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Ep 111: Faith in Christ: the Foundation of Your Impactful & Profitable Biz

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Hello, ladies, I want to make sure I am live. Am I here live? Not sure not seeing me here. Okay, good. I think I’m live even though I can’t see myself here in my phone. Am I is anybody hear me? Has anyone here? Please let me know so that I can’t oh good now I see me. Okay, very, very good. Very good. All right, I’m gonna be watching you. I had to do this a little bit differently. Usually I come to you on zoom, but zooms not working. So as you hop on I see you’re starting to hop on please say hey in the comments so that I can see who is here. Welcome to Day One of the fast track your business with faith and focus workshop. Hey, Kim. Oh my goodness, I’ve got a chat with you about ordering some product from you your awesome jewelry store. So all right. Hey, Beth, good to see you, too. Thank you for letting me know you can see me Alright.

So as I said, welcome. I am so glad you’re here. I love bringing these workshops for you. Because each time I get to deliver breakthroughs, and they are truly breakthroughs, to those like you who jump in and do the work, I get to watch something click inside you, right, the light bulb goes off in your mind, and you learn and you grow. And not only as business owners, but as followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. So I want to pause now a little about me, my name is Judy Weber, and I am developing a reputation as the professional woman’s business coach. Sister, I’m going to tell you, I have been where you are. I opened my first business back in 2003. And within a few short months, I literally had more clients than I could handle. And that sounds like a great problem to have.

Contractors weren’t doing what they promised. So anywho with the success of having a bunch of clients, there were issues that go along with it. You know, I’ll tell you maybe a little bit more about that later. But since then, I began a handful of several businesses, many to multi six figures. So yes, I am blessed to be a thriving entrepreneur. And I’ve taken my experience my education, my background as a 30 year sales professional as a 20 year practicing trial attorney here in Philadelphia, my stint in the C suite with the big boys right around the board table. And I can tell you, that’s quite an experience, where I served as general counsel and director of HR for an international multimillion dollar company. And of course, more than 14 years as an entrepreneur, and what I love to do, what I love to do, is exactly what I’m doing right now, pour everything I have into helping other high achieving women have faith, like you build businesses that are significant and impactful and profitable, and we do it God’s way.

So we’ve got to be real upfront. And if this is the first time we’re meeting, I want you to know everything I do, has two solid foundations, the first the strongest foundations, our Lord Jesus Christ, He is our rock. He is our refuge, not only in life, but also in business. And the second foundation is the foundation of proven business strategy strategy that works. So if you love Jesus, and you’re a powerhouse, you’re in the right place. Let me pause to welcome. There’s a bunch that are on Hey, Abby, how are you? If you haven’t yet signed it, so to speak? Would you please do so let me know who you are, where you’re watching? And what do you do? What is your business all about? Because look, ladies, and if you read my, my chat, by caption, what I’m encouraging you to do is engage and not only because at the end of the week, oppertunity for you to make new relationships to build and nurture those who already have to network to find potential collaborative partners or referral partners. So if you’re in this group, and you are not getting to know other ladies, you’re really missing out. We’ve got ladies from literally all over the world. So I invite you to do that.

There are some truly extraordinary ladies here. And again, it’s a wonderful opportunity to get to know them. So take advantage of that and engage. So listen over the next several days. My goal is that you’re going to learn how to better focus, how to focus and avoid those distracting every day as coaching clients are inside the blesta thrive Academy. And there is hardly a day that goes by that a woman doesn’t tell me, Judy, I feel like I feel like I might have ADHD, right? So we’re going to hopefully fix that or at least reduce it and be well on our way to new habits before the end of the week. Okay, so not only how to better focus but tomorrow is all about what to focus on, that’s important, right? And also, we’re talking about how to incorporate your faith into your business, whether faith is a customer facing, you know, pillar of your brand, or simply a part of your life and the way you conduct business. Right? So if you know me, you know, I’m both, right, I say it like it is, and I really don’t hold back. So what I’m about to do is make a bold statement, and I believe it with all of my being, and that is, Faith is the foundation of every successful business, bar none. It’s fake. So let me explain. Fate in the general sense, almost the worldly non Christian even sense is that faith is important, even there, because it’s about the commitment, the faith, the commitment, the confidence, the belief in your business, that’s gonna get you there.

