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Ep 113: The Fail-Proof Strategy Behind Video Marketing

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Ladies, welcome to this episode of The she is extraordinary podcast. I’m here with my good friend Tory Co. And, you know, I knew Tory was extraordinary. But until I read her bio, I didn’t quite know how much so I want to embarrass her now and just tell you about how amazing she is. All right, so Tori is like a former TV reporter turned award winning celebrity home stager and lifestyle authority. Right, she’s a bit more than that. She’s a visibility consultant and trainer, YouTuber, blogger, international speaker and author whose clientele literally stands the globe. Ladies, this is going to be an awesome episode on video marketing. But that’s just the beginning of her bio.

Her peers recently recognized her for the third year in a row as one of Reese’s Most Influential People in real estate staging. And she is so even beyond the real estate agent because her video marketing expertise is just second to none. She’s been featured in the top news and media outlets including Martha Stewart Living the today show. Good day New York oprah.com US News and World Report realtor.com. Okay, I could go on, alright, but she proves that by broadcasting your message and leveraging your position on the market, you can inspire others to take action. And today’s episode ladies all about the fail proof strategy behind video marketing success. So Now is your time to share your story to influence your audience’s perspective and to view the life that you desire. So with that said, Hey, Tori, welcome. Hey, Judy, thanks for having me. You are so welcome.

I was so excited that we be connected, you know, with COVID, and your move, and my move, and everything else. It’s just been kind of a crazy last several, several months. But let’s start with, um, you know, I just told the ladies about you. But tell us the real you like the personal story of like you before you became this amazing person?
Yeah, some days, I still don’t feel like I’m this amazing person, right? It’s like, what can you What can you level up and do next? Right? Yeah, um, I, you know, I just take it one day at a time I, I focus on the only things that I can control, there’s been a lot of things out there in the world lately, or especially this past year that we can’t necessarily control and, and hear a little spin on it.

And so I’ve kind of let go of all of those things. And I focused on what I’m good at, which is video, I love video. It’s a passion of mine. And I recommend anybody who’s going to start creating content to really start focusing in on what it is that they’re good at, right? We don’t want to be doing things that we’re that we don’t like doing. And yeah, so it’s just, it’s just really just focusing on what it is you need to focus on. 2020 was the whole my word that year was focused, and it was really crazy that COVID hit. And then obviously, this year, I decided to go with the word nature, nurture. And I really want to be nurturing my community, my relationships, following up with my friends, business, friends, colleagues, family, so I feel like that’s really fitting. And that’s kind of where I’m headed this year.
Okay, excellent. Well, I have to tell the ladies a personal story I met Tori, about a year ago, and we were co facilitating a retreat down in Florida near Orlando. And I had heard amazing things about Tori that hadn’t yet met her. So when we actually met, I was blown away with Tori is this fun personality? Who can be fun and laughing and silly like I am, which is what I really love.

But then as soon as the cameras on, boom, she goes into this, like TV reporter mode and all of a sudden she looks right. And she talks right? Like, oh my god, this is so neat. So I want to start here for you. Because, you know, my listeners are women. And what do you think I know, you know, what’s the biggest block they’re saying? I hate myself on video. And you and I keep saying you got to get on video. So what do you tell your clients when they say look, Tory You look pretty and all but I don’t and I don’t want to go video like I don’t feel comfortable. Yeah, I mean, I
get I get that and I get that they don’t feel comfortable. And I don’t wake up looking like this either, right? Like I had to go put on a face before we came here. And so I would say if you are in a position where you don’t like the way you look on camera, and there’s different angles that you can kind of take on cameras to look a little bit better. A lot of times I won’t shoot below the waist because at one point I didn’t like how big my hips were and so people just did it. No, I had a lower half of my body.

You know, take the time go get your hair blown out and then shoot a couple of videos, go, go try a new look right go get a new makeover and see if see if that boosts your confidence put on you know, a new outfit, or just get your nails done, do something, I would say self care to make you feel a little bit more confident to then go on camera, I would say besides the way you look, that other second issue people have is that they don’t know what to say. And so that’s when you want to take a moment and really figure out what you’re trying to accomplish on that video, have a couple of bullet points, maybe practice it a couple of times, just because practice will help. It’s like riding a bike, the more you do it, the easier it gets. And the more the easier it is to flow to on video when you’re when you’re doing stuff like that.

