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Ep 118: Build an Influential Brand & Grow Your Thought Leadership on LinkedIn

Alright ladies, welcome to this episode of The she is extraordinary podcast. Today we’re talking about building an influential brand, and how to best leverage LinkedIn to grow your thought leadership. So whether you are currently using LinkedIn as your marketing strategy or not, you’re going to love this episode with tons of value. I am here with Mandy McEwen. She has been named a top 24 b2b marketer by LinkedIn. She’s listed in Search Engine Journal as a top 12 SEO expert, and she’s named the top 20 female marketer by GQ. I could go on and on but I do want to mention her agency. I love this name.

My girl marketing has been consistently named a top 20 marketing agency by design rush. She’s a renowned mentor, speaker, and you’ve got to join her facebook group she runs an Inc rated Facebook group called mod agency insiders. Let’s welcome Mandy to the show. Hi, Mandy. Hey, thanks
so much for having me, Judy.

Oh my goodness, I am so honored to have you here. I listened to your story of how you began that I found internet and I just loved it because I think so many of my listeners if not every single one can relate that you know, kind of what you thought you were going to do isn’t what you ended up doing. So I’d love to start the show. Could you tell us a little bit about your background?

Yeah, for sure. So yeah, that that definitely you summed it up not doing what I what I set out to do but every we’re all on our own path or journey right and everything works out how it’s supposed to. So here I am. So started out as a psychology and Spanish major always been a nerd. computer nerd kind of a just in general love learning. So graduated college early wanted to be a school psychologist is what I wanted to do so wanted to be a bilingual school psychologist lived in Spain studied abroad. And I thought I was smart enough to whiz through the GR e examination needed to get to graduate school.

And my ego got the best of me and I wasn’t smart enough as at 19. And I failed it failed the jury. So again, ego was bruised and I forget that I’m gonna go get a job you know. So I did quickly found out didn’t like working for people started experimenting with make money online, like literally going to Google and typing in make money online like everyone else does. And fell in love with online marketing to kind of self taught HTML websites, SEO and really immerse myself in this new online marketing world started building websites from scratch that I found WordPress. And then I found affiliate marketing.

So this whole time I had a job right at a sales job and recruitment. And I was doing this on the side, I always have entrepreneurial blood in me, right. So it was very, you know, it was very easy for me to instantly start looking for ways to make my own money. When I got a job, I instantly was like, I don’t like working for other people. It’s not It’s not like I have authority issues or anything. But I like carving their own path, you know. So this is how I fell in love with online marketing and started selling other people’s products. So like dog treats, for example, health products, ebooks, anything that I enjoyed myself, I would create websites around and sell them. The problem with that is you have to drive lots and lots of traffic to your websites in order to make a living off that so I was making like $10 Commission’s right which at first I was super excited about like, making money online like it’s working right. But you can’t quit your job on $10 Commission. So then I realized that I was really good at making websites. And I found this website called Flippa, where I could flip it for for a profit, kind of like flipping homes, same concept, but I did it with websites. And I was really good at it. I was really good at SEO really good making websites, I would flip them. And you know, a couple $1,000 awesome, still not reliable enough to quit my job though. So at my sales job, I would hear people, small business owners complaining about their web designers and their SEO teams and how they’re just, you know, taking their money and they’re not getting results. And then I had like that aha lightbulb moment where I had been building websites and doing SEO for myself and I saw a need for small business owners.

So I sent out a few emails asking small business owners if they would be interested in a no charge SEO, where essentially I get their website ranked at the top of Google for free. And once I get it in the top three results, they pay me $500 that works. That’s how I got my first few clients. And then they they hired me to do their websites, which I knew how to do. So before I knew it. I had a couple of clients this way. And then they started this was in Kansas City, which was a very amazing tight knit business community. So I started my business from Kansas, and they started telling their friends and before I know it, I had a handful of small business clients while I had my company and that kind of molded into my agency where it is today. And so I didn’t set out even doing online marketing I certainly didn’t set out to to start an agency but it kind of fell in that way and i and i love it and I haven’t looked back since then. And of course we’ve, we’ve refined our services and our offerings over the years. But that’s kind of my story of how it all started and how I got to where I am.