Hey, Teresa, right? Because if you don’t believe in what you’re doing in your business, if you lack confidence, if you’re not even really committed to your business, I’m here to tell you, it’s gonna fail. And you’re gonna join that 80 plus percent, who close up shop within two years, or if you stay open, you’re just going to keep repeating year one, even in year five, and year six, you know what I’m saying? Do you know anybody like that? I sure do. So that’s like the general sense of faith. But it’s so much more powerful for us Christians, because I’m talking about faith in the sense of confidence in what God has told you, about you, and your business. Like God’s a winner, and he wants his children to win. And I’m telling you, if he’s quick in your mind and your heart to go into business, and I assume he has, that’s why you’re here. He wants it to succeed. He wants you to thrive in business. Ain’t no doubt in my mind, right? So faith for the Christian is confidence in Christ, and confidence in who he made you to be.

Right? And that commitment to success to the success of your business as in no plan B. Okay, if that’s you, you’re in for some goody, goody, right. Goody goodies this week. Okay. So when we talk about faith in business, I want to make this really clear, incorporating faith in the Lord God Almighty, which is what we’re gonna be talking about today is not about the prosperity gospel. No, man. Hey, Lawson kita. Hey, Kathleen. That is not the prosperity gospel is not what I’m talking about at all. Okay. This is not about looking to Jesus to make you rich. No, incorporating faith in your business, is simply living out your faith, not only in your personal life, but in your business life. Hey, fun, today’s it’s remembering that it is Christ who gifted you, with your smarts, with your talents with your gifts. And it’s he who is sovereign and controls everything hallelujah. And it is he who died because he loves you so much, that he gave himself up for you. He wants to be in relationship with us. He wants you sister, right? So that means he wants to be in the details. He cares. He is not only our Savior, Counselor, our advocate. And make no mistake, he is the absolute best strategist, not just to navigate life, but also in business. He is the most wise thank you for the love. He is the most wise, right.

So we as Christians should not forget that he’s right here with us. He’s not just with us, like here, he’s inside of us. I mean, that’s, that’s our power, right? And Christ wants to impart his wisdom on us. And in particular, when we use the gifts that he’s given to us, in order to serve others in our business, to show others, you know, his love in the way we do things and to help others move forward in some way. Whatever your expertise is. I believe that that’s something he longs to give you his wisdom, his very best to help you make the best decisions possible. All about your business. Okay. Hey, Sharon. So as I said, If you love Jesus, you’re in the right place. But I think it’s also super important to mention some other qualifiers about who this workshop is really for. Okay. Again, bold statement. This workshop ain’t for everybody. Okay, it’s not even for all Christian women, because I specifically curated this content for the best of the best. The top 1% And I hope that you write the woman who isn’t just dabbling in her business. She doesn’t approach business with the mindset of, oh, I’ll give this a try. Now, instead, I’m talking about and I curated this workshop to serve the woman who’s committed to building your business committed, like no plan, be ready to learn, not just watch, more than eager to implement and take action. Hey, Meghan, and I know you’re an implementer. Right? success comes to those who pursue it, pursuing success with a vengeance and a commitment.

And those who are ready, willing and able to sacrifice because it does take sacrifice to build something amazing, right? Those in the top 1%, who are willing to try new things, to stretch themselves, those willing to do it afraid. And even before they’re ready, even when you don’t have it all figured out yet. That is who I designed this workshop for. So if that’s you, I need to have blown up here on the loves and the likes and the emojis. And, uh, yeah, that is me. Okay, I want to see it. All right. Because here’s what I know. And this is after working with literally 1000s. And it has been over the years over the past five years or so 1000s of women, if you do what I tell you to do, you will thrive. I know it, I’ve seen it. But if you’re just here to consume content, and if you allow fear and doubt, and that negative self talk that the enemy loves to whisper in your ear, okay. And if you will allow all of that to stop you from taking action, then nothing in your life, nothing in your business is going to change. Okay, so who’s here for who was in that top 1%, I want you to put I’m in the top 1%. And I want you to believe that and I want you to tell yourself that because you need to believe that in order to really thrive in business.

