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Ep 105: ‘Extraordinary 2021’ Goal Setting Workshop – #Day4

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All right, ladies, welcome to this our fourth and final day of our extraordinary 2021 goal setting workshop. How was your dedicate or rededicate my business to the Lord day yesterday, feel free to throw some love in the chat. Tell me about it. I’ve just been curious and never hesitate to hit reply on these emails that I’m sending to you. Because my hope and prayer through all of this, that this time in pausing from the normalcy of life, right? This time would be meaningful and powerful and inspirational for you, right? To inspire you to dream big, and to do big things, and really to be transformative, going to the one who knows everything, for input for advice for wisdom, from the smallest of things to the most complex issues inside your business. Just make sense.

We are called to do his work, we are called to be obedient, doing business God’s way. And you know, it’s such an incredible gift that he wild, like so far above us. Yet he graciously and amazingly invites us to go to him to approach the throne room boldly, and ask for whatever it is that we need, right? Hallelujah to the Christ. Okay, so today, we’re putting together the details of our 2021 Gold plan, right? We’re getting it all in place. And I’m gonna be outlining today, the specific things you need to identify in order to have that best year yet, so you really can’t afford to miss a moment of today’s session. And so, I think you’re gonna want to watch this again, because you always get more out of it the second time you watch something. So if you haven’t yet printed off your workbook, I’d recommend you do that now. or grab a piece of paper at least. But first, let’s approach our amazing Lord asking for his guidance and his presence here with us. And then we’ll jump in. Oh, Heavenly Father, we thank you, we thank You, God for who you are. And we thank you for how you move and how you are moving in the lives and the businesses of these beautiful ladies, whether they’re here with me live, it’s such a blessing Lord, it’s such a joy.

Or if they’re watching on the replay. We know time is precious, we’re gonna be talking about that today. We’re pulled in 1000 different directions. So Lord, for us. For every woman that is watching right now, may you carve out some space for her to be fully present. To hear what it is not that I have to say but what you have to say through me, Lord, take over God. We want to hear from you. Thank you, Lord, for being here. We’re gonna praise you always. And thank you in advance for all that you’re doing. We love you, and we trust you. It’s in the mighty name of Jesus that we pray. Amen. Amen. All right, going into my notes now ladies, so the ladies that arrived late will have to wait in the waiting room till I can find another pause point. Okay, today we’re going to start off a bit unconventionally, and I told you this wasn’t gonna be cookie cutter, right? So, today, right, right now, I really want you to think about how did you spend your time in 2020? And, you know, time, it’s kind of crazy, right? You might say, well, this is kind of odd. This is odd if this is part of my annual goal planning. But I personally believe it’s very important. Because think about this time is our most precious commodity.

It’s the most precious thing in life much more valuable than money. Why? How can I say that? Well, because money well spent, well invested right can be returned back to you. If you invest $10, and you get $20. Back, you get your initial investment back plus, right, but time, once it’s gone, it’s gone. You never get back. So as we’re planning out this new year, we need to look at where we spend our time, and how we spend our time. Now, if you’re like most people, and admittedly even myself, right, we don’t keep precise track of our time. When I was an attorney in private practice, we did we had our, you know timesheet next to us because we had to make our billable hours.
And I would recommend that you choose a week to do that very thing and really a week of normal not holiday where things might be slower. But in a normal week, that would be a very interesting an eye opening exercise, right? But for purposes of what we’re going to do today, I want you to do your best estimate and be honest, right? So you’ll see on the worksheet that I want you to identify where you spend your time based upon main categories of things that a CEO typically does, right. So I’m just going to briefly fly through these and there may be some that I missed, but these are the biggest categories of time that I see CEOs Entrepreneurs spend time in management and administration is one.

Even if you don’t have a team, no doubt you do administrative type work, right. Another category that you should be spending time on is strategizing. strategizing with your marketing, strategizing, your promotions, your events, things like that, right? Third thing you should be spending time on is lead gen. Right? How am I going to find new people? And not just anybody to, you know, get followers just for the sake of numbers and to get people on my email, just to build up those numbers. But who? How can I get the right people to join into my community? Whatever that community looks like for you. So that’s all lead gen. Another huge section, a category is nurturing those relationships, it’s one thing to have the leads, but what are you doing, to get to know them better, and to allow them to get to know you better? Right? another chunk of time is accounting and finances the whole dollars thing, which is not fun for me. I’m a people person, I’m not a math person. But that’s important to more major categories is first delivery of services. How much time do you spend with clients, or with getting products if that’s what you sell together and out the door. And finally, product creation, whether that is a service package, or a product that you actually put together? Okay, so for each of these categories, I want you to determine the percentage of your time that you’re spent there. And why that’s important is there’s something called the Pareto principle, p AR, e to it’s the 8020 rule. And I used to fight this, but it really holds true, we end up spending 80% of our time, doing things that only give us 20% of the result.

