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Ep 114: 4 Ways to Build Your Mental Fortitude & Resilience

Hello ladies, how are we today? Welcome. Welcome to day three of our Fast Track your business with faith and focus workshop. I want to make sure I’m live here on Facebook. Yes, yes, yes. Excellent. Excellent. All right, I want to open today with a huge congratulations to each and every one of you. Okay, the fact that you’re here watching whether it’s live with me, if you’re able to be here at noon, or if you’re watching the replay, the fact that you’re here tells me something very important. Okay, that you are among that top 1% that I keep talking about. Okay, the top 1% is something I love to refer to because the top 1% is my ideal client. Okay. And what is the top 1%? I want to go a little bit deeper so that we have clarity, right? We’re talking about clarity, I want to be clear. The top 1% is the highest achieving woman who gets things done.

She has a business of significance. Right. And she has prior business experience to some extent, whether it’s as an employee or as a CEO, and she’s got important life experience as well. This top one percenter is an action taker. She’s a leader. She doesn’t have it all together, even though it looks like she does, right. She’s got doubts at times. She definitely does not have everything figured out. But she is a grab the bull by the horns type of woman. Is that you? Right? And so she’s courageous. She’s stretching herself doing that new thing. Even that scary new thing, despite her fear. Why does she do it? Because she’s smart. And she knows that she must do it. If she wants what she says she wants, right? What else this top one percenter, which I hope you are. She is a lifetime learner. Oh my goodness, she loves to read business books. She’s consistently listening to podcasts because she wants to learn from those who’ve done what she wants to do. She likes watching videos. Look, you’re here with me. She participates in challenges, but it’s more than just the watching. She puts this stuff that she’s learning in

Okay, and as I alluded to earlier to the world, the woman in the top 1% looks super confident. She consistently shows up. She delivers value with empathy. She sincerely cares about the people that she’s serving. And it shows, right she’s known as an expert, a real authority, and she makes it all look effortless. That’s her goal, right? But that’s only because she’s doing her thing. masterfully yet in perfectly. And there are several of you watching. Please type that in the chat. If you’re a top one percenter you are doing things masterfully. You are an expert. Okay. And yet in perfectly right. I am a business coach. I know business. I am not a social media expert. So that part of what I do is imperfect. You got me, I do what I do masterfully, but yet in perfectly. Okay. And that may sound like an oxymoron or something. That doesn’t make sense. But oh, my goodness, it absolutely makes sense. Right?

Top 1% female founders, we work to master our craft and improve our skill sets and our mindsets. And we want to uplevel our client experience. And we realize perfection is not the goal. We got to get it done. We got to do it. So several of you, Ron, please say hello Eddie is here. Thank you so much, Pamela. Tell me ladies, are you in that top 1%? I hope so. And like I said, You’re here to me that proves you are an action taker. Hey, Diane, and my hope and my prayer is that that action taking will continue. Right for the weeks and months and years to come. Because consistent action taking is what’s required in order to fast track your business in order to win new business and generate more revenue. And that’s what today’s training is all about. So if you’re here again, please take a moment. Drop your favorite emoji in the chat. Hey, Beth, let me know who’s here. And you know what, I’m curious about something whether again, whether you’re watching with me live or on the replay, tell me this. Why are you here? Kimberly? Tell me, why are you here? I mean, what drew you to this week’s workshop? And specifically for today’s trading? Like, what did you hope to learn what’s missing in your business? What do you think you need help with? And I really want to hear from every one of you on this. Okay.