Okay. Now, as you may recall, when you’re registered, I’m going to be doing a special live on Friday. And that presentation is invitation only it is not for everyone. So who gets the invitation? How can you get invited to that closed door event? Well, there are a couple things. But I’ll tell you these two to get you started. All right. And as we go forward, you’ll learn some other things you need to do. But first off, you’re going to have to do each day success work posted here in this group. Right now just do it. And no, I need to see it. Right. My team has to see the work. You’ve done. Love it. Sharon and latia kita are in that top 1%. Awesome. So you got to do the work. That’s step one. How else can you get that invitation to join me Friday for that special presentation? Well, this is going to be a win win for both of us. Okay, in order to get that coveted invite to join on Friday, I need you to go to iTunes, I need you to search for my podcast is called she is extraordinary. And now want you to listen to an episode, you get to pick which one, okay, but I need you to leave both a rating and a review, be honest. And then before hitting submit, snap a picture posted here in the group. And for bonus points posted over on Instagram, tag me at Judy Weber live and use the hashtag she is extraordinary.

All right. So if you do those things, you are well on your way to getting that ticket. Okay. All right. Let’s go to God in prayer. And then we’re going to dive into today’s faith training. Okay. Heavenly Father, we thank you. We praise you God for how you are moving. Lord, I had tech issues. But however, you helped me find a way to come before these ladies. And I pray that what I’m going to be saying is pleasing to you, Lord, and I give you full range. I give you control. You want to take me off course Lord, go ahead. Have your way, Lord and I will gladly bow aside. Lord, we love you and we trust you and we can’t wait to see what results from this workshop that you put on my heart to deliver this week. We love you and we trust you. It’s in the mighty name of Jesus your son, our Lord we pray. Amen. Amen. All right. And Megan is in the know Abby is in the top 1%. And Megan says she is extraordinary. podcast is fabulous. Thank you. Thank you. All right, sisters, this week’s all about fast tracking your business. I want you to grow quicker. I want you to grow it easier. How are we going to do it with faith and focus today we’re talking about faith and I really want to impress upon you the importance and really the power of faith in your business. Okay, now, of course you know me I love looking at definitions of words.

So let’s see how the Oxford Dictionary defines faith. Faith is defined as complete trust or confidence in someone or something. Right? No doubt. Faith is trusting right? So if we trust here’s the funny thing that I found about Christians, which, which, a little bit myself too, so I’m not like judging I just have observed this in myself and others. How is it? How is it that we can trust the Lord Jesus Christ for the like, hugest most important thing in life, which is salvation, right eternal life with him. And yet, it seems hard to trust him for our proportionately smaller day to day life issues here on Earth. You know what I mean? Sometimes we choose to easily say, Yes, I know I’m saved. And we trust him in that. And that’s the most important decision we made. Anyone can make. But yet, when we’re grappling with these day to day issues, how am I going to grow my business? How am I going to handle this issue, whatever it may be, sometimes it becomes hard to trust and then we want to take control and move forward. We’ve got to really resist the urge to do that. Okay, that’s the worldly definition. And of course, the Bible, in the faith chapter Hebrews 11 defines faith as being sure of what we hope for, and certain of what we do not see. Okay?

Another way of saying it, Faith is the substance of things hoped for, and evidence of things not seen, which I love the second one as being a lawyer, like, like, think about what you hope for. Faith is the substance of that, like, hope is not some nebulous thing hanging out, we have a hope. It is in Christ, He is our Pope, and that is a substantive, real, reliable thing. person right in the Lord Jesus Christ. So faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seeing good evidence. We have evidence, we don’t see Christ walking the earth, but we know he’s there. We know he is Lord, hallelujah. And how do we know that because we just look around. And we have life experiences that testify to that, right. So ladies, my hope and my prayer for you is that you would be as unswerving in your faith in Christ to save you, as you are in your faith that he wants to serve as the CEO of your business. And he wants to grow it, and even do impossible things. Because he is who He says He is the Almighty, right? So I want to start here with proverbs 31. And I’m sure you’ve read this and part of your success work today is to reread proverbs 31. It’s about the wife, the woman of noble character. What was the last time you looked at that? I want to just point out some really powerful verses that speak to this serial entrepreneur, this godly woman who was an amazing mom, and wife, and profitable, CEO, right, profitable business owner, verse 26, this was a godly woman.