So I mean, that’s kind of hard to wrap your head around, that we’re wasting a lot of time, or we’re not being as efficient and effective and productive with our time as we should. So this exercise and looking at our time is I really want you to figure out where am I spending my time. And that 20% of the time that we’re spending that gets us 80% of the results that we really want. What are those 20%? What are those money generating or lead generating activities? Okay. So I really want you to ask yourself, which of these activities are money generators? Okay, that’s huge. Okay, the next step in this planning process is going to be determining your hourly rate. Now, don’t fight me on this. I know it’s a weird exercise, but I think it’s important. Okay. So I have a little graphic there in your workbook. I want you to look at the number of the number of hours that you worked all year, and you’re like, Okay, God, how am I gonna come up with that? Okay, let’s start here. Think about an average workweek. How much time do you spend in or on your business in and on your business? Right? The strategy part of it and the doing client work, right? So I’m going to give you an example. Because if you’re like me, like numbers are easy. And so I gotta have an example. So grab a pen and write this down. Okay.

Let me just see if anyone’s waiting to come in. Okay. All right. So let’s say that you work average 40 hours a week, okay? 40 hours a week. And you work 48 weeks of the year, because you took some time off, you know, let’s say with all the time you took off it average is about four weeks off. So it’s 48 weeks of the year, times 40 hours on average for each of those weeks, gives you 1920 hours that you’ve worked this year. Okay. So let’s say your revenue, the money that came in was $75,000. That’s the example. So to compute your hourly rate, you take $75,000 divided by the 1920 hours that you worked all year. And drumroll please.

That is 39 bucks an hour. 39 bucks an hour. What do you think? Are you happy with that? I wouldn’t be happy with that. But if that’s where you are great. That’s the starting point. Beautiful. Okay. So that’s that that’s that’s the formula revenue for the year divided by the number of hours worked all year. Okay, and that’ll give you the hourly rate. So the reason that I’m doing this is because I want you as a CEO to understand that your time is valuable. And of course, I want your hourly rate, hourly, you know, number there to go closer to 100 bucks and beyond. Because you’re worth it, you’re worth 200 bucks, 300 bucks, I don’t know, you get to determine that. But see, this is where we get to start where we are and decide what we’re going to do to change it. So a big part of that is, let’s be real to determine what am I doing that I could give to somebody else, and pay them less than $39 an hour. So if you’re sitting there thinking, I don’t think I can afford a VA at all, I want to as your sister who loves you, and as your coach who wants to kick your butt in a loving way, I want you to know that you can outsource things, and you can start small. Right? I know there are great VA s out there for $10 an hour. My clients, of course, are closer to 3040 $50 an hour, okay, but there are good VA out there in the US and elsewhere, that you can get for $10 an hour, even $12 an hour. So let’s just do the math here. Ladies, if you found a great VA to take care of some of those admin tasks, or even social media posting that you really don’t like, Okay, if you were to hire someone for 10 hours a week, even 10 hours a week, at let’s say 10 or $12 an hour.

Okay, so you might say, Gosh, God, I don’t know if I have $400 a month to give, but hold on a second, that would open up 10 hours of you every week to do CEO work to do the work that is revenue generating, right, more time to connect with people build relationships, maybe more time for sales, calls and consults more time to be on this social club platform of choice to actually go live. Right when you say now I don’t have time. Okay, what if you could open up 10 hours a week? Right? What would that do? We could show up more? And you’d have more time to be Uber strategic in everything you do. Okay, that’s what I’m talking about. So I want you to not, you know, think, oh, gosh, I can’t I want you to start thinking I can and here’s why. Right? paying somebody $10 an hour is better than you costing you 39 bucks, every hour. Okay. Okay, so now, the next part is our marketing review. First, I want you to identify the marketing activities that you did all this year, just brain dump it. Right. And so I on the workbook, I have given you some of the more popular online and offline marketing activities to make it easier for you to decide, oh, yeah, I did a little bit of that I did a little bit of that. Okay. So once you brain dump, or circle, whatever is easier for you all of the marketing stuff that you did this past year, I want you to choose your favorite marketing activities. Okay. both online and offline. Just Just pick what you love. first couple things, right. And then once you kind of determine your top five, let’s say marketing activities. I want you to look at them and say, these were my favorites. But let’s go back at this list and say, what were the most profitable things that I did? What were the most profitable marketing strategies I did?