But a lot of times I mean, my simple answer to that question, Judy, is get over yourself. You are out there every day people are learning from you. They’re buying from you, you know, you’re educating people. So why not put that on video so the video can be working for you as a sales tool, verse, you know, you having to continually be spreading your message. And also in the same time spreading yourself thin. Yeah, yeah, I love that. And just before we started recording, I confess I was telling Tori, that I am getting a makeover ladies, I have been in my COVID days for too long, what 11 months now, and I’m gonna get a new do and I’m gonna get a makeover and have someone tell me how to do myself. So, ladies, you know, you know me, if you followed me for enough, you know that I’m not about what to look like, it’s your message. But here’s what I know, when we get dressed. When we put our best face forward, we feel better. Right? We feel stronger.

I packed on the pounds from COVID. I don’t like that. So it’s up to me to decide, well, you know, what, am I going to not do videos for three months until I lose the weight? Or am I going to, you know, put my best face on and move forward. So I love that story. Thank you for that. Alright, so we’re talking about the failproof strategy behind video marketing success. And so what is the first step of getting this success formula down? I think the first step is that you really have to come up with a solid concrete plan and a commitment that you’re going to stay consistent with video. You know, you’re very familiar with the idea. And I’m sure a lot of people that are listening, it’s not just one and done. When it comes to video, you have to be consistent, you have to be out there. And you have to have a plan in place to know exactly what it is you’re going to be focusing on.

So you don’t get stuck with that, you know, with that moment of the week, and you’re like, Oh, I have to go live right now I don’t know what to say. Or, you know, I don’t know what I should be selling to a call to action is also a very important part of this, because you want your videos to have that strategic messaging behind it. So it takes them from being an audience member to a physical potential lead in a client. Okay, excellent. So So let’s take for this example, someone in the real estate field, whether it’s a stager or an agent, because I know I have a lot of listeners from that industry. So it always makes me smile. When they say to me, I don’t know what to say I don’t have any content. I’m thinking, Oh, my goodness. And then I ask them a couple of questions. And I just say, you know what, you’ve just gotten pretty much a content, you have no idea what it is.

It’s right, right in front of you. But for someone who’s like, I really don’t know what to talk about, can you just throw out off the cuff, a couple of great content ideas to get their creative juices rolling? Yeah, I mean, first of all, just see what your audience is asking out there. You could do some research and ask, you know, figure out what people are asking in terms of your topic, whether it’s real estate or staging, what are those questions? What are your clients specifically asking you that you could put on video, and then share it out in an email or have it on your website, also to another great series of videos that you should have is actually the process of your company, what you do, how you do it differently, what’s your unique and neat, you know, your unique niche that you can put forth on video and how and so those can either be on your website to as well as out on your social and they can end those videos too can also be in an email series to to get to know and nurture your relationships with those potential leads. So I think those are a few great places to start but then it’s always the how tos right you know, and and dealing with the stressors and the pain points of your potential client and focusing on you know, focusing on those different elements in short videos.

These don’t have to be very long. You don’t have to go into, you know, top 10 home staging tips, right? I would keep to three, if that people have short attention spans, now they want to get in, they want the content they want to get out. And so you need to be able to provide that for them. That was my question I get when I work with my clients, both inside the blesser fraud Academy and my one on ones and otherwise, and they’re like, okay, God, this sounds great. But how they asked me these specific, how long does it have to be? What should I be wearing? What should my focus be all these things? And I’m just like, Okay, wait, You’re overthinking it, You’re overthinking it. These could be a series of two or three minute videos. Do you agree? Yeah, I mean, they could be a series of two or three minute videos, I mean, you might want to have one tip in there, you might want to have three quick little tips in there. Your video should be however long it’s going to take for you to deliver the content. It also varies based on platform and in where you know where you’re putting this message. But you don’t need to drag it out with a bunch of stories, I would recommend Don’t go, don’t go off topic. And really keep it short and sweet. I mean, the simplicity, the older I get, the more I’m thinking keep it simple. And it’s going to be more effective. We don’t have to get so cutesy and creative. It really doesn’t have to be you don’t have to, we don’t have to work that hard. Right.