Scripture says that she speaks with wisdom and faithful instruction is on her tongue. She speaks with wisdom. Wisdom, where wisdom from the Lord because she has faithful instruction for her children and others, right? Verse 11, she’s worked well I guess 10 going into 11. She is worth far more than rubies, and her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value. It’s just such a beautiful thing. First 15 she gets up while it’s still night, anybody else. And she provides food for her family and portions for her female servants. Look, she’s not just making the food. She’s not like, just making it. She provides the food. she earns the food. She gives the food, right? I love that she provides for her family she provides for her employees. There’s an amazing woman. This is you. Okay, verse 16. She considers a field and buys it. She doesn’t just make rash decisions. She thinks it over. She does her due diligence and after that, if the decision is yes, then she moves forward. She doesn’t overthink, she doesn’t second guess she moves forward. Right? So Scripture says she considers the field she buys it out of her earnings. She plants a vineyard. He’s profitable. Verse 24, she makes linen garments and she sells them and she supplies the merchants with sashes. Okay, so she has a field. She plants a vineyard. She makes linen garments. Again, she’s not just in business in one way.

She’s a serial entrepreneur. And verse 18 says she sees that her trading her business is profitable. And I get an amen on that. Hey Beth, so glad you’re here. But Beth and Teresa say they’re in the top 1% Excellent. Excellent. That’s what we need to get started. So perfect. So we just read in Scripture that this woman of noble character, her business was profitable. I want you to know profit is not a bad word, sisters now There are those out there Christian sisters, even I know myself in the past, who were told you can’t thrive in business and be a good Christian. And you may have been told that it’s a sin to make money, it’s a sin to want to make money. And and you may have heard Jesus was poor. And so we should be content being in lac and that pursuing our God given talents for money, is selfish ambition. And that’s nothing but greed. Wrong, wrong wrong. Please hear me on this, ladies, all of that what I just said is a lie. It is a lie. Being a good Christian does not condemn you to a life of poverty. That is not God’s plan for all Christians. It just isn’t. Hey, Diana, in my experience, after decades, right, I’ve studied I’ve prayed I’ve seen I’ve learned that God calls us to abundance, an abundant life, a joy filled life, no matter what the circumstances, and that abundant life is in him, hallelujah. And so for those willing to do the work, and use those God given gifts and talents, and as I always say, those willing to go all in on who you are in Christ, to boldly and courageously speak the message that the Lord Himself gave you. As you pursue the business that God called you to, then you’re gonna prosper, you will prosper. And it is not a sin, to prosper financially.

That is not greed. Why? Well think about it. You’re serving your serving with God’s love, right? You are serving using those talents, you’re not putting that talent under a bushel, you are not burying that you are using it for your good and for God’s glory. Right? You’re giving huge value. So please don’t forget that the more you make, the more you can give, type more to the church, donate to that worthy cause help people. So right up front, we need to be on the same page about this ladies, it is not a sin to want to make a good. It is not a sin to earn that good living, it is not a sin to prosper, so long as and here’s the caveat, right?

So long as pleasing Him and bringing him glory and honor is the priority. And the ultimate goal. That we not money. That’s the root of all evil. First Timothy 610 tells us that it is the love of money, that is the root of all sin. Right? It’s exalting money above God. And that’s not what a business of service is all about. Right? A business built on biblical principles built on the rock of our Lord Jesus Christ, that type business that you have my sister is not fueled by a love of money. It’s fueled by a deep love to serve. And for us, Christians, a love for our great God and King and I get a huge amen on that. Just this morning, I led in a number of new members, welcome, welcome, if you’re one of them. And so many of you said, I love to serve. I love to help people. You’re well positioned to thrive in business sister, believe it, okay.