I love that story. Because I can relate to just very briefly for humanity, just so you know, my background, I come from poor stock, like dad was a factory worker, mom stayed home, I was the first one to go to college. And there are two things I wanted to be when I grew up. One was a teacher, and the other was a lawyer. But I didn’t think people like me, could be a lawyer. But I graduated college and got a sales job put me in front of lawyers. And I remember the Friday night when I walked out, the guy that I was talking to, he was a lawyer, but he wasn’t really bright. And I’m mumbling to myself in the parking lot. If that guy can do it, I’m doing it. I’m going to law school. So I just felt like, not quite, I felt like I had that entrepreneurial, you know, blood in me. So I love that, that we’re, we’re I hope that we’re encouraging the listeners out there if there’s this restlessness, you know, and, and mom and dad may have been well intentioned and said, you know, get that job and be happy. And if you’re not, then keep searching for what God has for you. Because it’s like, it’s amazing, right, man? Yes, it is. It is. And it’s funny, you say that, because I come from a family of teachers. My mom’s a teacher, my grandpa was a teacher. And so that’s in my blood, too. And I’m so fortunate that this, you know, that I’m on this this path where I get to be an entrepreneur and teach people every single day, you know, it’s like blending two things that I love. And so it’s it’s really amazing. I’m really, I love it. Yeah,
that is really super well, what’s the one thing before we move on to the substance of our time today? What’s the one thing you wish that you would have known when you first went into business for yourself?

That Don’t believe everything you hear see from people. Oh, that’s, um, and it’s really a lot of a competence deal to write. So here, I was a 22 year old female. In a very male dominated world, older males, right? This is back in like, 2007. When I got into online marketing, it’s not like it is today, where there’s loads of female marketers out there was not like that back then. So, you know, here I am. And I’m consuming all this information. And I see these guys that, you know, are doing amazing things. So I think right, killing it, making all this money and stuff. But
there’s so much and it’s kind of like now on social media, you don’t really know how people are what really is the truth on anything, right? So you have to know in your heart with your intuition and follow you know what, what you’re feeling, and know that you’re on the right path and keep doing it. And don’t get discouraged by seeing other people or other things that you feel like, Oh, I don’t have that. So I must not kind of like you just said you’d be like, I can’t be a lawyer. It’s the same thing. And that goes back to Don’t doubt yourself ever. Because just because you think these people are doing amazing things. And you think they’re so much better as far than you. They’re not. No one is, you know, you can do anything, you set your mind to anything. And so don’t get discouraged. And don’t compare yourself to people. That’s that goes along. never compare yourself to people is probably the better way to word it. And I fell in that trap so much. For years, really, it’s just recently, you know, the past couple of years, I’ve been doing this for over a decade that I’ve stopped 100% comparing myself to people because you can’t do that. And when you do that you are selling yourself short. And then your ego mind is just constantly in fear and thinking you’re not good enough and thinking that you’re not doing what these people are doing. And then you start trying to copycat people, and it just becomes a huge mess.

So you have to follow your heart and your intuition and your passion and know that it’s the right thing. And you just have to trust that Yeah. naturally do. Yes supplement. We tend to downplay I do too. Yeah. But But you’re right. I mean, comparing just doesn’t work. We got to keep our blinders on and go forward as we feel as God tells us, do this, do this. Don’t. Don’t look around. Well, my girl marketing your website talks about that you build organic marketing systems. We do. And so what I loved about that is there’s so much noise out there about the paid stuff. So I just wanted to confirm you do organic and so can you tell us a little bit about what you do specifically? Yeah,
so specifically, so we are historically we’ve been a full service marketing agency that focuses on organic so we do the paid side occasionally for some clients. But over the years, we’ve been a full service agency. Just recently, we molded into more of a b2b thought leadership agency with a LinkedIn focus. We recently launched a new brand called luminex, which is just a division of my girl. And our focus now is building influential personal brands for high performing leaders and teams. Doing good things in the world. So good people are doing good things, good intentions, we amplify them. And we do that by creating content for them. But not just any content, thought leadership content that inspires people and makes an impact, and really portrays our clients as the experts in their field. So it’s not just about sales at this point.