What resulted in more sales? And I know sometimes we can’t really easily say that my activity, you know, in Facebook generated X dollars, but do your best, okay. And that’s why it’s very important when you get a client that you asked them, where did you find me? Right? And by the way, hopefully, some of this client work that you’re getting some of these new customers that you’re getting, you’ve known them, because you’ve been nurturing them. So it’s not necessarily someone new all the time, right. So here’s the thing I want to just point out, I can almost guarantee no nothing I’m gonna get rid of the qualification. I can guarantee that when it comes to social if your focus was on the posting, oh, the Guru’s say, I got a post five times and it’s got to be at this hour. But you know, you made yourself crazy focusing on the posting. Instead of creating and nurturing relationships, I can guarantee you that your time spent on social got you bubkis or next to nothing. Okay? Social media optimizing is all about relationships. The power is not in the post ladies. It’s in the DMS, it’s in the messenger. Okay, but that only when you’re engaging in a caring others focused way, with the one goal of building relationships, getting to know the other person as a person, not with the mindset of Oh, I hope I get her for a client. Okay, that can’t be the primary motivation as we’re in the DMS because then we look like a slimy salesy pushy duck, right.

There is a whole new way to be productive in the DMS to completely optimize what you’re doing on social And as I was working through this, this week, I decided I’m going to do a training on that, I’m sure in the first of the year, it’s not going to be this year. So if that sounds like something you would like to know how to do social selling, and take someone from the initial relationship to the DM and beyond, let me know. Okay. And then again, do all that same thing with the offline strategies, your favorites, and what was the most profitable. And then when you go through that exercise with the online and the offline, and I know the offline now is kind of crazy with COVID. But we’ll do our best, okay. I want you to take all of that brain dumping and thought, and I want you to identify your top three marketing strategies overall, online and offline, your top three marketing strategies that because of their profitability, and or how much you love that particular marketing strategy, okay, I want you to pick your top three that you’re going to focus on in 2021. Okay. Because I really want to get this more and more focused. Okay. And then once you’ve chosen your top three, then for purposes of the exercises today that we’re going to be doing now I want you to identify your number one, your one primary focus. And that is where I need you to devote a significant portion of your time brainstorming, getting really specific, and laying out the individual tasks that you’ll be doing within that strategy.

Okay, so I’m going to give you an example. I want to make it really easy for you. Okay. Let’s say that you have chosen that you love Instagram. Great. You’ve decided that with profitability and what you like Instagram is what is going to be your number one focus for marketing. Okay, well, there’s many parts to that platform, right? You got your feed, you got the stories, you got HGTV, and, and got reels. I’ve yet to do a real. I don’t have time to learn. God bless America. Okay, so decide which of those four areas you will choose to be a part of, as I just said, I don’t do reels. God bless it. I know that the algorithm, whatever, but I don’t I know, I’m not beholden to an algorithm. Thank you. So decide, let’s say if Instagram was your thing, what are you going to do? Okay, so I decide I’m going to be in the feed, I’m going to be in stories, and I’m going to do igtv. Okay. So here’s what I’m saying drill down to the individual tasks. This is what I’m talking about. Okay. So Instagram, I’m going to do those three parts. Here’s what you do. Next step is determine when you’re going to post daily, two times a day, three times a week. Okay. That’s the feed. When are you going to do stories?

Okay, once the morning once in the afternoon, once per day, I don’t know. Are you going to go live at all? Okay, great. I’m going to go live every Tuesday at 10, for example. Okay? And then are you going to do HGTV? Great, I’ll upload a video once a week on Thursdays at five. That’s the when are you going to do it? Then the what have specifically what you’re going to do. So this is developing your content calendar. So maybe if you’re going to post every day, then you would come up with an A a cute name for each day Mindset Monday, tasty Tip Tuesday if you’re into cooking or something, you know, and so on. And then within that, what are your content pillars? You see, I could have a whole like three hour long training on content, calendar planning, which I I’m not gonna have time to do obviously now. And that’ll be a separate thing. But when I say what are your content pillars, I’m thinking I’m saying to you, what do you want to be known for?

What’s important to you? When they think Judy Weber, what do I want them to think of? I want them to think of Jesus, I want them to think of marketing. I want them to think of strategy, strategic thinking, like think like a CEO. I want them to think family’s important to me, right? I want them to know that I love the beach and pearls and chocolate. Okay, so this is what I’m talking about your content pillars, what do you want to be known for? And once you have that, then it gives you some kind of context to then go specific and plan and decide and get it done. sloppy, messy, imperfect, great. It’s better than not done at all. So maybe for you, as I’m thinking about content calendar, you want to at the very least determine your plan for January. Right? Maybe it’s a month, a word for the month that everything’s going to focus on. And then within each day, what are we going to do? So, and I’m sorry, I don’t have time to get into all this but but even just generally now determining what you’re going to do when you’re going to post what generally is it going to be about that’s huge, because remember, ladies why we’re doing what we’re doing right now, is because I don’t want you to fly by the seat of your pants anymore.