Now today’s all about faith. And I want you to learn how your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ actually empowers you to stay focused. Okay, as you go all in on who Christ made you to be. Okay, so focus. When we talk about this intersection of faith and focus. We have an absolute perfect example of what that looks like in the Bible, and an example of the incredible power that we have as Christians. And where do we find this? None other than the story of Peter walking on the water. As long as he was focused on Jesus, he could do the impossible, could walk on water. But as soon as his focus, waned, and he looked away from Jesus, what happened?

You dropped like an anchor. He was about to drown, but God, hallelujah, but by the grace and mercy of Jesus, he pulled Peter to safety. But I want you to think about that story. I want us to unpack this and stay here for some time. Because let’s talk about what it means for us today. The fact that this story was even included in the Bible is significant, because not every story, or every miracle, or every happening, or event involving Jesus was included, right? The Bible tells us not all the miracles and amazingness of Christ were written down in john 2030. Okay. All right.

So what can we glean from this story that is obviously important enough to be included in the Bible? The story of Peter walking on the water, I think a couple of things. First, focus is important. We need to focus to do things that matter. Right doing things with intention and purpose. God is a God of order not our to do list, though overwhelmed, write things down when we have big projects into bite sized chunks. And that helps us to focus. So the story of Peter, welcome to the border, he was focused, and we need to understand how important focus is, and kind of strengthen that muscle or that habit. Right. So what else? Number two, to glean from this Peter walking on the water story, it’s not about focus in the abstract as like this concept. It’s about what are we focusing on? What are we focusing on? Tomorrow, I’m going to share exactly what you need to focus. Or rather, what you need to focus on to have consistent five figure months inside your business as well as what you need not focus on and you might be surprised at my list. So join me for that. But as for our Peter walking on the water story, we learn Above all, our primary focus must be on Christ. Focus on our faith, thank you for the love. Right, we have to always keep our hearts and minds and eyes focused on Christ, loving him trusting him doing things his way, not the world’s way without apology. Right. And you know what else and this is something that I feel is very important, especially now, today, with all the crazy going on in the world.

And in this country. Part of focusing on Jesus is resting in him, you know, spending that precious time with Jesus in His Word in prayer, resting, knowing that he’s working everything out for the good of those who love Him, and who are called according to His purpose, right? He’s working it all out for our good and for His glory, Romans 828. So focus on Jesus has to be our go to, you could never go wrong, like focusing on Jesus. Okay, what else? Does the story of Peter walking on the water teach us? All right? Well, here’s another powerful thing. And this is really where I want you to land and think on today. When we focus on Jesus, we can do the impossible in his strength. Hallelujah, Hallelujah, I’m gonna say that again. When we focus on Christ, we are empowered by him to do the impossible. Okay, now I want you to just close your eyes for a moment. I want you to think of this. Where your business is concerned. What do you want to accomplish? That right now feels impossible? Like, it feels like it just can’t be done. Okay, I’m gonna give you some examples to get your thought process going.

Maybe it’s generating consistent $5,000 months? Or maybe for you it’s generating consistent $50,000 months. Excuse me. What feels impossible to you right now? Maybe it feels impossible right now for you to even get your business really off the ground. Maybe that feels impossible for you right now. Maybe it’s getting your podcast off the ground or, or getting that blog going? Right? Or for you. Maybe it’s going live on social for the first time you’ve been meaning to do it, but you never quite did it. So actually, going live scares the bejesus out of you. And right now it may feel impossible. Right? You may have a number of seemingly, that’s the operative word, right? seemingly impossible things in mind. And that’s great.

Whatever those impossible things are for you. I need you as a part of today’s success work to write them out. I want you to capture them. I want you to identify them. Okay. And I want you to do this with the hopeful expectation that we have in Christ that one day, every single one of those seemingly impossible things will come to be exciting stuff. Right. I hope you’re excited. I want to see this thing light up. Hey, Rachel. Hey, Jodie. So glad you’re here. Okay, look, as Christians, we need to regularly expect the unexpected, even the impossible. And why is that? Well, because we are told that in the Bible, right with man, this is impossible, but with Christ, nothing is impossible. I think it’s Matthew 1927.

