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Ep 116: Bigger is Not Always Better (BONUS Episode)

Hey there, ladies, welcome to this bonus episode of The she is extraordinary podcast. My name is Judy Weber and I am the professional woman’s business coach, I’m quickly developing a reputation of no nonsense, roll up your sleeves, let’s get this business built and scaled quicker, easier, and always God’s way. So today, you know, it’s funny where we are, when we get inspired, sometimes I was getting ready for my day.

And I was just this, this thought came to me and you know, it’s the Lord God, he’s so gracious and so good. Bigger, is not always better and bigger, is not always better. Please write that down. And let that soak in. For those of you who are newer in your business or at a place in your business where, you know, you may see this much bigger vision, but you’re not there yet. Right? There is this scripture where you know, we’re not to despise the small beginnings. Because that’s where everything, pretty much that now is a big thing began. Right. And I wasn’t gonna even say this, but it just popped into my brain, you know, God created all of this. from nothing.

Everything has a small beginning. But the reason this thought popped into my head was you may have seen if you follow me, or one of my Facebook groups that she is extraordinary Facebook group, or girls guide to outrageous real estate success, that I’m in the throes of a move a move from the Philadelphia area to the Charleston, South Carolina area, which is only, you know, 600 and some miles but wow, so much were moving from a big house to a smaller house downsizing, empty nester, hear all of that. But I came to the realization with me being in my mid 50s, and my husband approaching 60, that, you know, the kids are out of the house, there is no way we are going to be able to bring down furniture from the attic, for example, right without breaking our backs. And those of you that are close to my age can relate to this. But so I went on to the internet yesterday, and I typed in like whole house clean out. Because I thought that’s what I should be typing, you know, we need to figure out all these big furniture pieces are there going to be coming along, but for the most part being donated or perhaps trashed. So it’s funny. The ones that pop up first, of course, are the ads, and I used to skip those. But even when I clicked on something with a website that seemed more mom and pop ish, which is what I like to deal with locally, it’s this way I like to approach it, they looked like they were still a big company.

And when I called I kind of got the runaround, you know, hold placed on hold, then you don’t really get solid answers, because the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing anyway. So I made it a point to look for locally, local owned, solopreneur type. And I spoke to two guys that were just awesome. They answered the phone personally, they had this positive upbeat attitude, they know their business. And so they were happy to answer any and every question that I had, they were just great to deal with. And I can’t wait to interview both of them to see who I’m going to be hiring for this, you know, not fun, I don’t think maybe it’s fun for them, and pretty involved job. But again, bigger is not always better. And I want you to think about your business. Right? You may not have a six figure business yet. Or maybe you do have six figures, but you’re not multi six figures or seven figures. That’s okay. Because every day we get up. We should number one, give praise, and thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ, for allowing us to wake up to be in business, right ladies. And we need to understand that wherever we are in this entrepreneurial journey, that business is built on relationships and truly one at a time.

So if you are still out there, and your primary goal in business is to become this instant influencer. And your number one goal in any work day is to get your followers on insert your favorite platform here. You know, you’re missing it. You’re missing it. You got to change your mindset sister so that your business does grow. And so what is your goal if it’s not ours and becoming you know, the common household word? What do I do? What should I focus on? Well, it’s as simple as connecting.

It’s about the one on one human touch relationships, ladies So if you’re more concerned about following the gurus who tell you to post here, there and everywhere three or four times a day, and you’re not actually speaking to people, you’re not actually connecting, whether it’s speaking quote, unquote, through a DM or a PM, or even better hopping on a zoom or a phone call, if you’re not making that a priority. You’re missing it. And your business may feel stale because of that. I mean, it’s a lot more fun, even if you’re an introvert to talk to somebody than to stare at a screen and wait to see the number tick, right as their followers go up, or as people comment, that is not the way to build a business. Never underestimate the power of that one on one connection. Because we all want that tribe of people who follow us and can support our message and our values. But that community is built on one person at a time. And your business is built. One satisfied, happy, elated, served client one at a time. I pray that this message blesses you. If you you know, have an ulterior thought, reach out. I can be found everywhere on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest at Judy Weber Live at Judy Weber live. And finally, before I go, I do want to make sure you know that Registration is open for a very special three day a live event a live event.

I’m brave, Are you brave, I’m not even worried about the travel. God has ordained this he will make it happen. This is a social media and marketing beach retreat in the beautiful Rosemary Beach, Florida. Oh my goodness, if I look it up, ladies, Google Rosemary Beach, Florida. It is gorgeous. We have rented a beautiful luxurious beach home. We’re bringing in the best of the best with respect to social marketing, social media, rather, and marketing. We’re going to have an email marketing expert, we’re going to have a funnels expert, how many of you out there have all of your funnel set up in a way that is automated and check changing for you even when you sleep? We have a video marketing expert and finally a social media expert.

So those expert names will be revealed very very soon. But listen, I want you there if you are a professional woman, corporate woman, a woman obviously a woman of faith who is committed to building her business God’s way. I want you there are only a few seats left. This is a very intimate environment where we’re going to roll up our sleeves. This is not you know, sit and learn and go home and apply. No, no, no. This is roll up your sleeves. It’s implementation time. We’re workshopping we are hot seating is going to be fabulous.

So if you’re interested in that, again, please reach out to me at Judy Weber Live at Judy Weber live. Listen, thank you so much ladies for watching and listening and if you have not yet left a rating and a review, would you please consider doing that it means the world to us. We want to over deliver for you. All right. God bless you ladies have a beautiful and blessed Friday.

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