When it comes to posting on Instagram, or whatever your chosen marketing effort is, right, if your chosen marketing effort is, you know, speaking on stages, for example, if that’s your number one, then you have to know what you’re going to be talking about the people that you want to speak in front of, and, and you have to have a whole plan on activities to get you on that stage. Okay, so you have the when, and the what? And then when you have that you have like the secondary wind of what am I going to create all this content? Right? Or when am I going to tweak my talk for the stages that I’m getting on, for example? So getting back to my example of Instagram, When am I going to create the content? Am I going to batch create it? Or am I going to do it by daily, right every day, but I don’t want you to guess don’t leave it to chance. Maybe you’ll say Wednesdays at six, I’m gonna do my weekly video. And Sundays, between four and five. I’m going to schedule all my posts ahead of time.

That way everything’s done for the week. You imagine how many of you are doing that? It changes, it can change everything. changes everything, right? And then the next step, if Instagram is your chosen platform, you’d say, well, gosh, how am I going to organically grow my following? how we’re going to strategize, hashtag strategy, comment on other people’s posts. dm, I don’t know how to figure it out. Write it down. You don’t have to have all the answers just right. Right. Right. This is an issue How am I going to organically grow my following? If you decide to do Facebook ads, or rather Instagram ads? Okay, great. What’s my budget? What am I going to focus on in the ads? What am I pointing people to that kind of thing? Okay. And then on this issue of organically growing my feed and are following and, and you know, I have a new lead coming in, what am I going to do with them? How am I going to grow that relationship is the next step. How am I going to take them from that online follower? To someone that I know and who knows me to a conversation on the phone and maybe a potential client that involves dm strategy? How do I engage? What am I going to be doing without feeling salesy or pushy? Okay. And the final big chunk of planning in the way of Instagram, if that is your chosen marketing strategy number one, what am I going to check insights? You know, how often Am I going to monitor what I’m doing?

Is it Fridays at five Saturdays at one? Is it only once a month? This is what I mean by specifics, okay. Now, let’s take a collective breath. Okay, in. Okay, I realized that may seem like a lot. And it is. But here’s the beautiful thing. Let’s get all this important work, the strategic thinking work done, write it down, get it out, and tweak it as you go. So that all you really need to do come January one is implement, implement the plan. Okay. So when you do all of that, and get these specific individual tasks done, for your number one marketing strategy, then I want you to go back and go through that same exercise with the remaining two of your top three marketing strategies. Because Listen, I don’t want you all over the place. Please hear me on this, this is really important. I don’t want you doing all the things. I want you focusing hard on one really hard on one going all in on one. And as many as two more if, as you map it out, and look realistically at your time, and your strategies and all that good stuff you have, if you’re able to do up to two more great, but if all you’re able to do is one, but to go all in, I’m telling you it’s going to make a big difference. Right? So if your top three marketing strategies are Instagram, Facebook and trying to get on podcast Great, that’s it decide and don’t worry about YouTube or blogging or networking, you know, in real life kind of thing, right? You can build a business when you go all in on one marketing strategy, even just one. So you can certainly build a fantabulous thriving, extraordinary business using two or even three, but you do not need to be everywhere. And frankly, you can’t do it. Unless of course you have an army of people on your team. But I know from knowing so many of you that are here, a lot of you are solopreneurs you’re a one woman show.

Or maybe you have a VA or one other assistant and that is a lean team and that is fine. It’s great. Don’t wear yourself thin. But decide if that’s your model that you want to go forward with now, then be realistic on what you can do but go all in you can do a lot sister with even just one. I don’t want you to frustrate yourself and exhaust yourself and burn yourself out. Not a good thing. Okay, then As you look at that marketing strategy and the tasks inside that strategy, right, that’s what you need to do. And when you need to do it, then the last step to all of this is time blocking it, grabbing this calendar, whether it’s here in your phone, or a hardcopy, and putting it in the calendar now, yes, now, okay, later never comes later never comes. And one tip that I want to make sure I point out is, it’s amazing how much you can accomplish even if you work an extra 10 or 15 minutes, or, you know, before you lay your head on the pillow, look one more time, or, or, you know, it’s your emails, or whatever. Or if there’s one thing that you really meant to get done today, but you didn’t get to it yet. And it could take a quick 510 minutes to get it done. Right? If that’s getting the contact information, the new notes from someone you talk to into your CRM, do yourself a favor and work that extra 10 minutes you’re gonna, it works wonders. It’s amazing.

It’s off your brain, you won’t forget to do it later. You want to have sticky notes everywhere and get them last all them okay. All right, the next one. Now, the next step in this process is we’re going to evaluate our client service. Meaning How was your service or your product delivered? Right? We’re gonna brainstorm ideas on how to make your offering whatever it is more appealing and compelling to your audience, and more profitable to you. So I have two examples for you. I love examples. What if you have someone sign up for something? Right? they purchase something? What is your personal interaction with them? Once they do that? Is it just one email? Or is it a couple of emails to acclimate them and follow up with them to make sure they don’t have questions? Right? Do you actually reach out to them? If they found you through your website, you actually go to find them on social to reconnect there? Do you reach out to them by phone with a text or something? Right? This is what I’m talking about? Can you make them feel more special? Without taxing too much of your time? Right? Time is always a factor. Another example is a high ticket program. If you have a high ticket program, do you send them something in the mail card a small gift to make them feel special? This is what I’m talking about? I’m not talking about huge, you know, thank you gifts.