I may be wrong about that. But we’re told that with Christ, nothing’s impossible. And we have how many miraculous stories and things that happen in the Bible that testify to that as true. How about my life, verse Ephesians, 320. Now to him Christ, who is able to do immeasurably more than We ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work in us. Okay? Let’s unpack that real quick. Whatever you ask whatever you are thinking now in that impossible list that you’re going to be creating, like, right? Whatever you ask whatever you imagine, Christ can do more than that. And it’s so much more that we can’t even measure how much more. Okay, how does he do that? Through his power? And where is this power? at work in us? It’s right inside us. Okay, now that that whole Ephesians 320. read that again, and really ask God to speak truth to you. Because this is caused for incredible excitement and a huge loud, amen, and hallelujah. Okay. with Christ.

He is able to do immeasurably more than anything you ask anything you imagine. And it’s done through through you by him. But you’re a part of it. He’s gracious enough to allow us to be a part of it. Okay. So listen to me in Christ, you can do the impossible sister. Do you believe that? And if you believe I need you to write in the comments whether it’s live or on the replay, yes, I believe. Yes, I believe. Okay, so here’s the thing, I just want to want to mention to the church, having heard these Bible verses over and over, you know, we tend to take these holy words of God, His exceedingly great and precious promises almost for granted. Right? We unintentionally just gloss over them, without going deep or, or even asking him to tell us more to impart wisdom to us, we fail to acknowledge his promises. And in this case, a powerful truth that in him in the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, we can do the impossible. It’s by his power. But it’s through what we do the action we take. So yes, Rachel believes Ruthie believes me believes Awesome, awesome, I need all of you to write that, as we write that, that gets into our subconscious, which is so important. And Megan as well, awesome.

Now, when I say that, when I say that in Christ, we can do the impossible. That’s not just some marketing jargon, that I thought would be really cute, right? I’m not the one even saying this. God Himself said it with Christ. Nothing is impossible. Hallelujah. Yes, I’m planning on it. Yes, I’m emphasizing it. It’s that important. Beautiful sister, they you hear that today? May you believe that today? and may it spur you on to new things, even scary things, as you trust the Lord God to be with you and to share with you in your quiet time, one on one with him? What those promises made for you, specifically for you, and what those impossible things are for you inside your business. Now, if you’re practical, like me, and I know so many of you are, you might be thinking, you know what, this all sounds great. Judy doing the impossible.

Oh, yeah. I would love that. And I know that if God said it, then it’s true. But I don’t like this. But see, I put the but before God, like Like, there’s this stuff. And then but God, I do not put the good godly promises. And uh, but after that, because to put the button there, I am doubting or minimizing, or in some way questioning is His truth is promised. But I get some of you might be saying, Look, I’m pretty practical, like, what does that look like? Like? How can the impossible really happen? And if that’s you, look, I don’t judge you. I don’t I can never stand in judgment. Okay. And it is a really, it’s a fair question. And I’m going to answer it with this. Where God is involved. We, these people are not confined by the reasonable or what’s logical, right? Everything we’ve been talking a lot about what is possible, from earthly eyes, what we can see logic and reasonableness and possibilities, and the conventional way of thinking right out the window.

Hallelujah. God said, Nothing is impossible. No thing is impossible with Christ. So we must first go to him and talk to him. If you’re grappling with this practical way and try to wrap your head around it. Right. We have to go to God himself and talk to him. About our impossible plans, and ask him like, this is my vision for the business. But I need to know your vision for my business Lord, right? We’re going to talk to God about these impossible goals and ideas that we have for the business. And then here’s the really important part, ladies, then we sit quietly before him, seeking His wisdom, Lord, what do you think? Is this for me? Is this my idea? Or could it be like a whisper of the enemy? Okay? Because we always want to be in his will. Right? And how do we how do we assure ourselves that we are in his well, robots 12 to do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind? How do we renew our mind, Bible study, prayer time, devotional time, talking with other sisters in Christ, right. And when you transform your thinking, by the renewing of your mind, then the Bible tells us, you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is, Oh, that is so good, his his good, pleasing and perfect will. So ladies, there’s no doubt in my mind, that faith is the most powerful thing in the Christian entrepreneurs toolbox. And I don’t mean that flippantly like, you know, or trying to sound cutesy with some marketing, whatever, okay?