So and really not even that hard to do, especially with live streaming these days, it’s almost made the video process even simpler, we don’t have to go out and shoot and get all this a B roll and edit it and all of that stuff. It’s the audience is way more forgiving. They just want the information and they want to get up to be super, super professionally like overdone. Right. Um, well, you talked about it depends on the platform. So I just want to land on there for just a moment. So what does that mean, when we’re thinking about whether it is delivered through social or through YouTube? Or through some other, you know, maybe your website? What does that mean?
Um, so I mean, even YouTube, now, they’re starting to get a little more creative and, and playing with different lengths of time, some channels, you’ll see have 10 plus, plus minutes up to like hour long worth of content on there, because that’s what they need.

That’s the time they need in order for their content to be delivered. Others other YouTube channels now are doing those short videos almost to start competing with reels and tick tock, because that’s how we’re starting to consume video now as well. So it just varies like a lot of people like doing those 15 seconds stories. And that’s how they consume. Because we have all of these different options, I would suggest doing a longer piece of video content, and then taking those little snippets, breaking them down into the other shorter sectors of the different social media platforms. I love that. I love that because then we can look to purpose. Yes, it’s all about Multi Purpose thing.
And that can go about 2030 minutes. And then I i repurpose that into a brand new podcast episode. And then I repurpose some of that video as shorter snippets for social so I love love. Love that. Okay, so let’s, let’s break it down. What’s the anatomy of a successful video?

Yeah, so the first thing you need to do is decide on your topic. And also the title, because the title is really important, especially if you’re going to be doing live streaming. And that’s going to entice people to click on enjoying you a little bit more than just seeing, you know, seeing your face or seeing what it looks like. So, figure out your title, your topic, the next thing you want to do is bullet point, you know, your main pieces of content that you want to hit inside of that video in an outline, I wouldn’t say script at all because then a lot, a lot of times you’re just you know you’re reading and your eyes are moving left to right, and people know that you’re not being authentic. So if you do need some type of a script, I would say just have an outline of bullet points in order to keep you on task and keep you focused. Another thing you need to do is decide on your background. And look like look in your background, kind of see what is going on behind there.

If you see this, like I’m kind of positioned right in the center of these two different rooms, room’s here. But that line is kind of is making me pop a little bit more if I was all the way over here, it would look a little weird and if I look All the way over here, same thing. But because I have this align in the right way, it looks more appealing. So be mindful of your background, make sure you don’t have like weird things sticking up outside of it, you know your head, like a plant or a lamp. And then the next thing too is Don’t forget your teaser. When you’re when you’re filming, don’t forget your teaser. And also your introduction is super important. So a teaser would be like that little snippet that your he’ll hear on the news saying coming up next, you know, they’ll and then they’ll tell you the dog got chased by the you know, the pound or something like that. So we want to make sure that you have a teaser inside your video to to bring people back and let people know exactly what it is you’re talking about in that topic. And then on for me for my introduction, this is what you’re talking about, Judy, when you say like I flip the switch. And I go from fun little stories a little bit more serious stories, because as soon as I say that intro, it’s like, it flips the switch, and I and I go into video mode. And that happens to be a really good tip for a lot of people who feel that they don’t. They’re going to get really intimidated as soon as they see you know, the record button and the red light on.

So that’s a great way to just kind of get you focus, get your mind going and then stay on top that way. And then obviously focusing about your content again, keeping it short and sweet. And the last part of all of this is that call to action. So what is it that you want your audience member to do next? to stay connected to you? Do you want them to go watch another video? Do you want them to click on a website or call you download something? So that is a really super important piece of that whole puzzle?

That’s one that I think too many forget. And I confess, sometimes I do as well, where it’s like, Look, you produced all this. Now what do you want them to do, you want to go to your website for a particular resource, you want them to check out some other freebie that you have, or you want them to apply to work with you, or apply for a call. Ladies, we have to think about each of these parts of the video. So that was a beautiful summary. But let me ask you this. I think there’s a little bit of personalization here. What I mean is, I have seen some very successful women do do videos, and they kind of script it. And they memorize it. And what they do is they like do a sentence or two. And then they stop. And then they memorize the next sentence or two, and then they do it. And then they send it off to somebody on fiverr.com. And they put it together, it looks really pretty darn good. I don’t do that I do more like what you said where it’s like, okay, here are my main points. And I just talked but that came with more and more experience. But what are your thoughts on on that aspect.