What do you want to learn what’s missing in your business? What do you think you need help with? All right, well as you’re thinking about that and typing in the chat, If this is the first time we’ve met hello there beautiful sister. My name is Judy Weber and I’m known as the professional woman’s business coach. I’m no nonsense, no BS type of business coach and I share practical yet powerful business strategies that have allowed me to generate many multi six figure businesses over the past 15 years. Former trial lawyer, former general counsel and house, former C suite executive turned serial entrepreneur. Now on a personal note, I’m a beach girl. Now not the one laying soaking up the sun. I walk the beach, I watch the water, I hear the seagulls. I just love the ocean and the sand and the sun. And first and foremost, I’m a Jesus Freak, who loves to share how Jesus saved my life changed my mind and perspective. And life has never been the same since hallelujah. So I’d love to get to know you. I feel like I already know a bunch of you from working together as my clients or my students, or maybe being in this Facebook group or another one. But if we have not had a chance, you would need to phone chat. And we’ve never connected one on one via DMS or email or anything like that. Feel free to DM me. Okay, please go to my personal not my business page. Okay. Tell me about you what’s going on in your life in your business? How can I help? Alright, connecting is my absolute favorite thing to do. All right. Well, today, we are talking about fortitude.

And you know that word came up earlier this year when I was talking to God about next. The next challenge, I didn’t want to just regurgitate the same thing I want to come up with something new, to inspire, and and kind of encourage you to take action in a more bold, big kind of way. Okay, so I know fortitude is a word that you don’t hear very much at least not in business. But I have found in my experience personally and those with whom I work that fortitude is absolutely necessary to thrive in business, it is critical in order to be a fierce female founder that committed heart led passionate giver and experts serving the world with her God given gifts that is a fierce female founder, I am one, I want you to be one too. But before we dive in, I want you to remember in order to receive a ticket to tomorrow’s VIP only invite only training, you got to do a couple things. First, you have to turn that off. First, you have to complete each day’s success work and post it here inside the Facebook group. Okay?

Secondly, you have got to apply for a ticket, and I have the link inside the caption. So make sure you do that. Okay. The link to apply is also going to be in today’s replay video. So look for that, if you don’t know what I’m talking about. And in tomorrow’s VIP training, what I’m doing is very different. I’m looking at the average business, and identifying some key gap areas. And what I find through all these years of experience that I was thinking about, well, how can I deliver something that’s really impactful, something that the ladies can walk away with, and enable them to think about things a little bit differently. And so I’m going to identify the gaps in a lot of businesses. And these gaps are costing you literally 1000s, probably 10s of 1000s of dollars. And I’m going to identify what those gaps are. And I’m going to talk about tweaks in your business that you can make to fill those gaps and get more coins in your business bank account. I don’t want you to miss that I need you to room. So apply for that VIP ticket today. Okay. All right. Before we dive in, let’s go to God in prayer.

Heavenly Father, you are so good Lord, thank you that we have this opportunity, through technology to come together. You are so good God, you are you are truly awesome. Thank you, Lord for how you’re moving in the lives of these ladies that are here with me the ladies here in this she is extraordinary group where we know that in you we are extraordinary because of who you are, and who you made us to be Lord. So please always speak to each one of us, Lord, tell us how you see us who we are in you and and the things that you have for us so that we can step into that purpose boldly. And courageously. Knowing that you’re right there with us. And you’re leading us right where we need to be Lord, thank you. We love you, and we trust you and it’s in the mighty name of Jesus that we pray. Amen. Amen.

All right, that says I need consistency and encouragement to stay courageous to do the scary things where you are going to get that again today sister so here and Kimberly to rebuild myself. Business after COVID follow up with clients find new clients without being able to network as I used to when I found business, it’s so different now I like more personal contact with people. Awesome. Today’s success work, you are going to love Kimberly because it hits on that right square in the eye. Okay. So let’s do a quick summary of where we’ve been these past couple days. Earlier this week, we talked about faith, how faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is the strongest of foundations for any business, how we need to always keep our eyes, our minds and our hearts on him. And when we do, like Peter, who walked on the water, we will be able to do the impossible, because with Christ, nothing is impossible. Hallelujah. Thank you, God. And on that first day, you spend time with the Lord and you identify those impossible things that you would love to accomplish inside your business. And finally, on day one, we talked about the fact that when you go all in on who Christ made you to be fully embracing who you are in him, that’s when you will finally be able to walk confidently, confidently, ladies, in your God given purpose, with confidence in yourself, no, I don’t do self confidence, confidence in him and who he made you to be.