I don’t know how else to say it. faith in Christ is not only the cornerstone of our salvation, okay. But Faith is the cornerstone of our business as well. And when we do that, when we put Christ on the throne of our life, and our business, and we look to Him, you’re going to succeed, period. Ba, right? We got to go to him daily, and asked him to tell us, Lord, what do I need to build my business? Do I invest in this? Or do I invest in that? Do I move forward with this marketing strategy? Or what do you think of this one, or Lord, download a new one, right? If you’re in business, and you are here watching me right now, I don’t care if you’re live with me or on the replay. I know this, I’m confident that you wouldn’t have gotten this far. And you wouldn’t be here with me, unless God brought you here. And he has given you confirmation that this business is in his plan for you. Right? There’s no coincidences. So as Christians who love the Lord, we need to boldly approach him, as he graciously invites us to do in Scripture, asking him for everything we need to thrive, and always focused on Christ focused on serving Him and others, but we have direct access to God. He knows everything. So why wouldn’t we ask him questions like, Lord’s? What’s Lord? What is your vision? For my business? Tell me what you want me to do. Lord, give me clarity around who you want me to work with? Who is my ideal client? Lord, what should my messaging be? Lord, please give me the words to say. I mean, anything and everything should be asking God, that is what going all in on your faith means. And that is what fully embracing who you are in Christ, and who he made you to be, is all about.

Okay, so, success work for the day. I really want you to reread proverbs 31 and do it thoughtfully as your schedule permits, right. Second thing I want you to write out with God, these impossible quote unquote, things that you and in an in an in discussions with him want to he wants to happen in your business, right? He’s impossible thing so that you can serve the Lord and others right and want you to go to him and seek His wisdom and his perfect input. And then I need you to post that impossible list here inside the group. Not just good to do it, I need to see it, my team and I need to see it. Okay. So that’s the second thing. And the third thing if you want an invitation to Friday’s closed door session, then and there are a few other steps you have to take but take care of this today. Listen to my she’s extraordinary podcast, leave a rating and review on iTunes, snap a picture of it, post it here in the group.
And for bonus, throw it on over on Instagram on your story are in your feed and tag me at Judy Weber live. And also hashtag she is extraordinary.

Awesome. Teresa says yes, I believe that says yes, I believe. Alright ladies, I have a minute or two for questions. And so I would love it if you have a question and I realized there’s a delay. What questions do you have? And this one was a little bit of a longer one. Thank you for staying with me. It is that important. Right? What was A big takeaway from today. If you don’t have questions, I’d love to see that in the chat as well. So think about that. Anything you hear today that really excited you, or kind of renewed your confidence or this look at faith and Peter walking on the water. Did that bring up any aha moments for you? I’m not saying anything in the chat right now. And looking at the looking at the clock, I do need to go.

Ladies, listen, I love you so much. And I thank you for being here with me. And I look so forward to seeing your success work here on the page. And as always, if you have questions, do a post, oh, here’s a bonus. Here’s a bonus. You know, I love video. Why don’t you go ahead and do a video an intro video. Just anything. I’m not even gonna put parameters around it but keep it less than a minute. Just an intro video about who you are. And anything you’d want the ladies here to know about. Alright, so thank you so much, ladies. Love you.

I will see you back here tomorrow at 12 noon. If you have no idea what this is and you just happened to jump on the page, you will definitely want to go to bit.li slash focus, faith fast track and because you don’t want to miss some of the extra things going on in the background. So Wow. I love you so much, ladies. God bless you have a beautiful and blessed rest of your day.

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