So even there’s different ways that you can put a video together. So on my YouTube videos, a lot of times I will shoot my introduction and my closing. Because that’s when I’m really on camera and I’m in I’m interacting with the camera and having a conversation. But other than that, I will sometimes write up a script because I want that script to also be in the description box of the YouTube video. And I will read the script and just get the audio to then go ahead and edit it into the piece. So if I’m showing somebody you know how to, you know how to seed your kitchen, I can then go about and do that and not worried about like, explaining as I’m doing it, and then I’ll just go back and add, you know, add the video voiceover after that.

But there’s an what you’re seeing too, I would assume then they have a lot of jump cuts. So it’s like, they’ll they’ll say something, it kind of cuts and then they’ll and then they’ll go to the next thing, which is fine to a lot of people like that as well, because that’s a little that, that appears to be more authentic to some people when you’re dealing with more of that edited professional look versus a live stream,

So again, ladies, what I wanted to impress upon them is there is no one way to do it. Like I want you and I’m sure Tory does I want you to get comfortable doing video. Like I say, look, we’re perfectly imperfect. So embrace that. And we’re not going to look like Katie Couric or you know, insert name of whoever you like there. You know, and that’s okay. Because really the person think about it, who are you following? And if they mess up, or if they stutter or if they have this funny way of speaking. Does it really matter? Like you’re still following them, right? So I really want us to put ourselves in that audience spot and say, what’s really important to me, as a listener, as an observer? and nine times out of 10? It isn’t because their outfit is beautiful, or even that their makeup is done, right? It really is. What are they telling me? am I learning something? And do I think this person is nice? And do I respect them? Are they really the authority? So that’s awesome.

All right. So let’s talk about you mentioned about YouTube. And I just want to land there for just one more moment, because I’m thinking of a question that a client asked me and I didn’t ever answer this, this came up. When we’re talking about YouTube and the description, inside an ad, how many followers do you have on YouTube? At this point, Tory? With both channels combined? I think I’m just shy of 20,000 subscribers and over 2 million views.
Yeah, so a little bit. So So what is the best advice as far as SEO as far as growing your following there on YouTube? How do you put your description together, you really need to focus on your keywords. You know, what you’re trying to be? What your video is trying to be leveraged for. So putting in your keywords, make sure that you put in your title, inside your video description, put all your links inside your video description, even Also, your call to action, you want to make sure that’s kind of up at the top as well. And you could put a couple of hash tags inside your description, and even the link to the video that is actually being watched on that description in the description box as well. It’s just, it’s another way to catalog it.

I can’t even go into the whole YouTube algorithm craziness. Because there’s it’s just as complicated as Facebook these days. And it’s because, yeah, there’s just there’s more and more content to consume. So they have to categorize it better, and everything else. But those are some of the things that you definitely want to focus on when you have your description and have it be a longer descriptive piece, you know, if you can put the whole script in there, and you can get it transcribed. And I would recommend doing that. And even putting in timestamps to that’s another way that that helps with the whole SEO.

Wow, okay. And I believe me, I know, I didn’t mean to put up a slide on that, because I realized that the whole YouTube thing. So, you know, whole study that we could spend hours talking about. Okay, so let’s get back to our program here. So we talked about the anatomy of the successful videos. How about must do videos for sales? Look, the name of the game we know, is not just to do videos for video sake, but to get new leads to convert those leads to sales. So what are the videos we need to be doing in order to make that happen? Well, so if you are doing any type of an opt in on your website, I think you should have a video on your landing page where they would then submit their information, right, because that right there is letting them know a little bit more of who you are. It’s it’s bringing out your personality, bringing out your expertise, and then you’re directing them. So they’re almost listening to what you’re saying when they submit their information. And it would be more likely throughout the relationship that they will continue, they will continue that trend right. It might also be nice to put in a thank you like a thank you type of a video as well and direct them to then go do something else. Like go subscribe to your Facebook page or your Instagram, or post a picture about something. So getting them to actually do something.

