern to pour into you, Sister because I love you. And I want to help you build your business and I want to help you build your confidence. And I want to stretch your courage muscle, right so that you can be bolder to get that unique message out there. The message God has for you, you alone, to deliver to the world right to ultimately work with all of those that God has planned for you to work with. And to serve.

There are a couple of you here, please say hello. So I know who’s watching. And before we get into it, I do want to say thank you, thank you to all of those who have invited their friends to join us here in this brand new she is extraordinary Facebook group. As you may recall, our old group that was called blessed to thrive community had nearly 3500 women in it. And because of my hack, a hack to my personal account, I can no longer access that as the admin so I was forced to come up with a brand new group. And while quality is definitely more important than quantity, we know that the more Jesus loving, committed women founders of business that we have here, the more everybody is going to benefit.

So please keep inviting your friends who have a business, or who want to have a business and those may be still working the nine to five and those stay at home moms who are truly committed to building that business that matters. You know God’s way, please make sure they know about this Facebook group. Now before we go to the Lord in prayer, I want to encourage you to stay focused. Okay, I’m very active more and more on Instagram. And of course I love Facebook, love. I love you ladies on Facebook, let’s put it that way. But I want to encourage you that even in these days, you need to stay focused, you really need to stay focused, okay? Even in these tumultuous days. And of course, I’m referring to the upside down topsy turvy black is white, why it is black truth is a lie lie is the truth. Nonsense that’s happening as a result of the workings will be kind of the mainstream media, big tech, including Facebook, and others who have so masterfully gotten inside the heads of so many. There is nothing more powerful than prayer ladies.

So no matter what you think about what’s going on right now, I want to encourage you to pray, specifically, to pray for God to reveal to you to me to each of us the truth. Lord, help me to think in the right way about what’s going on. How do you want me to think Lord, what is right perspective? What should I believe? And then of course, we can go to him and ask that but if we don’t take the time to listen, then we won’t get his word right. So I encourage you, sister in these times and always to be discerning. do not accept what you hear. You know as gospel right, no matter the source, unless and until the Lord God Almighty tells you to accept it. And as I told my kids, since they were very little, hold everything you hear up to God’s unwavering truth as revealed in Scripture. Be clear, be steadfast, right. And one thing I just have to say, abortion is murder. God told us to choose love

So please don’t allow a silly soundbite or divisive labels, or our differences, whether skin color or anything else. Please don’t allow any of that to twist, or as the Bible says to pervert, right thinking as unto Christ. Okay. And finally, as smart and savvy business owners, please sister remain calm and steadfast and look up to Almighty God with confidence because he’s got this, even if we have no idea what the heck’s going on, right? And even if we don’t see it, okay, so let’s go to God in prayer, and then we’ll dive in.

Heavenly Father, I thank you, Lord, that this technology is allowing us to get together right now, from literally all around the world. Lord God, we know that you nothing, nothing passes that you don’t know about. You see the end from the very beginning, you know, all of this had to be and you know, the result of what life we will have in the coming weeks, months and years. So we’re gonna we just look to you, and help us to just trust and not worried, but to pray always Lord, and to be thankful for every little thing we have even in this opportunity to come together, Lord, and, and exalt you. We love you, Lord, speak to us now. We thank you so much for your presence. In the mighty name of your son, Jesus, our Lord, we pray, Amen. Amen.

All right, Missy says calm and steadfast. That’s right, sister. Okay. Today, I wanted to talk about your brand, and specifically, how you describe your brand. So earlier in the week, I posted a poll. And I gave two choices. I said, Do you have a Luxe, high end, exclusive brand, or a run of the mill standard, price driven brand? And most of you said at that time exclusive, until somebody posted something else. And I love I love this ladies, I love this time type of engagement, because this is how we grow. And this is how we learn things. Okay, so one of you and I’m sorry, I forget who that was added this additional option. You said, my brand is highly bespoke, honoring the client journey without them financially grabbing their ankles. And I’ll be honest, I know a lot of words, but I had to look up the word bespoke. Anybody else, right? I’m always real ladies.

So here’s what I learned about that. bespoke isn’t that I’m reading from Webster’s Merriam Webster’s or something. bespoke is an adjective which comes from the past participle of the verb BE speak, which has been with us since Old English, the speaker has had an arrangement of meetings far more varied than simply being a slightly longer and Old English way of saying speak. It also has meant to complain, to accuse, and to order or arrange in advance and Sarah’s the one that said I added the bespoke no grabbing the ankles. I love it. I love it.