Nobody has his money for that. Okay. And you don’t need to do that. Because the thoughtful gifts, the thoughtful gifts, being so much more. So much more. Okay. Okay, how are we doing? How are we doing? I want to come back to you in case anyone else is trying to get in anything in the chat. I had a great time just to get my business plans and praying boldly. I spent time trying learning my skills, new skills, clarifying the business project, I left my job in October. Way to go very well. I love it. Love, love. Love it. Okay. Excellent. Thank you for sharing that. Okay, now as part of your valuation of how you spend your time and what marketing strategies we’re going to be focusing on, and how you can make your offerings even more compelling. I need you to be honest with yourself. And I need you to identify the skills that you need to improve on. Or if you’re pretty good at skills, those who even need to master more in order to create that dream business and life that you plan for yourself two days ago. Okay. Right. So if you you know, if you know that your sales skills aren’t that great, great, then write that down. If you know that you’re like, you don’t have a clue how to turn a follower into, get them to the DM and then get them offline or the phone call. You don’t know write it down. Okay. The average entrepreneur spends on average, okay, this is an average average, right? You won’t believe this 3500 bucks a year on education. Whether personal development like mindset, confidence, productivity, leadership, or business growth, right? personal growth and business growth are both important. And on the business side, like marketing and sales or business coaching, right? Now remember, when I say the average entrepreneur, the average entrepreneur ain’t making much money, right? revenue coming in, and then you take out the expenses.

It’s not what they want. It certainly isn’t six figures. So the average entrepreneur quits within the first two years and that after spending 1000s to try to get momentum and make things happen. So look 3500 bucks, I can tell you, I’m with you. It’s no small chunk of change. It’s fairly significant. But that amount is nothing compared to like a college degree. And, and when I think about my college degree in music, education, what do I really get out of that? Or even really, my law school degree, I mean, I learned a lot I learned how to think. But you don’t really know what you need to know till you do it. Right. Okay. So here’s the deal, that 3500 bucks when you invest in the right way, in the right place. The right mastermind, the right coaching the right course, whatever it is, and you go all in, it can make all the difference in your business and your life. And I mean, I see it every day, in the businesses in the lives of my Academy members, many of which are here, right now, those of my best private Academy, women who are gaining confidence every day, they’re doing scary things, things they once thought were like impossible. Like, I can’t do that. And women generating 1000s each and every month, 2000 4000 10,000. And more. And even more important than the money they’re making.

They’re having fun. They’re realizing they’re in charge, right? And like we’re answering to the Lord, don’t get me wrong on that. But they’re deciding to go for it. And they’re impacting other people’s lives in a powerful way. They’re doing business God’s way. Now, if 30 $500 a year is what the average entrepreneurs making guess what the thriving entrepreneur spends, that is the top 3% of all entrepreneurs, you want to guess what they spent on average in a year.

Guesses? No wild guesses. All right, I have to go back over now. I can’t see. Okay, so it’s upwards of $27,000 27 grand. Now, I know that sounds like a lot of money. And it certainly is quite a bit of money. But here’s the truth. When you invest $27,000 in your business in a year, the only reason you do it is because you expect a good ROI, right? A good return on investment. I mean, you wouldn’t drop over $2,000 a month, just to spend it, you’re investing in it to learn to grow, and in fact, to exponentially grow and build your business. And when you invest significantly like that, and you implement See, that’s the thing. That’s the kicker, when you implement take action on what you learn, you undoubtedly will see return on investment I spent north of that, okay, let’s just say that in this year alone, I spent worth of that. And all that knowledge and all that training and all that insight I pass along to my clients and not only my one on ones, but those in my signature program, the best of ride Academy. So before we get into our final phase of today’s planning, I want to pause to make a very special invitation to you to join my Academy at a very special investment opportunity. So allow me to just briefly plug you know, what did they call that a shameless plug, okay? The Academy is where women of faith go to learn how to think like, and become a thriving CEO. Because inside you learn everything you need to know, and how to do the things you need to do. And it’s all wrapped up in a loving community that’s full of support.

It’s a community focused on Christ, and it’s a place that does not exist anywhere else. And there’s three important pillars to the Academy. First is the training videos, right 12 modules have tons of videos taking you through my proprietary curriculum of business building that I honed over the past 15 years as a serial entrepreneur, from mindset to branding, the marketing to sales and systems, it’s all there. And they’re in bite sized, easy to consume video trainings along with PDFs checklists, checklists, templates, all the rest. Okay, so training videos is the first pillar that’s expressed like not the sexy stuff, that’s stuff you need, but it’s not to be on. The second pillar is expert support. Not only by me, but by a team of others entrepreneurs out there that are making it right and doing great things. How many of you joined a program in the past and he got burned? No, you paid hundreds, maybe 1000s of dollars, they didn’t see any change? That’s the norm. And the reason for that, assuming you do the work is a lack of support. I mean, you’re gonna have questions as you implement new ideas. And most programs out there they, they don’t really answer your questions. There’s no follow up after the sale.