You could put videos I always recommend this to especially to stagers, they usually just have a page that will have kind of a rundown of the services that they supply, go a little deeper, show them the process of each one, show them what it entails, show them all the backend work that it takes to provide value to what we do in order to you know make the cost versus value argument that much more stronger. For real estate agents to I think doing these sales videos that show you kind of emotion and showing you that the you are the expert and know what you’re doing
and then having these on your website as well is is pretty impactful. I really feel strongly that there are so many stages. There’s so many real estate agents, there’s so many coaches there are so many insert whatever the heck industry is you need to get to know the people you’re talking to, and get them to have an opportunity to get to know you. And so that’s why video is so good because you really get to understand their personality and see they talked about their hands, or they don’t talk with their hands, do they? Are they fun? Or are they more serious, you know, so, so I love that other.

And another thing too, to make just the engagement more personable on social is, a lot of times you can respond with a video in Instagram On Facebook. So take the time and do that extra stuff and be like, hey, Judy, I saw that you liked my cell. So picture thanks for that comment, you know, what, you know what kind of running shoes or whatever Do you like, whatever the case may be, try and get that conversation going and when they hear you, and or see you because you could also do it audio as well. You’re going to most likely somebody’s going to engage with that first verse, you just saying thank you, you know, or doubt or doubt, if somebody takes the time to do an audio message, I always listened to it. If somebody were to Dart straight out would listen, I watch that. So that’s really, really good advice. Because frankly, I don’t do as much video responding in that way as I could be. So that’s a great tip. Let’s talk a little bit about behind the scenes.

So we talked about real estate industry specific, but I have a lot of coaches, a lot of service providers that listen and that are my clients. So let’s take the example of a life coach, or, or even an attorney. And so you know, on Instagram, that’s become my favorite social media platform. It’s surprising even to me, but so what types of behind the scenes likes, we might think, why do they want to see me reading a contract? Or in the life coaching? Why would they want to see me? You know, whatever you happen to be doing reading an article or whatever. So tell us about your thoughts on behind the scenes footage, what should it be?

I think it should, I think it should kind of dictate what it is you’re doing that day, right? Because I think that your behind the scenes should obviously be in your stories, those only lasts for 24 hours, even though we can keep them in the highlights, which I would definitely recommend doing. So people can go back and look at that topic and see all of the content you created on that. But anything from visiting a, you know, visiting a house and showcasing it to a buyer to maybe being at a closing table. It shows it just it shows your expertise, it shows that you’re actually in motion doing these things. It’s not just hearsay, it shows that you are doing this every day, which which reinforces that you know what you’re doing. So really any anything that would involve that, I mean, and sometimes you might just want to throw your cat in there. So I had a picture the other day, like my cat was sitting right here, I’ve got a cat looking at me right now. But I would put that in and I’m just at the computer.

My like my world isn’t as glamorous anymore to have all of these out and about type of behind the scenes things. Most of the time, I’m just behind my desk. So you have to get creative with that. There was a post that I did, I would say a month ago where I had all these sticky notes on my desk. And I’m like, I just can’t even believe like, I can’t believe all this, does anybody else work like this. And the response was, like out of control. So things that you don’t think would be engaging and interacting, which is probably one of those human things that you’re thinking about, actually do quite well in behind the scenes because it shows you’re a real person, and it shows that you’re dealing with real life issues, and that you’re still out there succeeding and being an expert. And I would say one more thing, since we’re kind of on the topic of stories is that make sure those stories are engaging, that you’re asking polls that you’re I mean that you’re asking questions, you’re doing polls, you know, you’re tagging people in it, and you’re, you’re trying to make it as engaging as possible. It’s gonna take time people may like obviously see your stories, but they won’t know to click on it or to answer the question. But it will happen if you keep doing it.

And I really want to emphasize to that point, when when you use your real voice, it’s sometimes it can be scary and feel really vulnerable to say, Well, you know, I have a really strong opinion about this in my business, but not a lot of people are talking about it. You worry oh my gosh, if I do, will I offend or will I confuse or whatever. And what I found Tori, see if you agree with me, I want to be bold. I want to make those crazy statements that people other people aren’t making So I want to encourage the ladies out there to be bold and courageous in their messaging, what do you think torey I would say yes, if you have a thick skin, if you don’t have a thick skin, and you’re going to start being taken aback by all the comments that you get whether they’re good or bad, then you might want to shy away from something like that. But I definitely recommend that you need to be authentic, you need to be yourself, you need to show up and engage however it is you see fit for your business.