And that is when you’re going to be able to tap into your full potential in the Lord and live that life of abundance and joy and peace that Christ has for each of his children. Fate. Jesus himself told us if we have faith, as small as a mustard seed, we can say to that mountain move from here to there, and it will move. And Jesus said, Nothing will be impossible for you. But we need faith. Okay, so faith is not something you can skim over and say, yeah, yeah, what next? That is huge. That is huge. Okay, and then yesterday, day two, we spent time on focus, I told you exactly what to focus on and what not to focus on. And we went pretty deep in each of these areas. And Beth had a question about, you know, gosh, don’t I need to have that website as a credibility marker. And as you know, as I’m getting my business set, so that I see real, and I kind of say yes and no. And I feel like I need to talk to you, Beth. And I know you’re inside the Academy.

So we can have that opportunity in the not too distant future, to go deeper on this. But what the point I wanted to make yesterday is the three things I wanted you to focus on yesterday, the visibility, or rather, the clarity, the visibility and the connection. Those are specifically what I need you to focus on when the goal is to get an income to get that revenue coming in. You can have conversations with your prospective clients and get those clients even before your website is up. So that’s what I’m talking about. So in the point of this whole couple of days together here this week is about fast tracking your business. And so we can spend so much time and money on a website, thinking that we have to get that up before we enroll clients. And I’m here to tell you that it’s not required. Okay, so I hope that helps. Okay. So last night, I asked you to write down to memorialize in writing, which I love, because then you can go back to it, capture it, tweak it all that to get down on paper, your answer to specific questions and issues that we went through and yesterday’s training, so that you can get that clarity so that you can optimize your visibility, so that you can strategize those connection points, right, incorporating connection into your every day. And as always, with all of this ladies, we’ve got to sit before the Lord, right and seek His guidance.

It is his business after all, right? A business that the Lord God quickened your heart and mind to start. So we must look to him for wisdom and strategy, so that we can make that impact grow the business and do it his way. So how did you do? How are you so far? Okay, if you even began going through those issues that we talked about yesterday, you should be feeling empowered, optimistic and really excited about your business, because that is exactly how to move the needle in your business in a big way. By getting those three points down. Like, you don’t have to wonder what you’re going to do today. It’s clear, you know who you are, you know what your business is about. You show up every day exactly where your target audience is, and you’re connecting every day. Okay. All right. So that’s where we’ve been today is all about fortitude. All right, that You’re so welcome. All right, today’s all about fortitude. And again, what does that mean? portlet. Passionate, service focused, excellent in everything excellence in everything you do. That’s what you need to fast track your business and I like to think of fortitude. Stay with fitness, like showing up consistently where you need to show up, right for your clients, for your target audience, and so on. Right with consistent messaging, key phrases, your brand phrases like, a couple of mine are perfectly imperfect, fully embrace who you are in Christ, do it afraid, less to thrive?

She is extraordinary, right? What are your brand words or phrases? Okay, messaging. And also when I think about this messaging, we don’t overthink it, just kind of take a look at yourself Take a step back and and what are those things you’re always saying? Right, what can you then incorporate into your brand as Judaism’s right? You know, insert your name there, right? What are the key aspects of your brand? What topics of expertise? Are you going to position as you put yourself out there into the world to make you not only an authority, but the authority? Okay, so, all right, let’s unpack this word fortitude, a little bit. And in particular, I think my mental fortitude, mental fortitude, okay. They might be saying, oh, golly, is this going to be mindset? Again, I’m tuning out. Ladies, let me tell you something, if you don’t have the right mindset, then you’re not going to take the action that needs to happen. And you’re not going to do the scary thing. And you’re not going to stretch yourself. And ultimately, the business is not going to be anywhere, what you thought it might be, or what it could be, frankly. Alright, so mental fortitude is a mindset of optimism that can do approach to everything.

