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Ep 112: Clarity, Visibility & Connection: 3 Hallmarks of a Fierce Female Founder

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Welcome, welcome to day two of our workshop. How are you? Welcome. I popped on just a few minutes early to make sure the tech was working. I had some issues earlier wanted to make sure all was well. Okay, excellent. Well Welcome ladies to day two of our Fast Track your business with faith and focus workshop. I literally get goosebumps when I read some of your messages that you send to me via messenger, and also in the DMS over on Instagram. It’s just so awesome, right as you share your takeaways, as you were watching yesterday’s training.

Hey, Robin, so glad you’re here. Make no mistake, sister, God is moving. Hallelujah, just a beautiful thing. So yesterday, if you missed it, you’ve got to catch the replay. And if you are registered, you should have received an email with the link takes you right to the replay. So you don’t have to worry about like, where is it, you can find it easily. But yesterday was all about establishing a firm foundation for your business so that you can move forward. Right. And actually, it’s the firmest of foundations, our rock our Redeemer, our Lord Jesus Christ. And ladies, just think about what that really means having Jesus as the foundation of your business.

Hey, Beth, just as the Bible tells us, that, you know, you can either build your house on the rock of Christ or on sand. And if you do it on sand, it’s gonna sink, right. But if you build your house on the rock, it will thrive, right? The same holds true when you set your business on the rock capital are right, Jesus is Lord, he has all power. He knows all things and he loves you. And he wants what’s best for you. He has plans to prosper you, Jeremiah 2911. So when you dedicate your business to serving Him, first and foremost, keeping our eyes focused on price, right, trusting Him, focusing on him, just as Peter did, as he did the impossible walking on the water. Nothing, nothing in that instance, can tear your business down. Nothing. Hey, Bonnie. Hi, Pamela. And those would be dropping off popping on if you didn’t get Papa Hello, in the chat, please do so. So I’m watching you right along with you. So what am I saying about this whole faith thing? What’s as simple as this, so long as you believe, so long as you’re committed to your business, so long as you show up and do the work. And so long as you make a strategic plan, you get all the necessary pieces in place.

And as long as you go to God for wisdom, guidance and confirmation of next steps, you’re going to be golden. And you’re going to have a great year, okay? But it’s faith focused action. Okay, so sometimes the action can be scary. But if you keep your eyes where they need to be your heart and mind focused on the Lord. And today I’m going to talk specifically about other specifics with respect to business building that you need to keep your eye on when you do that. You’re going to be in a profitable, impactful business. And you’re going to be wowed at what how God moves in it. Okay, I can guarantee you that. So if you didn’t get complete yesterday’s success work, it’s not too late. But to get a seat in my special Friday VIP only training, you got to get all three days homework done. That’s yesterday, today and tomorrow. And you got to post it here in the Facebook group. So please take care of that important to do. Okay, so yesterday, success work was so much fun. I hope it was fun for you. dreaming about what feels impossible, right? writing it down going to God and asking him for his input for his feedback.

Hey, Lord, is this what you want? For me? Is this your plan? Believe me, as I said yesterday, he wants to hear from you. And if as we go to him in our quiet time, and we don’t hear from him, it’s not him that’s falling down. It really is us. Because if you’re like me and so many other women, we’re we’re busy, right? We’re constantly running. And many of you are telling me that you’re feeling like you’re playing this catch up game all the time. And let’s face it, we as women, we rarely sit still right? The proverbs 31 woman did you read that last night? So let’s together commit right now in this moment, to spend that precious, precious one on one time with the Lord. Let’s be intentional about carving out time in our day, no matter how busy it is. To sit before him to spend time with the Lord God Almighty. I can tell you that is never wasted time. In fact, that is time as well spent as anything. Okay. So if you care to share I would love to see in the chat. About one of those impossible things you put on your list one of those things that seems impossible. One part of your business, one goal, whatever it may be, but that now you realize is possible in Christ. Maybe it’s launching your business by second quarter, maybe it’s generating consistent five figure month, maybe it’s being a guest on your favorite podcast, whatever it is, I would really appreciate it if you would encourage others, and kind of recommit that to yourself by popping it in the chat here.