There’s no accountability, there’s no access to the actual person that you followed, whose expertise you trust. And that’s exactly why I made sure to build expert support as an integral part of my Academy. I personally am available weekly for group coaching and mastermind sessions. It’s a favorite part of the program for me and for many, so that you have the opportunity one on one like you and me in a group setting but like I’m the one answering you can ask me anything. Each and every week, we come together to share wins, as well as disappointments, to network to mastermind to grow and learn part of everything we do that Christ is at the center. And that includes the word important work we’re doing inside the Academy. But more than even me you get direct access to five other subject matter experts there who I call thrive are experts on key areas of business, social media, sales, copywriting, publicity, and Facebook ads. Yep. every single month, these experts who have their own businesses, they’re thriving in their own right and I pay them to come in and I hand selected them. And they come in to the academy and they host office hours via zoom every month, where you can get expert feedback on specific things. Your business for example, yesterday we had our publicity office hour with Beth nidek. Now if you don’t know who Beth is, she may not be like a nationally recognized name, but she is nationally recognized as she was featured in a magazine, and she appeared on TV on the dr. oz show. Yeah, this is the caliber of experts that I had picked, join me in training the members inside the Academy. So yesterday, in the publicity office hour, Beth took the members through her framework, or step by step, including the script for landing a spot on TV.

I mean, that’s what you get. Besides the modules, you get her every month, right? Today, our social media expert Makita, Smith is going to be sharing her expertise with our members she does every month. And as a social media wealth strategist, one of her clients have generated over a million bucks this year. Okay, so we’re talking about quality people that you have access to only the best of the best for my clients. And that’s why Academy members are seeing results. Alright, so expert support is pillar number two. And the third pillar is a private Facebook group that is super engaged, I’m in their daily, do bonus trainings, I will be doing that more intentionally in 2021. And remember what I said support is lacking as a big reason why most programs fail. Well, number one is accountability. So I made sure to incorporate accountability partners inside the academy as well. And these ladies, they get together in groups of two to four, they determine when they get together, it could be weekly, others or every two weeks, our members get not only a business accountability partner through that. But more than that, they find their business besties their friends for life. And we have women from all over the US and Canada and the world I’ve members from as far away as South Africa and Australia, as well as a bunch, obviously, in the US and in Canada, and so much more I can tell you, but time is short. So for those of you who have enjoyed this goal setting workshop, and you want to keep this awesome momentum going, you’ve had those aha moments and you see the potential the big vision for your business, and you’re committed to making it happen. And you’re ready to get help on all the pieces together. And you’re ready to invest in you and your business so that you could experience a quantum leap to achieve your goals faster. And with expert support, I want to invite you to join me inside the Academy. And right now until Sunday at midnight, it’s been a crazy 50% discount. So you see the link in the workbook, you see the code depending upon whether you want to pay it all upfront. Or if you want to take advantage of the monthly payment option.

The discount code is there for you. Okay, think of this as a Christmas gift from me to you. And even more a Christmas gift from you to your family as you invest in you and your business to bring that big vision to life, to generate more money to have more time to enjoy your life more and create a legacy that’s going to live on. So visit Judy hyphen weber.com slash Academy for all the details including unza, testimonials, details around those 12 modules and everything you’re going to get inside. Okay, you can build a thriving six figure and multiple six figure business. I’ve done it. And there’s no quicker, more cost effective way to get there than the blast to private Academy. Okay. Join those doing the impossible. Okay, you can join as I said as either an annual member, we’re taking advantage of monthly payments and get that 50% off through Sunday at midnight. Okay, you have questions? Let me know, reach out to me. I’m happy to jump on the phone. I love the phone. Where was I yesterday? I guess it was inside my publicity office hour. And I think Beth mentioned mentioned I hate the phone. I hate the phone. You know, this year, I learned to fall in love with the phone and I absolutely love chatting with you ladies. So if you want to jump on the phone to chat about the Academy, let me know. A quick 15 minutes. I’m happy to give you on that. Alright, so three more things I want to hit on. Before we end for today. Okay, and super important. So please do not jump off. Okay. First, I want you to write what happened this year that you’re super proud of what happened. And I’m not talking about one thing. I’m sure there were many. You know, this idea of gratitude journaling is so important. And especially we extended before even this week, we need to be joyfilled I mean, we’re Christ followers if we’re not joyfilled Who the heck would be right? And we need to be forever grateful and thankful for all that God is doing for us. So I’m talking about from the smallest thing I’m thankful that I completed my my time blocking for today and I do that more and more regularly write that down.