That was so that was just so it paints a picture. So thank you for that, Sarah, I love it. Um, and this definition and what I what I looked at to try to understand you know what it meant? It said this was originally limited to custom made clothing. And now in our use of it, it’s clearly extended beyond that. But Sarah, since you’re here, I would love to unlock I’d appreciate if you take a moment and tell me exactly what you meant by the word bespoke. Did you mean custom? Because that’s kind of the best definition that I was able to find. Okay. So with that, and waiting, I hope Sarah will chime in a little bit more specifically on what she meant. But with my study that definition that it was custom.

I’m still not 100% sure of what was meant by that additional comment. Hopefully, Sarah will chime in. But like I said, how glad I was that that was written because it got me to think, right. I’m thinking that with the comment about without them financially grabbing their ankles. Sounds like there’s an issue with not wanting to charge them too much. Okay, that is correct. Okay, awesome. So, you know, it sounds like some of you and I don’t mean Sarah, but some of us right? Maybe I’m the mindset that pricing your goods or services high. That’s gonna vary depending on what you do, what industry you’re in, right? But Do any of you have the mindset, that pricing what you offer, hi, would be a disservice to your client, perhaps even gouging them?

Is that what you think? Because I would love the honesty ladies. This is when we learn. Let’s be real. This is a safe community. Missy says I went back and forth and voted for that one because we’re client centered, individualized service but not luxury. Okay, interesting. Okay, and Isn’t it funny lady’s words matter? I say this all the time, especially as a lawyer, I know words matter what we hear the media saying words matter, parse what they’re saying. Because a lot of what we say in sales and marketing, and what we hear out there in the world across everything, right? It’s not only what is said, but sometimes equally important is what’s not said. Okay, so think about that. Okay, this is supposed to be a very thought provoking thriver. Thursday live. Okay, so here are a couple of things.

If this is what you think that to charge high for your goods or services is not doing your clients a service. Okay. My follow up question to you would be? How do you value your expertise? Okay, or if you have a product, how do you value that? How do you value what you bring to your clients? Right? Think about this. Are you valuing your services, for example, based on an hourly rate? Or are you basing the value of your services on the transformation that your services provide for your clients? Okay. Another question, are you valuing your services or your products? Based on what the competition charges? Is that a big thing for you to know? Kind of what everybody else is doing? And if that is you, I’d say, Wait, hold on a second, don’t you do things differently? Don’t you do things better? And if so, if you do things better, to get a different result, a better result? for your clients? Whatever it is that you do? Doesn’t that warrant a different price?

Or investment opportunity? Right? Or you valuing your services or your products, based on what you believe clients would be willing to pay? Right? And wait a minute, whoa, is the day I said clients, but if you base your value and price, whatever it is you sell based on what you believe they will be willing to pay? My question is, who is they? Is it your ideal client? Like who is your ideal client? Is your ideal client a penny pincher is a bargain Hunter. Right? Or is your ideal client, someone that’s really committed to do the work, whatever it is that you’re doing, especially if you’re a service provider, or even if you sell products, like my beautiful friend, Virginia, she sells these health products. And she is she is the product and her transformation has been like, crazy. Great, right? So So do you want someone who really wants to get things always cheapest? Or do you want someone that’s really committed to change? Right? These are the questions you need to ask yourself about your brand as you’re putting it together. Okay.

I hope this is kind of getting some aha moments or some additional things to think about. All right. So if you are of the belief, or concern that people won’t pay more people won’t pay higher prices for what it is that I do. My question and love to you, is this. Is it your audit your money issues? That you’re assuming they have? Like, do you have money issues? Okay. Because here’s the fact, did you know that you actually serve your clients by charging more? I’ll talk about that more in a minute. But that is the fact. And I fought that tooth and nail. I said, they’re crazy. How could that be? But it’s true.

You serve your clients by charging more, okay, and I’ll talk about why in a second. Marie says Hi, are you in Paris? And Sarah, my focus is toward survivors of abuse. And often that abuse includes financial abuse, for me to guide that person through the navigation of self forgiveness, for the low, low, low price of $3,000. To us, it’s not bringing forth the healing and transformation that I claim to provide. Okay. Self forgiveness.