Right, you take this problem solving, I got this perspective, and it is an absolute necessity for success in business, mental fortitude, I saw defined as the ability to focus and focus on and execute solutions, when in the face of uncertainty or adversity. So let me say that again, mental fortitude, is the ability to focus on and execute on solutions, even in the face of uncertainty or adversity. And have we been in a time of uncertainty or adversity? Yeah, for the past year, right? And continuing on, even now, with COVID how life looks very different these days. When I think back of how I took for granted the fact that if I wanted to go to a store and shop and try things on now, we can’t if I want to meet a friend for coffee, and now it’s like, oh, can we do have to wear a mask? And what other restrictions right? Okay, so with COVID? And what about the other issue, specifically here in the US, we have unprecedented division, so many on any and every side, taking a woe is me, victim mentality, and that creates anger and bitterness and resentment. So much unrest, right?

Even when you don’t watch the news, you feel it. I can’t wait till this division ends and the unity of the American spirit prevails again. So yeah, we are in the midst of uncertainty and adversity right now. And so do we, do you have that mental fortitude to keep going, the ability to focus on the right thing? Are you able to focus and stay on track? And then once focused, are you taking action, and really executing and implementing those solutions and strategies that you’ve come up with by God’s grace, right? Without letting fear or doubt or anything else stop you? Look, mental fortitude, ladies is super important. Because if we break under pressure, or if we lose our patience, and we focus on the doubt, and the uncertainty, instead of focusing on Christ, it can easily drive us to quit. And I’ve seen this too many times, smart women, amazing experience and expertise and knowledge that could help so many. And although she’s got all the right stuff, right, the one thing she lacks is that mental strength, that mental fortitude, the commitment to stay with it no matter what, right, the with Christ, the impossible is absolutely possible conviction is all wrapped up in this idea of mental fortitude.

But without that fortitude, her doubt overshadows her faith. And she quits when if she had stayed in and really trusted the Lord And trusted who she is in him. And all that He has for her right? downloading God’s vision for your life and your business. This woman who quit prematurely would have become not only profitable but influential in her space, and really lead a life of significance that would serve others with her God given gifts. Think about it. Okay, think about it. Let’s get out of business for a second because I think this example really brings this home. Think about singers and actors we all know. Right? Some of the most popular, are they the most talented? No, not necessarily. Okay, so it’s not a meritocracy. And they didn’t get there because they’re the best. How do they make it? It’s quite simple ladies. And it’s totally directly analogous to business. How did they make it, they believed? They believed it was possible. And they believe they could make it.

So they stayed in it. They showed up, they went to the auditions. They took the lessons, they kept going, they were courageous and passionate enough to never give up. Well, what about that more talented actor or singer, they didn’t make it. What happened? Why not? Bottom line, they didn’t have the mental strength. Their passion wasn’t strong enough. And they didn’t have that all important belief in who they were, and what they were created to be, and do. All right. Having that mental fortitude necessary to succeed requires patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day and let me tell you, neither will your business. Okay. mental fortitude requires creativity, too. So you got patience, and you got creativity. Now, if you’ve ever said I’m not creative, please stop saying that. Remove that phrase from your mouth. you’re passionate about what you do and your heart to serve is going to fuel your creativity, especially when you go to God daily for his inspiration and wisdom.

Okay, so we need patience, we need creativity, and we need to execute, we need to take action and we need to be proactive about that not reactive. All right, we got to take charge and be that leader. That is mental fortitude, what some may call resilience. Do you have it? When I hear this explanation, do you have fortitude? Alright, so here are four quick ways to help build that mental fortitude and resilience. Okay. And you may say these are kind of simplistic. I say, yay. I say yeah, let’s not overthink it. Okay. First, you got to decide to be courageous, make a decision and go all in. It is a decision. Ladies, where you are right now. in your life, in your business, is a direct result of decisions you’ve made to get you here. Right. So decide, I am courageous, not I will be decide right now I am courageous. And I’ll say that even if I’m scared, because guess what? courageous isn’t the absence of fear, it is moving forward despite your fear. So you can decide right now. And I encourage you to do it and pop it in the chat. I am courageous. Decide to face your fears and your doubts with courage. decide that you will endure no matter what. decide that you’re going to get through those challenging and at times uncomfortable, even scary situations. And more than that, more than just getting through them, that when you come through them on the other side, you’re going to be better.