For us, it’s about helping people make a bigger impact on the world. So my goal and my whole purpose in life is to elevate people who are doing good things that is, that’s my duty, I am giving people a platform to share their voice and the amazing things they’re doing, and hopes that it’s gonna make the world a better place. Right? Not hope it will make the world a better place, right? That’s what we’re doing. So we take the genius, when I call it, the genius download is our step one, which essentially means we take everything in your genius brain, and we get it out there for you. So we interview you, and we make videos from that we make posts for you, we kind of also walk you through and train you how to do this. So a lot of people, every single one of us has so much experience and knowledge in us that can make a big difference and help other people and help yourself and open up new doors of opportunity for you. And we just want to help get that out of people. So companies we work with, but we’ve used the individuals within the company. So we’re a little bit different in the sense that we are very human centric. So we are all about leveraging the human beings within an organization. So instead of let’s just take your LinkedIn company page, and let’s just post some random stuff, and send people back to your blog and send people to download this guide, like that’s, that doesn’t cut it anymore. You have to build this rapport with people and people do business with human beings. People do business with people, and they want to see that. And so we take people and we elevate them. And we you know, we share their awesomeness with the world. And it makes a difference to not just in their lives, but the lives of other people as well.

And women are naturally relational. So my most of my listeners are women. And so let that be an encouragement ladies that I think what I found my clients, they tend to overthink in this way of content creation, I want to say oh, my goodness, you just need to sit down and brain dump your brain and you will come up with so much content that it would last forever. Yes. So so that’s funny. I I really appreciate that there is a process to what you do. So I know you can’t like spill the beans totally. But But can you can you give a little tip or something for the ladies listening as to how they can share a little bit of themselves and their passion to really be the face of their brand?

Yeah. 100%. So the first thing I tell people is you have got to define your purpose and your goals like what why do you want to share these things? What is your end goal? What are you trying to accomplish? Is it a new career advancement? Is it more speaking opportunities? Do you want to get advisory board roles? If you’re not clear? And you want to get more clients have? What is that end goal? And then why? Like why do you do what you do? What Why? Why do you do this? Like what I’ve just said? Like what? What you know, gets you going right? Why do you get up in the morning and love what you do. So I tell people that we do this for clients, always start with your why. So people want to resonate with you. And if you just instantly go in and start talking about what you do. And like just building an educational business post, you’re not going to build that relationship with with people on that human being level. So don’t be afraid to be a little bit vulnerable, and share stories on what led you to your path. So why Why are you doing this? Now? Did you have?

Was there a major setback or a challenge or something that happened in your life that that put you on this path? And so talk about those things. And so when you do that, and you’re more comfortable doing that, it’s so if you start with that, it’s so much easier to create the other content down the road? So always start with that Why? Why do you do what you do, and then start telling those stories about yourself, us human and, and what you know, what makes you tick, you know, one of our clients that says hashtag, it’s like this little thing, hashtag what makes you tick. And that’s what he talks about. So that’s the first thing. The second thing is, you need to figure out who your target audience is. So we could talk about Judy, we could talk about writing content all day long. But it’s kind of pointless if you’re just talking to too broad of a market or you really don’t know, you don’t have a goal for it. Right. So we all have different target markets, like my target market is high performing leaders, C suite executives and companies that want larger, medium, larger companies that want to you know, increase their awareness on LinkedIn and and do it the right way and the thought leadership role. So I have to make content around that. And the problem of challenge I see a lot of people with is they just make content with no goal and no target audience in mind. So that’s the second thing, know who you’re talking to, you know who your audience is.