Quite well take it and see, I tell my clients, you know what, when you get the negative feedback, you’re getting to that next level, because you’re still getting feedback, right? I mean, even if you get this you have your you know, you’re trying to get the sale and you get to know you’re still getting the know that you can then move forward. Because that person said, No, we’re gonna go to the next person, then are you realize that that person just isn’t for you. And then you can block them. That’s a good thing and see, and this is off topic, but I love it. Because what we’re talking about ladies is, this is your business. It is whatever you want it to be. And I never want you to be afraid to pursue your passion for fear that somebody might not like it. Because we’re not wanting to please everybody, we only want to really please those that are our ideal clients. And ladies, if you don’t have your ideal client figured out, then I wish I knew the number of the episode, but you got to figure that out clarity around who I really want to work with. Okay, last thing, we talked about engagement, talk to us about boosting our reach and our engagement when it comes to video. How what’s the best way to do that?

Well, I think you just always have to show up first and be providing that, that quality in your videos, right? That’s gonna, that’s what’s gonna help people. Always seek out your videos. Another thing too, is have an introduction that’s going to like, grab their attention and get them in. And that’s going to keep them engaged, because a lot of times you only have a couple of seconds before they just start scrolling again. So you want to make sure that you’re grabbing them ask the question whenever you can get their opinions and their thoughts whenever possible. If you if you look at any social media posts, whether it’s video or not, you see the ones that do better are the ones where people get to actually interact and share their own opinion. So allow that to happen on your videos.

Also, you know, maybe maybe you need to be vulnerable, maybe you need to be bold, like Judy was saying, evoke emotion on your videos. And that will also help people engage with you more. Obviously, on certain platforms, like I was saying they have those different stickers or different tools that you can use in your arsenal. So whether it’s those question, stickers, the poles, anything like that, and stories on YouTube, they have the eye card, they
also have the end cards, so they have different ways for people to continue to engage with you on video. And when you see people live streaming, shout them out, right? Ask them like a question personally and see how they engage. And then obviously two is go back through.

If somebody is taking a moment to even like your post, maybe you want to send them a video or a voice text, maybe you just want to shout them out in the comments. But anybody who is engaged, whether it’s likes, whether it’s a comment, make sure that you’re giving them the love back immediately following the video that you do post. And that’s also going to boost up your in your video engagement overall as well.

I love that, that all of that is free. And so we’re talking about pay to play, but it’s either time or money. So this is free, but it is your time, which is valuable. But for those that are looking to build their business and not, you know, break the bank with ads and things. There’s you know, I love the tour, he went through all that powerful ways that you could do just that without opening up your wallet per se. Alright, so where can the ladies find you and what is there that they could grab from you beyond what they’ve learned today in the episode.

And we can always reach out to me@torito.com and I would love to give you guys a video marketing plan so it goes through specific steps in what you need to do to create your own Video marketing plan for your business?
Awesome, awesome. That can be found at torito. Calm? Yes. I’ll give you a separate link, though. I’ll give you a separate link, but it can be found on the homepage at torito calm. This question that I end every episode, I need you to tell the ladies about an extraordinary lady in your life. And what makes her extraordinary?
Oh, boy.

I’m no Whoo, I would say I would say my mom. She’s really showing up for me in the past year in my life. And she didn’t necessarily have to, but she did. And our relationship is stronger than ever. And I’m wonderful. I’m the oldest of four kids. And she was a single mom. And so I guess being older too, I can see that the struggle is you know, is real and that people are juggling with a lot of stuff. I’m sure she’s happy. She doesn’t have little kids right now running around at home and trying to work and stuff. But shout out to all the moms out there. I would say to you know, they’re they’re doing a lot to make sure that everything’s smooth and running. And you don’t really know what’s happening behind the scenes.

For sure, we don’t know what’s coming tomorrow. So I’m with you there. That’s awesome. Well, Tori, thank you so much. This has been a really power packed 30 plus minutes. I really appreciate your time. And I’m sure the ladies are so excited. And they’re going to reach out to you to find out more. Thank you. Thank you so much for having me.

Awesome. Ladies. Thank you. And if you’ve loved this episode, would you please take the time to leave a rating and review. Your opinion matters. I want to know what other topics we could bring to you to improve your life, improve your business and get you more of this life that matters. Right so thank you for listening and we will see you next time.

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