Okay, decide, decide to be courageous, fully embrace who you are in Christ, which includes being an overcomer. Remember, in Christ we are more than conquerors. So let nothing stop you let nothing hold you back. God gave you a spirit of power. Okay, not fear. Also, on this idea of deciding to be courageous, you need to know that any failure is really an opportunity. Failure it you can call it whatever you want it to label, and we can attach any meaning to it. But if you say that I failed because you didn’t meet a goal or something, then then I need you to not look at that as the end. But rather that failure is an opportunity to learn and grow and improve the road to success. Whether your goal is to make 50 K a year or 5 million, that road to your goal will always be paved with failure. Learn to love it. Right cuz here’s a fact if you’re not failing, then it’s probably because you’re not taking action. And you’re definitely not stretching yourself and growing. So awesome. Pamela says I am courageous. Yes, ma’am. And that says I am courageous. Very, very good. All right, so how are we going to build this mental fortitude number one, be encouraged. Number two be determined. To have fortitude you must be determined, again, decide you are a winner, not I will be a winner, decide I am a winner. I am a winner.

Right now I am a fierce female founder. Right. And then focus on your vision, your goals. And of course, those daily revenue generating activities be determined, they determined, okay, decide, number three, be accountable. I need you to accept 100% responsibility for yourself and for your business. Nobody’s coming to rescue you ladies, not even your coach, not even me as your coach, I can’t do the work for you. Right? It’s gonna be up to you to make it. I’ll support my clients, my one on one clients, my Academy clients, those that are going to jump in to the accelerator lab coming up next month. You know, I’m here for you and help every way I can. But you’ve got to take 100% responsibility for the actions you take. And for that, keep going approach to what you’re doing right, you got to set the goals, you got to take action, right? You got to hit your goals, not only for, you know, making so much money, but for the daily revenue generating activities, no excuses. So as an example, if one of your daily revenue generating activities, is having five phone conversations, right, two way, not just leaving a voicemail, but five two way conversations, then every day, no, decide, determine that your day is not over until you’ve had those five conversations. Okay? That is all about being accountable. You have to be accountable to yourself.

And finally, you need to fully embrace who you are in Christ, that strong, faithful, hopeful CEO, or as I say, the fierce female founder, you got to embrace who you are a woman who cares about the people she serves and is committed to living out her purpose through her business, that God gifted her right. You know that in Christ, you can do the impossible you know that in Christ, you will never panic, decide to be calm under pressure. In Christ, decide that you will be that servant leader, right? And decide that your thoughts are going to be intentional, you are not going to allow the enemy to whisper crap in your ear, you’re going to remain fixed on the Lord. And his exclusive list of things to think about that we have in Philippians, four, eight, whatever is true, whatever is right, whatever is noble, whatever is pure, whatever is admirable, whatever is lovely. If anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think on these things. Okay. More mindset work. But do you see how critically important fortitude and resilience is, in order to be who you want to be? That Bing CEO, that fierce female founder, okay. You have the control, you have the power, especially with the Lord God inside of you, you can do this. Okay, so let’s wrap up with some practical application. In your success work for today.