What is one of your impossibles from your list? Okay. Well, this week’s workshop is all about fast tracking your business. And I want you to know that walking in faith going all in on who you are in Christ, that bold, courageous, powerful woman of God that He made you to be, is the very best start to moving that needle in your business. And I have a couple of clients watching, and I’m sure they can attest to that. Excellent. Beth, one of her impossibles is email marketing, getting that up and running. Excellent. Very, very good. You can absolutely do that. Okay. Now, when I say, you know, putting God first is going to move the needle in your business. I don’t just mean move it. I mean, move it quicker and easier than you even thought was possible. And so Wow, there’s that possible impossible thing again, right. Alright. So today, we’re leaving faith there from yesterday, and we’re moving on to focus. In particular, the three things you need to be focusing on to get the best bang for your buck, meaning the best results for your efforts. And the three things I don’t want you to waste your time on, if getting money in the bank is the priority. Okay? And guess what? Let’s face it, if we don’t have money in the bank, we’re not really in business. Okay.

But before we go there, I want to remind you that on Friday, I am hosting a private invitation only closed door VIP session reserved only for the top 1%. You action takers, right? The ones committed to making 2021 a phenomenal year of impact and profit. In this session, I’m going to be revealing my proprietary framework for generating five figure months, consistently each and every month. Okay. And the same framework and formula works for you know, six figure months, okay? Nothing held back, learn the exact strategies that the best of the best use, believe me, you do not want to miss it. So what do you have to do to get this invite? Right, it’s a VIP only session. Three things. Number one, complete all three days success work, right? and post it in the group. That’s the second thing. The third thing, I need you to take a moment show me that you are an action taker that you are committed to your business. And I need you to apply for the VIP training. And I wonder if I put that in the in the session notes the caption, if not, if somebody would please type in Bitly, that’s bi t.li. Slash apply with a capital A, for fo r lowercase all caps VIP. And then the last word session with a capital S oh my goodness, I should have put that in. So it’s bit.li slash apply with a capital A for VIP all caps session with a capital S. That will just take a few minutes to apply. And then you’ll get that ticket to Friday’s special exclusive training. Okay, let’s go to the Lord and invite him here with us and then we’ll dive in. Lord, thank you, thank you God that we don’t have to be perfect. We don’t have to be perfect.

Only you are perfect Jesus, hallelujah. Thank you God, that we know that we are perfectly imperfect made by your hand. Lord, help us to acknowledge the gifts and the talents that you’ve given us. Help us to really own the person, the woman of you that you want us to be so that we could fulfill the purpose you have for each of us, Lord, because it is unique. Help us to be bolder, Lord, help us to be more courageous help us to have more faith. And May my words today on focus, Lord, be helpful, truly, practically, something that each of these ladies will implement and take action on us. And may you bless that action, Lord with phenomenal results as they connect with their ideal clients as they gain clients and customers and as they build this business because it is for Your glory. Lord, I pray all these things in the mighty name of your son Jesus. Amen. Amen. All right.

So Bonnie says I love his money says I would love to commit to five figures a month and also allow myself time to focus on things around the house that I enjoy doing. I love that that’s so important. Also, I really want to start doing Kids parties for friends and family at no charge. I’m going to start charging after COVID. But if meantime, I can do something nice for young children as a distraction. Wow, that’s important work. And do you see Bonnie’s heart and she is a beautiful friend and client of mine and she had a beautiful year. Last year. Congratulations, Bonnie on, you know, you’re really, you’re really looking comfortable. And this CEO role, and you are doing so well in your business that, you know, now you’re you’re going above and beyond to serve those in your community. That’s a really, really beautiful thing.

Thank you, Beth, for popping that link in there for the application for Friday’s training. All right, I want to start this session today with a question. Okay. On average, what does your day look like? What does it consist of? Okay, your choices? Does your day typically consist of appointments, consultations, meetings with clients and prospective clients and collaborative partners? So basically, is your calendar filled up with appointments? Where you’re talking to people?

Or? Or is your average day filled with lots of what are called busy work, where it’s kind of you and your computer, creating content, posting on social hanging out on Social Planning, thinking things over revising, reviewing, perfecting, okay, which is it, I’d love you to pop it in the chat if you’re brave. And really, there’s no judgement, I like to point out things that are important. And again, we’re the top 1%. So we’re not going to apologize for mistakes, we’re going to learn from them. Okay. So which is it? Are you getting those appointments all day long? Or are you kind of working in the backend of your business? And it feels like you’re spinning your wheels, right? Which one? How about this? On average, at the end of the day? Do you feel accomplished and motivated? Do you feel like you’ve gotten important work done and move your business forward at the end of the day? Or when that end of the day comes? Do you feel exhausted, frustrated? Like you’ve done stuff all day, but you’re not sure if any of it really mattered?