I am I am proud that I put together you know my service offerings and and I stopped getting ready to get ready for my business and now I’m finally launched Okay, write that down. Okay, this is what I’m talking about. What are you super proud of? For Marie? She cheated she said bye bye to her nine to five in October. Hello. That’s a huge Praise Lord. The Lord we know that you have a plan for her. Yes. Thank you God. Okay, so I need you to write down what are you super proud of that happened this year. Alright, second. And this is the big drum roll. When we think of Goal setting, this is what everyone thinks about. But as you can see from what we’ve done this week, it is an important part, but it is by no means the only thing to focus on. And that is to determine your revenue goal. Right? On day one, you analyze your 2020 revenue, and your expenses. So you have that work done, right? you’ve, you’ve created this vision for your business, right? You’ve done that other things work, and you know, what works in your marketing and what didn’t work in your marketing. And, and kind of, you’ve begun to think about what makes sense to continue going forward, what is the best use of your time and your resources. So now it’s time for you to identify your revenue goal for 2021. But if you looked at your workbook, you see them asking you to choose three revenue goals for the year. So I want to explain why I do that. So bear with me here. First, I want to go through what those three variations on a theme are, and then talk about why I think it’s important.

Okay, so the three revenue goals, the first one is what would be easily achievable, and you absolutely will hit it, right? Absolutely, you’re gonna hit it, whether that’s 1000 a month, or 50,000 a month, or whatever it is, what is super achievable, you know, you’re gonna hit it. Okay. Number two is what is an aggressive, exciting goal that would stretch you, but you believe that if you work smart, and you follow your plan, you’re going to hit it. Okay, that’s the aggressive, exciting, second revenue goal. And then the third revenue goal that I really want you to also be excited about, this is the crazy, insane, life changing goal. This is your impossible, quote, unquote, right? Because with God, nothing’s impossible. This is your impossible goal. Right? I want you to do this, because some of you have said to me, Well, this is why I don’t do goals. Because I don’t know what to do. Should I stretch myself? And if so, how far and you know, what if I don’t hit it, and Baba, okay, we already talked a little bit about how you should approach this, I never want you to look at as a as a, the fact that you didn’t make a goal as a failure. Because it’s not the only failure is not trying in the first place. Okay, as long as you learn from what you’ve done, if you look back, you’re monitoring what you’re doing, how you’re spending your time and your dollars, and you tweak as you go along.

That is entrepreneurship, ladies, like you can’t just, you know, do something. The first time I make a goal, not hit it and say what didn’t hit it, but by this isn’t for me, I mean, then you’re not committed. And then you’re right, you shouldn’t be an entrepreneur. But I want you to get excited about these possibilities. Because the Lord God can do mighty things, hallelujah, seen it all throughout the Bible. So make those three goals for yourself, I would love. Very few of you have said to me your success work these days. And I understand you’re busy. My goodness, Christmas is just a week away. I don’t know about you. I haven’t bought one gift yet. But anyway. So I know that we’re stressed here with time and other things. But at whatever point, when you complete this work, I would love to see it. So feel free to email it to me, okay. And when you do that, you will hear back from me, okay? Personally, I answer my own emails. Alright, so that was the second big thing, determining your revenue goals. And finally, third, I want you to break down that goal, pick whichever one you really want to look at. And I want you to always have, I want you to have on a big piece of paper, not just a sticky note, and I want you to have it somewhere in your office, these three goals and I want you to call it what I’ve said there in your workbook is easily achievable, aggressive, and exciting, and crazy, insane life changing, okay? So you can determine if you’re going to do this for each of those or one in particular, but I want you to figure out how you’re going to reward yourself when you hit those goals. Here’s an example. I love examples. Okay. So if you hit your definitely easily achievable revenue goal every month, maybe you’ll say I’m gonna treat myself to a like a pedicure, or a new blouse, like it’s about 30 bucks, whatever, you know, you get to decide what it is. But this is the time you’re deciding. Because if you have these goals, and you have these rewards besides the dollars, then that will at least for me, it motivates me.

That’s why I’m suggesting this. So then for the second revenue goal, if I hit my aggressive, exciting, if I do that, then I’m going to treat myself to a massage. If I do that every at the end of the month, if I do that, I’m gonna treat myself to a massage, which is like 100 bucks, right? And then if I hit my impossible, crazy goal for the month, and I’m gonna get myself a new designer handbag or something, I’ll do something for like closer to 250.
Okay. So you could do it that way. Or maybe you could break it down quarterly. Maybe you’ll say if I hit my impossible goal for quarter one for example, I’m gonna plan a getaway vacation for me and my honey bun in the fall at my favorite destination. Okay, so that is all I have for you, ladies. So let me come into the chat if anybody has questions. I want to hear from you, Bonnie says, Hello, nice to see you back at your excitement level I learned through giving to others who go walking babysitting book reading has actually benefited the most monetarily. Yeah, Bonnie, would you care to unmute yourself and explain that a little bit? Because I think that’s a powerful testimony of building a business in a kind of unique way. Yeah, it kind of happened on accident because of COVID. And just people had a need. And so just, for example, I just started reading on Facebook Live to my my great nephew, not knowing that Facebook Live went live, I thought it was only going to go to me and my nephew. I learned the hard way. But now people watch me and they think that they know me just by virtue of me reading children’s stories, you know, and I’ve been doing that since March.