I want to help you strengthen that fortitude, your courage muscle, okay. And so I have three challenges for you. And you get to pick which one you’re going to do and take action on. Or you can totally go for it and do all three. Okay, so here are your three options. This is your success, where you pick one, two, or all three. Okay. challenge number one, I need you to go live somewhere. Wherever your target audience is you decide. Is it in a Facebook group? Is it in your Facebook personal page? Is it a LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, wherever, right? I need you to go live and get in front of that target audience you want to get in front of and give them I’m saying go live I’m talking about it could be a minute or two. And give them a moment of inspiration. Or a quick tip. Okay, you decide where you’re gonna show up, you decide the topic of your life. And then you should be able to post that live here inside the group, right? download that live from wherever you’re putting it, and I want to see it. Okay, so that’s challenge number one, go live in a group, post that live video here in this group. Okay. second challenge you may choose to instead or In addition, send a video to at least five people You decide who those people are, whether they’re prospective clients, potential collaborative partners, referral sources, whoever it is, send a video to them via text, messenger, dm, wherever, but it must be a video. And again, you choose the content. But here’s the kicker on this one, the video must end with a call to action.

Okay, because that’s why you’re reaching out, you want to engage, you want to nurture relationships. So it’s not just you talking at someone, it’s you talking with write engaging, and encouraging a response. So I want you to end with a call to action. Here are some examples. Grab this awesome free resource. Join my upcoming live training, let’s connect on this social platform. Tell me your biggest challenge. Take my new quiz, whatever it is, I need you to end that video that you’re gonna be sending out. It’s not live, it’s a video, okay? I want you to send that out and then post the video that you sent here in this group. Okay. And ideally, ideally, you should do a video that’s personal to each of those five. So it’s not just one you send out, it should say, Hi, Judy. I’ve been too long since we’ve chatted, I wanted to reach out blah, blah, blah, okay. Because when you personalize it and use somebody’s name, that’s definitely going to foster the best connection. Okay, the third challenge, or the third option that you could do is get on the phone and call those five people call five people, at least those people could be those you have in your database, maybe their leads, maybe their past clients, maybe even an influencer, that you’ve been following and would love to connect with. But on this one, you pick up the phone, and you call them with the simple goal of connecting,
right? not selling anything.

That happens, that would be a bonus. Right? But the point is to connect with them, show that you care, learn something about them, how are they doing? Hey, how can you help them maybe right? And then after you’ve made your calls, do a post here inside the Facebook group and give us a summary of your calls? Like how did they go? Were they receptive to talk with you? Did they hang up on you? What did you learn, right? Because look, ladies, business building is all about building relationships. So each of these three challenges is designed to do exactly that. So again, your three choices are go live somewhere. Secondly, send a video. And third, pick up the phone and have a conversation. Okay? Now, let’s be honest, on a scale of one to 10, how scary do these three choices sound to you right now? Tell me. Okay. And as you’re telling me, I just want to encourage you by saying this. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. If you want to succeed, you’ve got to show up. You have to give and serve consistently, you have to do the hard thing bravely with courage and with confidence, right? And joyfully, I mean, if you have to do that scary thing, and you do that, why not set your mind decide to have joy in the doing? Right. So which of those three Will you do today? I can’t wait to see what you choose. And don’t forget, if you want to join me for tomorrow’s special closed door VIP type training, I need you to apply to a ticket for a ticket. And really, I don’t know that I formally titled tomorrow’s training, but basically, it’s again, identifying the gaps inside your business that are costing you 1000s and how to tweak what you’re doing to double your revenue to close the gaps and make more money.

Alright, so Kimberly says I’ve gotten told by the head mentor in my office that I spend too much time with clients and give all my time even with negative input output from the client. Not sure what that means time. Look, I’m just trying to be the best real estate agent for my clients no matter what and trying to turn my clients while I educate them about renting versus selling. Am I wrong? That I have to know more specifically what you’re doing? Because you’re right. I mean, relationship building takes time. And there’s no doubt about that. But I also know that we need to be always goal oriented and everything we do. Right like I hope ladies that every time you pick up the phone you have the next step or the goal in mind for that call. For example is it to reconnect and you know, have a new starting point for more consistent community Or is it a follow up from a prior lead gen type of opportunity that came in. And so your goal is to kind of find out what their continuing interest is in working with you, right? That could be a goal. Or maybe it’s following up from a sales conversation you had before. And the goal was to say, are we doing this or not? Like now’s the day, right? So we need to be always goal focused, and have a goal for every action that we’re doing. So I think, Kim, we’re gonna be talking on Saturday, so we can chat about that, as well. Thank you for that question. Beth said she’s a 10.