Okay, I want you to be honest. And think about that, which sounds more like you? And thank you, Beth, for your honesty, saying the second one is kind of more like me, okay. Well, I want to share with you the three things you have got to be focusing on to get your business to move forward. Look, I want 2021 to be your best year in business, I do not want 2021 to be like a repeat of your year one. Like if you’ve been in business in 2020, you need to be at a different place right now than you were a year ago. Right. Some ladies I know have been in business for two years, five years, even more, some even 10 years. And yet, they haven’t gotten their systems down. They’re not in place. They’re still running their business by the seat of their pants, right. And so even years in they’re running their business today, the same way they ran their business in the first year, repeating year one and year after year, after year. I don’t want that for you. Right, it’s time to get that focus that you need on the things that really matter to get those important things on your calendar time block it and get rid of those things that you really don’t need to do but seem to be taking up a lot of time. So are you excited to learn about this? Give me an emoji. Tell me tell me. Okay, so Diane is here.

Thank you for that Betty is watching and Robin says I’d like to be more productive than busy. That makes sense. absitively Robin, you are in the right place, you are in the right place. So thank you for for tuning in ladies, because when the other ladies come in and watch this replay, they’re going to so appreciate thanks, Christine, for the love, they are going to so appreciate your honesty, because they’re going to know they’re not alone. But I don’t want anybody to stay there. Okay, so the first thing I want to do is I’m going to quickly talk about three things that I do not want you to focus on. Unless you already have consistent five figure months. Okay, so these are the things I don’t know, I was gonna say I don’t think are important. I know they’re not important when you need to get money in the door. Okay, three things not to focus on number one, this may surprise you, your website, your website, getting your website, feeling great. Like Like when you are so proud to give that URL out. That takes time. Some might even say that’s a Herculean task, right? To get your branding, right?

To get your essence on that page on the website, right and the various pages to get the best navigation to set up all your freebies, all that stuff. Okay, so if you’re new or even if you’re not new, but now it’s time to get the money, get the bank in the bank. Okay? If that’s you, I don’t want to spend a time monkeying around with your website. That’s not the best use of your time. Trust me on that. Okay. Then Second thing I don’t want to focus on, if you really need to get money in the bank is posting on social everywhere. Like I know there are gurus out there that say you should be posting everywhere. And by the way, do it two or three times a day. Okay, between Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, are you kidding me? Add clubhouse to that? tic Tock all the rest? No, no, no, no, no.

We’re not about merely producing content, although we’re going to talk about, you know, the fact that that comes into play on something you need to be talking to, you know, thinking about and focusing on. But I do not want your day to be consumed wholly by posting on social, it is not going to get you anywhere. We’re going to learn what to do instead. But social media posting everywhere and anywhere is not what you need to be focusing on right now. Trust me on that, right. So don’t focus on your website, don’t focus on posting everywhere on social. And the third thing, don’t focus on getting everything perfect.

We women want to do everything just right, we have that high bar of excellence that we want to do everything with, and that is to your credit, but a lot of women they’re perfectionists. And they’re people pleasers. And so they’re constantly looking at something and I’ve heard it over and over, I’m getting ready to get ready to get ready to get ready to launch or ready to get ready to get ready to get ready to roll out my program. Right? OCD. Robin says Absolutely. Almost every woman I’ve ever spoken to has said, Oh, dude, I’m sorry. I kind of feel like I got ADHD, or OCD. I get it. God blessed us with the ability to multitask. And you know, we can be thinking about a couple things at the same time. But that is not the way that a fierce female founder that I want you to be that top 1% that heart centered, Christ focused, impact driven. CEO that is thriving.

That’s not what that’s not what they do. Okay, perfection is not the thing done is better than perfect. Okay, so let’s jump into the three things I want you to focus on. I really want you to take notes on this, because this is going to be your success work for tonight. All right. So first thing you need to focus on. If you don’t know money in the bank, or you’re not happy with the money coming in. And that is clarity. You need to focus on clarity around your business. What do you do? What do you call yourself? Who do you serve? What is your unique something? As in? Why you? Why are you better than somebody else? Okay. And finally, clarity on what you offer your products and services. Sounds basic. Right?