Okay. Okay, interesting. Thank you for that. All right. I wanted to note some of the comments that were under this poll, okay, because I want us to all if you didn’t get a chance to see that to kind of get a feel for where you ladies are some of the ladies are so Missy said with respect to Avon. She does that as a side gig. I think it’s more run of the mill price driven except for some other luxury Okay, Ashley says I’m trying to be more high end. Megan says, I’m in between the mothers I serve and who need my help the most are not luxury brand, ladies, they’re struggling hard working mamas. Although I strive to offer more than the generic price driven brand. Okay, a lot of lot of stuff in that in those few words there.

So thank you, Megan, for that. Vanessa says I’m in between, I’m more of a standard price, but a luxury service. And Vanessa is an amazing real estate agent. So I totally get that worth what she’s talking about there that commissions structures are what they are. However, I am always asking my real estate agent clients to charge a premium commission and see what happens. Okay, so all right, Marilyn says it varies between clients, but I am between high bespoke, and luxury. I’m promoting prestige, and an exceptional brand. And I love that. I love that. I love that you are boldly stating, I am a prestigious and exceptional brand. So congratulations, Maryland. My question is I don’t quite understand what the difference is between high bespoke, and luxury. So I would love to know what what Marilyn or anyone else’s comments are in that regard. Again, words matter. Luxury may mean something to me, it may mean something very different for you. Okay, or to your ideal client, right? That says I am a Lux high end exclusive brand and boy do I love that. And you know why I love that? Because best stated that her brand what her brand is without apology.

My brand is no ifs ands or buts. no qualms no holding back, love it. Whatever your brand is, I hope you can speak that that confidently, right? Teresa says I’m two different ones. And then she names each of the businesses that she represents. And I’m not familiar with either one. So I couldn’t really speak to that. The artist says I love the line grabbing them by the ankles to buddy. So that’s awesome. All right. So ladies, all of this discussion about a brand, what kind of brand you have. This is all at the bottom at the end of the day. It’s all about positioning yourself and positioning your brand in the marketplace. Okay, your brand exists as its own entity. And from where I sit, it should not vary depending upon who looks at it. Okay, let me give you a simple example that I think all of us can, can grab a hold of Disney is Disney.

The price point is there because of the value. And that value is there for us as consumers because of the positioning of that value to the consumer by Disney. Disney, I believe is an exclusive brand. I only went to Disney World once I was sorely disappointed never understand how anybody would want to go back year after year. But anyway, that was just my experience. But I understand that notwithstanding my personal experience and shrug of the shoulders about what’s the big deal that Disney I still understand and appreciate that Disney has done a beautiful job positioning itself as the exclusive family vacation bar not. Right. And you know that when you go there, you’re gonna pay, you’re gonna pay. Okay, so being a luxury exclusive brand, doesn’t necessarily mean that your clients love all things luxury, and buy them. Right. I mean, I don’t have a luxury car.

I don’t have a Louie bag. And I would never ever, ever have either of those things. That’s my choice. Okay. I just think that it’s not, it’s To me, it’s just braggadocious it is money that I don’t need to spend if I could afford those things, but But what does it mean? Who am I trying to impress? Okay. But even though I don’t buy those luxury brands, when it comes to my business coach, I’m paying dearly. And it’s about what I value. So, so Megan, you know, you specifically mentioned about my buyers, presumably my ideal clients don’t buy luxury brands. That’s okay.

That’s not to say that they wouldn’t pay a higher price to work with you in your gentle parenting coaching. Because having a piece filled joy filled home, where everybody gets along, is very important to them. It’s what they value. Okay? So I don’t want us to misunderstand, when what I call this this luxury higher end type right? Okay, so before I get to a couple of other kind of things to think about, about this whole idea, what kind of brand are you? I thought we could do the Mac, okay? For me, and I believe for many of you, you are not in business primarily to become filthy rich, right? Anybody? I mean, I, I’m going to make a million dollars, you know, probably 2021. But that’s not why I do what I do. And that’s not primarily what drives me. Okay. So perhaps you and I’m thinking, yes, like me, our heart LED, we’re certainly Jesus LED. And we want to serve and help people first and foremost, right? With the gifts that God graced us with.