And then I, you know, I slowly been reaching out to people who I know have kids at home, I don’t have kids. So that have kids that were dogs. And so I just been doing dog walking and pet pets babysitting for people just as they need it because my world is easier than most. And that’s worked out for me all of a sudden, these people are recommending me. So it’s kind of funny because I can either as a realtor, I could pay Zillow for leads, or I could just give myself to people who need me. They pay me for dog walking 10 bucks an hour. And they just introduced me to two people. So it’s I’ve just learned that by accident by just doing nice things kind of worked out to my benefit. And this has been my best year ever that next year. My goal is to actually reduce my income because of how much way to pay in taxes. Okay, okay, bodies inside the Academy. So so that’s why I know and I’ve no body for gosh, it must be going on for years. And you’re amazing. But you know, if you say it surprised you, but it doesn’t surprise me. So you know me, why doesn’t it surprise me? What did you what is what what do all those things have in common? Which is really the foundation of business?

I kind of think just generosity or sincerity. You know, just or as you say, just being unafraid. Just doing it unafraid?
Yeah. But you’re right, Bonnie, it’s relationships. Like, right, Bonnie is so sweet. And she’s so giving. And and so they get that and you’ve created opportunities to be in front of your ideal client. And so Wow, oh my goodness, who is this lady that’s reading these children’s books at noon, Eastern every day. And you know, Who is this woman that you know, it takes time out of her day to help others? Because she has so much I mean, that speaks volumes to your brand. And you’re right, you’re building these relationships. And that’s a heck of a lot better than paying Zillow leads that may or may not pan out. So that’s excellent. That’s great. Congrats. Thanks. Awesome. So are there any questions? Does anybody have any comments questions? I have about five more minutes that I would love to serve you if I can. actually be sure let me change my view. Oh, goody, goody. Hey, ladies, can I tax you again to turn on so I can see your pretty faces. So I can take a picture cuz you know, although I don’t like search, so I have to do what I have to do you know, we all do that. Right? I know. Bonnie’s fixing her hair. Yay. If you don’t want to that’s fine. But all right, Catherine. All right. Okay, ladies. 123 Okay, awesome. So listen, I I owe them more in the chat. Let’s see. Okay, yes, great job body Fontenay says yes, Bonnie, congrats. She totally is. Yeah, I know. Yes. And Fanta nice. You’re amazing to all of you ladies are amazing. I mean, okay, so thing. Let me just speak from my heart right now. We know that there’s no coincidences and there’s no accidents, right? So somehow we found each other and as much as social media makes me crazy, especially with the recent Facebook hack.

I have to say thank you Jesus for technology for you know for the internet and specifically for Facebook and Instagram because I would not have met any of you but for that and it’s funny because Fanta nice is in Pennsylvania further west. But you know, and so many of my clients are kind of within the vicinity. I have a bunch of ladies I love jersey and I’m a PA but I never would have met him. But for social and that’s the power of social though lady so that just like Bonnie, sometimes we overthink it. Right? Like Bonnie didn’t overthink it. She said I’m gonna go read. I’m gonna do what I do for my nephew and oh my goodness, God opened up Hello surprise. God opened up the opportunity and made it So much more.

Right? So sometimes we overthink it. And all we need to do is just be ourselves whether it’s online or offline. And it’s amazing how God is going to be worried that especially when we go to him and say, Lord, this is your business. What can I do? Please give me that wisdom to know what to do. Yes, Maria, I’ve had to remind you to help others while expecting God. Yes. Fanta. Nice. It’s fun to watch you with your grandkids. Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah, I love it. All right, ladies. I’m not seeing questions. So I’m gonna let you go.

Enjoy this Friday for those of you that paid for that special one on one, you know, planning strategy session with me. I can’t wait. Make sure you click on that link in yesterday’s PS I’ll put it also in this PS in the replay email. It’s going to go out later. The one that went out yesterday did not say replay in the subject line. So I think some of you may have missed it because of that. But search Judy at UT hyphen Weber calm to find all of my emails. Hopefully the Bugaboo with Google didn’t impact many of you in receiving the emails. But thank you so much for watching. You know where to find me at Judy Weber live if we’re not connected. Let’s get connected and I love you so much. God bless you.

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