Who are you? What do you do? Who do you serve? What’s your unique something? Why you? And what the heck do you offer? Right? And yet, when I ask so many women, what do you do? Give me your elevator pitch. Often what I see is ladies are becoming like a deer in the headlights. They freeze up. Not sure what to say is that you? If that’s you, that’s fine. But I don’t want this to I don’t want you to be in that same spot next week. Okay, you can’t overthink this, it’s gonna hold you back. Right? You need to just think simple. How can I put out there what I do and who I serve, and how I do it succinctly in a sentence. using words that my ideal client we’ll talk about in a second that my ideal client would understand, find compelling, and make them think oh my gosh, she’s inside my head. Okay, because when I asked so many women Tell me about your services. What I hear is a lot of times hesitation. And even disclaimers. Like, oh, I don’t have it all figured out yet, or I’m not 100% sure about this. But you know, and what do you think about that? Like, like, like if I was a real prospective client, and I’m hearing this, what do you think I’m thinking? I’m thinking, this person doesn’t have their act together.

I don’t really feel confident that they could help me so they just move on. So ladies, clarity, it is time to get clear. And I mean crystal clear on these all important issues and they all relate to your brand. What do you do? Who do you serve? Why are you better and what in the world are you offering your target audience, this has to be your number one focus. Without clarity, your business will falter, you’re going to be struggling, you’re going to lack confidence, you’re going to become more and more frustrated. And let me tell you, that is no fun. Right? And if you’re there, you know, that’s no fun. Okay? Now a quick tip. For those of you who may be thinking, Okay, this sounds really good. I don’t even know where to get started on this idea of clarity. I can’t even decide should I be this? Or should I do that? Should I work with this group of people or that group of people? All right, so ladies, I’m gonna drop some tough love here. And again, I’m doing this because I love you.

You’re my sister. And I want what’s best for you. And I’m talking to those into 1%, the top 1%? Who is it? Who are committed to the business? Okay, that’s you, right? So, here’s a fact women in the top 1%, who are making great profit in their business and having a big impact. Are all strong decision makers. Strong decision makers, are you a strong decision maker? The good news is, a lot of times they weren’t born as great decision makers. But what they did is they decided that’s who they are. Hey, Rebecca, glad you’re here. Hon. Hi, Heidi. See, we get to decide who we are. Primarily, we, our identity should be in Christ, hallelujah, we are a daughter of the king of kings. Right. And so we need to get clear on our identity, that we need to go all in on who God made us to be. And if you’re in business, and you feel pulled to this business that you’re serving, you know, certain people that you feel called to serve by God, then you need to decide that I am a fierce female founder. And when I say fierce, I mean passionate, heart led bold. That’s my phrase, because as I interviewed those I really, really want to work with they read that resonates with them. So I want you to decide right here right now.

And I’m blessed to be a part of this important decision making moment for you that I want you to decide that you are a fierce female founder. See, whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, whether you love being the center of attention, like me, or you hate it, right? The top 1% which again, I hope you are realize that to succeed in business, you got to do certain things, things that make you feel uncomfortable things that are scary, right. But they understand that a certain mindset is required to be that top 1%. The positive can do decisive leader type mindset is necessary. In order to believe that the impossible is possible with Christ. that mindset has to be in place in order to take the actions required of a fierce female founder of a thriving business.

Am I making sense? What do you think? So, and Rebecca says, Amen. Thank you, sister. So if you are a top one percenter, it’s time to decide sister. You got to believe you’re a decisive person you have to decide you are. I am a decisive person. I’m going to do my due diligence without overthinking. I’m going to make a decision after going to God and feeling confirmation, I’m going to take action on it. And you know what, no apologies for that decision.
No apologies. No looking to others for their approval, what they’ll think and wonder what she’ll think about what mom will think and wonder what you know, who cares? Listen, remember, as a top 1%, Christian entrepreneur, before deciding, I hope that you’ve already consulted with the Lord.