And that means that while you may not be motivated by money, per se, you’re definitely in business to make an impact and to change lives, right? I mean, you want to serve people, not necessarily millions of people, but those that you work with, you want to make a big impact in their lives, and have that ripple effect to impact the lives of those around them, and so on and so on. Am I right? Okay, so I want to just due to Matt, okay. So it is kind of a modest. And for many of us, many of you may be more aggressive, but I think, generally, let’s just say with a $10,000 month, that’s a relatively modest, and definitely doable, revenue, monthly stream. Okay. So I just chose that for this example that we’re going to do the math for.

So to generate $10,000 a month, you can either do the following. I have 1000 clients at $10. I have 100 clients at $100. I have 10 clients at $1,000. I have five clients at $2,000. I have two clients at $5,000 or have one client at $10,000. Okay, so which business model? Which math equation sounds most appealing to you? Right? And you might already have those kind of thoughts, those beliefs come up and say nobody would pay $10,000 for what I do. Did you know that there are people who pay that and more to learn how to do a headstand? I kid you not. I know the person can’t understand why clients do it. But okay, now, think about the difference between the number of leads you have to have. And the conversion of those leads to customers based upon those different price points and the number of people that you need, right?

I mean, if you’re going to close 1000 people at 10 bucks every single month, think about how big your email list has to be or how big your following has to be across all platforms, including your email. Okay. So my advice, okay, when you’re thinking about all this, let’s break it down to a couple of key points. Okay. My advice is to thoughtfully consider your brand. Clarity is beautiful. And in business, it’s what makes you thrive truly. So it’s not only who you want to be known as but what you want to be known for, but what your brand identity is, okay. So who are you? What is your brand identity? Okay, that’s one thought. The next thought do not position or price your brand out of a sense of desperation or fear ever. Please do nothing make no decision in life or business from a sense of fear or desperation. It rarely ever works out okay.

Thought number three, never apologize for your prices. never apologize for your prices. Understand that how you price your goods and services positions then in the market. It positions what it is that you’re selling and it positions your brand. What would you think of Mercedes or Louis Vuitton if all of a sudden you could get one for 50% off when the first thought be loud, but the quality of the material went down or something had to change for them to cut price. Right. So here we I am not saying that you must be an exclusive high end brand. But what I am saying is you get to choose, I don’t want you to have to worry about pricing, because you fear no one’s gonna pay. And that is not the way thriving CEOs think. And it certainly is not what they do. Now, if you want to barely eke out a living and get into the whole competing on price business model, you certainly can. But your profit margins are going to be thin. And you’ll be working really hard for very little.

So I want you to think for a moment, what is the when I say who competes on price that does well in the marketplace? What brand Do you think of? Well, what first came up for me is Walmart. But you see, they overcome their slimmer margins with huge volume. Right? So again, it’s a simple thing of do the math. I don’t, here’s another thought that that came up. For me as I was thinking about all this, I don’t want you to feel you need to compete on price or be the lowest price in order to be a good Christian. If that’s a mindset of yours, if that is a belief of yours, please kick it out. That’s it. That’s that’s a working of the enemy. Okay. Think of it this way. The more you make, the more you have to give and donate right. Now, earlier, I mentioned that you’re doing your clients a favor by charging more, not less. And let me tell you, when I first heard this a number of years ago, I said, well, that’s just a cute and clever sales ploy for the person wanting me to pay some exorbitant amount of money for something, right? Think about yourself?

How many times have you bought a program or a course that cost $27 $49 $99, maybe even up to two or $300? And you never finished it? And you didn’t really feel like you had to because you thought I didn’t pay that much for it. No big deal. Anybody else? Okay. Listen, here’s what I know, when clients pay 1000s of dollars for something they show up. They do the work. And why? Because by paying that higher price point, they have demonstrated their commitment and commitment to what commitment to themselves, again, as evidenced by the investment itself. commitment to you. How did they do that? By choosing to invest with you. And they’ve also shown commitment to now. Why? Because they chose to invest like now today. And again, I can tell you from firsthand experience that since I have raised the investment, the investment, the investment floor for the blessed to thrive Academy, the clients jumping in are more committed, no doubt about it.