Okay, Beth, I love you, sister. I so appreciate your, you know, your candor and really being vulnerable here. But I know you and and it’s okay, that you’re, you know, scared. But you are such an amazing and extraordinary woman who’s got so much knowledge and and add value to give that, you know, it’s okay to be scared before you pick up that phone. Just imagine, imagine helping someone. Imagine inspiring someone that that life could be better. Right? That you don’t have to eat, you know, for the emotions, you you’re not going to be an emotional eater, right, if I remember correctly, what you do. Right. Right. So that says question for you. The application wouldn’t let me send without a website URL, how can I send the application to that website? That is so weird, and someone else just told me that? That they couldn’t didn’t even open up the Google form. So I’m going to have to look at that. At the very least ladies, if you want that ticket, reach out to me, okay.

If you have issues, put it in the in the comments, and I will reach out to you with the questions that the basically the questionnaire, the application that you can then do via email. So I apologize for the technical glitches, Lord God, whenever there’s glitches go away, life will be so much easier. Okay, my client moved back to China, and it’s best if she sells the townhouse. Okay? Um, all right. So, here’s the thing that is good that we as real estate agents, or coaches, or whatever it is, there will be times when we need to educate them about relevant issues that we know about our expertise, and we need to educate them. And, you know, make sure they’re aware of what happens if you don’t do things my way kind of thing. But in sales, we never push, we never have to convince, there’s ways of educating them. And then there comes a time when you need to decide, okay, am I spinning my wheels with this client? It’s time to move on? Or do I keep going, and that is a something that that depends on the circumstance. So there is no one cookie cutter kind of thing to say, oh, whenever this happens, then cut bait, it just is so dependent upon that relationship and upon how things are going to specific circumstances.

Video need to make sure my lighting and makeup is right, I have the lights, I don’t have the webcam, I should get it, get it to there tomorrow. That’s great. And that raises another great point. And I’ll miss then I will leave you this is really important. I mentioned earlier today, one of my key brand phrases is a perfectly imperfect. I looked at my gut today, and I just about couldn’t believe I look about six months pregnant if I’m not sticking my gut in. How’s that for raw and real. And I’m not happy about that. But I still took a body shot and posted it on Instagram because I wanted to show them that I’m wearing a suit on top. But I’ve got my yoga pants down below and my slippers on. So all that to say, I know you need a camera, if you’re going to be doing video from your computer. But oh, my phone’s over here. I can’t show you but I guess I can. This is all you need. In fact, when I’m doing one of those quick snippet videos that I send out to people, I prefer it there then on a computer.

And also that is what you can’t have a real long video on your phone. So that requires sacred snappy and fast. So ladies, we don’t let anything stop us. Right? We’re gonna do it. It may look ugly. It may look ugly, meaning it’s not perfect. It’s not Uber stylized or Uber professional or anything like that. But you know what, think about it. If someone were to reach out to you with a video And, you know, Kimberly just said, I love you. You’re so honest, you know, think about that. I mean, what woman in her mid 50s doesn’t feel like that, or doesn’t have a similar issue that that she doesn’t like about herself, but yet, she is what she is.

So never, never, never let anything, not a technical glitch, or anything else stop us from doing what we really need to be doing. Right. So Alright ladies. Well, thank you so much. It has been such a joy being here with you. I hope that these past three days have been helpful. I can’t wait to see which of the three challenges you’re going to be doing today. Maybe all three, but just one would be superduper and posted here in the page. I want to send you that invite for tomorrow’s training. Wow. Love you, sisters. God bless you. Enjoy your Thursday.

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