And that alone should give you all the confidence you need, right with his approval, you boldly take the next step, even if that next step is scary. So when it comes to getting clarity around your brand, you do the work. You ask yourself the right questions, you time block dedicated time to get all these answers down on paper, this is your success work for tonight, ladies to begin this process, right? You go to God with those thoughts, what you’ve written down, right, what you want your brand to stand for. And then after consultation with the Lord, you decide, this is what I’m all about. This is who I am. This is my expertise. This is what I’m going to call myself. These are the people that I serve, and here’s how I serve. Okay, and with that in place, you move forward. Does that make sense? Please tell me.

They may be asking, Well, what are those questions I need to ask myself to get that all important clarity and that is a great question. So inside my upcoming accelerator lab, and also inside Midwest, the thrive Academy, I take you Through a short list of very selective lists of the right questions to guide you in that process. And let me tell you having that list of pointed questions makes this clarity step foolproof. So, if you’d like to find out more about how we might be able to work together, DM me, I would love to chat with you to see if we might be a good fit. If you’re a committed top one percenter, you’re poised to do big things in 2021, you’re ready to do it. Let’s work together to get to there. Okay, so all of that was clarity. Ladies, please don’t move on to anything else if you don’t have clarity. Okay, second. First thing you focus on, clarity. The second thing you focus on once you’ve gotten clarity around your brand, its visibility and visibility being seen by the right people, with the right people, your target audience? Hint, Hint, Hint, it is not everybody. Okay?

Because part of the clarity that I just spent so much time talking about was identifying the specific person, or maybe two people who are your ideal client, these are people individual characteristics. And each, you might have one or two ideal client, avatars, if you will. But no more than two, if you go three, I think you’re going a little much because we need focus, so that the messaging hits those people. If you’re trying to serve everybody, nobody’s gonna hear what you’re saying, okay, trust me on that. And really, when I talk about this idea of speaking to your ideal client, I need you to approach that whole topic about ideal client without apology. You know, I don’t want you feeling bad, because we don’t really want to work with everybody. I don’t want to turn anybody away. Look, I could talk about this point forever. But for now, I’m going to say this. If your messaging is not focused on a specific person, for example, a 45 year old woman working in corporate making, you know, 100,000 to 150,000, tired of that rat race ready to start their own business. boppity bop, she drives a BMW, she’s got two kids, Salalah, you got me if you don’t have an ideal client, avatar figured out. And if your messaging doesn’t speak directly to her, whoever that ideal client is, with their particular problems, if you’re not speaking their language, all of your marketing is a waste. It’s a waste there, I’ve said it. Because it’s true.

I could say it’s not as effective. But the fact of the matter is, if you’re talking to everybody, I’m telling you, nobody’s listening. Nobody. So when you’re saying I can’t find a client, that might be talking to the wrong people, you might not have clarity around this all important issue of who the heck do you serve? specialists are killing it in this economy. Gone are the days when you want to be a jack of all trades, ladies, clarity, okay. The first step of a business generated consistent five figure months and more clarity. Okay, so on this issue of showing up for your target audience, you need to ask yourself questions like, and again, we’re talking about visibility, like, Where do I show up? You’ve got to ask yourself questions like, Where are they? Where are they online? Or is in your neck of the woods, you’re able to meet people live? Right? Where? Where are they? Where do they hang out? online and offline? How do they like to consume content? or listen to podcasts? Or do they prefer to watch video? And if it’s video, where do they watch videos that don’t make it? Is it on YouTube? Is it on Instagram, Facebook, right?

So if you’ve done the work on focus, number one, regarding clarity, so that you know who your ideal client is, you should already know where to be right where to show up. Because you know, your ideal client, inside and out. So now it’s a matter of simply showing up, right? As far as this visibility point, creating the content giving value positioning yourself as the authority in your space being exactly where you need to be. Okay. And, and on this point, when we’re thinking about, okay, where should I be, you know, earlier I talked about, you know, do not concentrate or focus on posting on every social media platform two or three times a day. That’s insane, right? That’s all you’re gonna be doing. So on this point of visibility, now that you know your ideal client or you will figure her out or him out for them out, right, and you know, or we’ll find out where they go to Find people like you like where do they hang out otherwise, right? I want you to understand ladies, there are so many ways to be present, to be seen by the very people you want to serve. It is not just social media.