They’re showing up. First of all, they’re actually showing up, right? They’re doing the work, right? When they show up, they’re really showing up, they are fully participating. They’re going all in on who they are in Christ, they are doing that hard work, asking the tough questions right of themselves. And they’re doing bigger and bigger thinks you’re doing them a favor by not being bottom of the barrel of the pricing. So I’m going to end with this. What kind of brand do you have? And as far as I see it, you have three choices. Okay? Are you an exclusive high end brand priced higher than average in your market? serving those truly committed and getting excellent results for your clients? Is that your brand? Or? Or? Is your brand built on price competition with the goal of winning tons of clients at the lowest price point? Or the third option? Are you a standard average brand, offering average results? An average price point. Ladies, the choice is yours.

And as always, I encourage you to go to God to ask him what his vision is for your business. This is his business really, right? Because he’s working through you and he’s equipped you to do his work. So go to him and ask what his vision is for your business. And importantly, ladies, take the time to listen to him and then act on what it is that he is telling you. Okay. So let me go to the comments. And All right, so Sarah says there also needs to be a space to understand what high end or high ticket means. Cheap is a word that rarely means anything. Think positive, that’s true. Talk about value driven before talking about high ticket fixating on the dollar and not on the creation of value creates work, when the value is strong and confident the cashola topic is far more easy to stand on its own. I love it. Love it, love it. That’s right. So you position yourself as the authority as the best. One important thing to do as you’re building your business, ladies, and you want to stand out, right, because there’s so much noise out there. And I would venture to say, in my experience that regardless of industry, there’s a lot of competition. So in order for you to stand out, you need to, you need to identify the gap.

Where are other people doing what you’re doing, selling what you’re selling, is missing the boat? Right? For me, the gap was faith based, not just faith, but the Lord Jesus Christ, combined with someone that actually had experience in the business world, in the C suite, as an entrepreneur, and that extra layer of the law. So you know, it is true, how do you position yourself? Do you position yourself as as just one of all the rest or, you know, what is that differentiator. And that’s why I encourage you to fill that identify the gap, and then fill it. But even if you identify the gap, and you fill the gap in what you do, if you’re messaging out there doesn’t tell the world all of that good stuff, then they’re not going to see the value of what you bring of what does make you different of how you do things different of your methodology or or your thinking of your perspective of what you do. So I love that point. Thank you so much for that, Sarah.

All right. Um, Marie says I thought it’s fake. I’m not sure what that means. So if you’re still here, tell me what you meant by that one. Missy says I’m hoping the modules will help in this. I’m eager to get to the ideal client module. Yes, ma’am. Yes, ma’am. And this is in my best interest Academy. Again, she showed her commitment by jumping in. And yes, and that’s exactly why I do our weekly group coaching and mastermind inside the thrive Academy so that we can bring to light your questions in real time to keep you moving forward. So yeah, absolutely. Okay. Marie says right on point. Missy says when you say it that way, we are the standout brand that does more, it charges a bit more and gets results. Yes. And Virginia just said, Hi, Virginia, I was raving about you, sister. You are amazing. You are truly extraordinary. All right. So I don’t see any questions. I’m going to pause for just a moment. But listen, ladies, I really would love to hear your feedback. What kind of brandy you have? Okay, it was one of those three. Remember, high end luxury, you charge more to get great results, or price driven. I want to be the lowest and I’m going to turn serve tons and tons of people.

Or the third is average from where I sit. That’s it. If you think that there is another brand identity that I haven’t mentioned, you know, if it’s more than those three, let me know what it is. But from where I sit, that’s it. You’re either average, your price competitive, or you were high end and you do things differently and better. And you’re positioned in that way with that high, high value, you know, transforming that expertise and that experience into a high value service or product. It’s going to get amazing results. So I’m not seeing any, any questions coming through. So I’m gonna head out. Ladies, whatever you’re doing, bless you. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay positive, the Lord Jesus Christ is in control. And now is the time ladies.

For us to really demonstrate our faith in him. We’re fine. We’re more than fine. Remember, in him we are more than conquerors. Okay, so let’s keep praying. Keep praying that his will be done and keep staying focused. We still need to serve people even though the world is topsy turvy crazy. The Lord has a plan for us. And so we need to walk in that plan.

And Virginia said I’m high end. That’s right sister absolutely are. Alright ladies, thank you so much for joining me. I look forward to your feedback. Wow. God bless you all.

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