It could be webinars or email, you communicate through email, or podcasts, media, both print online and TV. Could be blogs, could be books could be speaking, there are so many different things you could be doing other than social media. So I always just want to point that out. Because I think right now we’re feeling like socials, the only way to show up. It’s not true. So which way of showing up makes sense for your business? given number one, your talents, your legs, your preferences, because if you’d like to be somewhere, you’re more likely to be consistent showing up there, right? But also, even more importantly, you need to look at your ideal client, and what are their wants? What are their habits? What are their preferences? Right? So visibility, need to focus on? Where am I going to show up for my people? First, clarity, second visibility, we are going to the third thing you need to focus on to get real momentum in your business. And here, I have a quick question for you.

When it comes to this, before I get into the third point, when it comes to creating content for when you do show up for your target audience, do you struggle with that? If you could pop it in the chat? Do you struggle with content creation? Because in my work with my clients, my students and even in my consultations with prospective clients, I hear a lot of women saying, I don’t know what to talk about. I don’t really have content they say which I can, you know, talk with them, kind of see who they are and their past experience and what they’re wanting to do. And I can come up with a list easily of 15 to 20 content ideas like that. Okay, that says yes, Heidi says content help? Yes. Okay, more and more and more. Ladies, tell me, okay. Because I’m here to tell you, if you’re an expert, and I assume you are, then you are literally sitting on a goldmine of a never ending topical idea list. You’re just overthinking it. Okay. So is that you like? Do you find content creation, for being visible? Difficult? And the reason I asked this is because I’m thinking about putting together a resource to help make content creation a snap. So would that be something that you want? Tell me because your feedback is everything to me? And why would that be?

Well, because you’re my ideal client, you’re my top 1%. So what you think, what you feel, you know, that matters to me. Okay. All right. So the last nugget of wisdom on this idea of focus, right? Is, you don’t have to be everywhere, I want to emphasize that. Because Listen, if you are everywhere, you’re diluting everything you’re doing. And
if you’re spending too much time thinking of all this different content to post it at 10 different places, you know, you’re doing too much, you’re working too hard. And there’s a concept of the top 1% yet, and it’s called the power of one. going all in on one, primary marketing activity, one top visibility go to. And I encourage you tonight in your success work to choose that one visibility avenue for yourself.

Okay. Now, what’s the best way to decide on that one? You know, I mean, you know the answer, ask your ideal client, your target audience. And by the way, I hope you look forward to connecting with your target audience talking with them chatting with them via DNS or on the phone, because those one on one connections are what will build your business in fact, the fastest way to get a client to connect, talk to people. And so that is a beautiful segue for our third and final area focus of focus for you and that is getting sales. So if you want sales, what’s the best way to get them?

You got to connect. Right? You got to talk to people, you have to start new relationships, you have to nurture and further old relationships, right? Current relationships, you have to get to know those on your email list. Or those following you on social you need to engage with them. Not one too many. I lost social where you’re just like, oh, come watch me. I’m great right now. You have to engage with people individually. You have to chat with them via dm, or better yet over the phone or on zoom, right? And I say talk to people not sell to them. Okay, so I’m talking about right here connecting, and this is the quickest way to get a sale. Just that’s not the go to thought in your mind as you’re reaching out to people and engaging. But the goal is to get to know them. Get to know your followers, get to know those that are on your email list, get to know those that are in your Facebook group, right? Learn all you can about them. What are their joys? What are their struggles? What do they see as their problem as you’re talking with them, especially if it’s over the phone or zoom, you better take notes, I want you to write down every word. And at the end, the best result is you get your next client, right, if you’re on the phone, and things go really great in the call, you might get your next client. But what’s the worst thing that can happen, which is still a positive and a win. And that is even if you decide it’s not a fit, or you would love to work with this person, but they’re not ready, whatever the case may be the worst result of a phone call, or a zoom is that you’ve gained valuable Intel.

You know that discussion becomes invaluable market research as you learn what your ideal client says. Right? You learn what makes them tick, how they think the words they use, so that you can incorporate this Intel into your messaging. When you talk about yourself. When you talk about your services. When you talk about who you serve how you do it, right, making sure that you’re appealing not to everybody, but to the very people you want to serve inside your business. Okay, we’re going to wrap up now, does that make sense? Okay. Susan said yes, that would help on the content. And that something like that would really help. Awesome. Okay, so to summarize the top three things you must focus on to move that needle in your business this year quicker and easier. Number one, clarity, you got to focus on the clarity around what your business is all about and your brand. Get clear about what you do, who you serve your unique something, what makes you the best and things like that, right? your ideal client is very specifically, number one, clarity, number two visibility, you’ve got to focus on getting out there, but not everywhere, getting out to that primary place where you can truly be there for your target audience, you can serve them, and that’s where they’re going, right. So you can position yourself as the authority and the expert in the space. And you can show up consistently for them as you give valuable content.

Alright. And then the third thing you need to focus on is actually asking for the business getting sales. And that begins ladies with connecting, talking to your ideal client. And making sure to incorporate this awesome Intel into your strategy into your visibility, your marketing, branding, all that. Okay. So your success work for today is spending time in each of these key areas, clarity, visibility, and connect. So on this point of connection, I want you to go deep Sister, I want you to say I want you to set goals for yourself. How many new prospects will I connect with each and every day? And I don’t care where you’ve already decided that right in number two, visibility. But I need you to decide how many new people new prospective clients or customers will I connect with each and every day, wherever that happens to be? And then another goal on how many leads Am I going to nurture on a daily basis? Like how many people Am I going to reach out to that I already have a relationship, what can continue and deepen that relationship? Right? So basically, what I’m talking about is I want you to create a connection blueprint for your business. That’s just a fancy fancy word, right?

It could just be those two goals. And then a little bit deeper on the you know, your visibility thoughts on how am I going to show up? What type of content Am I going to deliver video quotes, you know, whatever that may be, okay. So ladies, as you do this, this connection blueprint that I that I just mentioned, I want you to promise yourself, you’re not gonna overthink it. Okay, because there really is no right or wrong on any of this. When I talk about clarity around your business, you can never say this is what I want my business to be. And there’s nothing you could come up with that I could say wrong, wrong, wrong. Right. If you want to be a dog sitter for young professionals, single professionals, then great. There’s nothing wrong with that right? And no visibility if you decide that how you’re going to show up is in certain Facebook groups. that already exists that cater specifically to that thing to that group of people. Great. There’s no right or wrong. I want you to think each part through one at a time. Keep it simple, though overwhelmed, decide, I will not be overwhelmed, decide see that again. You get to decide, write down your thoughts, then go to God with them and ask for his guidance and for his wisdom, wisdom, and you know, done is better than perfect. If all you do today, is get it writing your preliminary thoughts on each of these three areas where I’m telling you to focus. And then you say, I’m going to grab my calendar, and I’m going to time block when I’m going to tweak or finesse each of these things.

If all you do is get your preliminary thoughts down. That’s a very good day. Okay. So before I wrap up and head out for today, what Tell me what an aha moment was for you. Okay, and also of the three focus areas, the clarity, the visibility, the connection, in order to get more sales. Which area are you most excited about? Oh, I love that Heidi says done is better than perfect. Love it. Yes. Heidi, I don’t know if you ladies have seen Heidi’s post. She did a really cool video. She’s so good on video, and haven’t seen Heidi for what feels like forever. It’s probably been just a couple of months. But Wow, the clarity you’ve gotten from stepping away going with God, spending time with him. And not stressing, not overthinking, not pushing yourself by some arbitrary timeline. But instead, as you said, being obedient to what God is telling you to do. Wow, I see so much progress. So congratulations, Heidi, Heidi’s inside my Academy. And I’ve just it’s such a blessing to work with her. too long.

Well, you’re not well, maybe maybe this is too long. We share that same kind of thing going on. All right, ladies, I’m not seeing any questions come through, I really do want to know your Aha, I’m going to be posting a homework post. But look, if you get to it before, I’m able to post that before one of my team members are able to post it, go ahead, do a separate post for your success work. That’s never a bad thing. In fact, I always encourage that. I want this page to be a place of inspiration, a place of networking, a place of growth, and real community.

I want this group page to be a resource for you as you grow in your business, as you you know, work to build this business that God put on your heart. So Alright, with that, I will say I love you so much. God bless you have a beautiful, beautiful rest of your day, dude, your success work. I’m going to put in the application URL. It’s not there already. When we said you will replay email so you can get everything you need. But I can’t wait to see you back here tomorrow and to see if success work from today. Alright ladies, let me so much. Have a great Wednesday.

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