And then the third thing is, before we get into it doesn’t matter where you’re posting content, if it’s Instagram, If it’s Facebook, if it’s Twitter, if it’s LinkedIn, all the above, your profile has to reflect exactly what you do in the value bring. Otherwise, don’t bother posting content. Because the whole point of posting content is you want to get awareness and then people back to your profiles. So that it’s so crucial for you to have a great headline or your bio, if it’s Instagram, you know, it needs to say exactly what you do, who you help and the value you provide. I don’t care if you’re an entrepreneur, or a professional that’s looking for a job, you know. So these are important things. That isn’t what you asked me. But it’s so important, because otherwise you don’t want to be wasting your time, right? creating content, if it’s not going to move the needle. So those are my tips before that. And then in order to create content, it’s so funny, because you’d like you said, God, we can all come up with content for years, right? So here’s my method. And what I do, I tell people have like a content repository. I call it my content dump on my Google Docs, right.

So I have this content repository where it is a ginormous, messy, like, I don’t even know how many pages now 50 page document, and I only look at the top. So what I do is, let’s say I’m perusing LinkedIn, and I come across a post, well, I’m gonna click the Save button, Facebook has the Save button, Instagram has the Save button as well, you just click the three little buttons drop down, click Save, that’s going to save it in whatever platform you’re using. So you can go back and look at it. But if I see a really good one I like, I’ll open up my content repository. And then I will just put the title down and a couple of notes and I’ll move on and it saved in my you know, in the LinkedIn save or Twitter, Instagram, whatever. And then I can go back reference it. Another thing is, let’s say I got a client call. And they asked me some really important questions. And I am consciously aware at all times is a big thing too. It’s mindset, too, you have to be aware that there’s endless content for you to create.

But if you’re not aware of that you don’t think of this right. So I get off of a client call and they ask me some good questions. Oh, I can make a post about that. Because I’m sure other people will have that question, right? Let’s say I’m on a walk with my dogs. And I see, you know, a kid come up and say something or whatever, like these things can spark. Anything, you know, it can light up aha moments, and you where you’re like, Oh, it’s a motivational post. Like, it doesn’t have to be business. Like there are stories that you can tell and experiences that you’re going through every single day. And if you’re consciously aware of these things are happening happening, something inspired you you read an article or quote, someone gave you a compliment. I mean, it doesn’t matter. There’s endless things. So it’s just making sure you were about and don’t, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. So everyone’s like, Oh, I’m not, you know, I’m not coming up with anything new. But like, Who cares? You know, just look at what other people are doing and look at what’s working, and put your own spin on it.

So go and look. So every Sunday I write my content, I look at this content repository, and then I go and I look at my saved posts on LinkedIn. And I scroll through and I’m like, Ooh, that’s a good one. Okay, I’m gonna write my take on that. That’s a good one work, you know. And that’s how I come up with content in addition to what’s happening you my customers pain points, what value are we bringing? There’s so much but one one rule I tell people, Judy, is if you can Google it, then don’t write about it. So if it is, if it’s a, you know, if you can go to Google and find the exact answer, it’s not worth writing content about what is is putting your unique fingerprint on it.

Okay, okay. Hold on right there. That is so good. One time when I heard someone say, we’re overthinking because we’re trying to come up with something new. Yes, there is nothing really new. With you, I love what you said, with your approach and your take on it. Yeah. So it’s that thought leadership saying, you know what, this may be a similar concept to something already out there. But I’m gonna just put my own slant on it and run with it. I mean, that’s, like, I have brand mantras that I always say like, do it afraid I’m sure I’m not the first one to say do it afraid. But I like that’s one of my mantras right? Or I am perfectly imperfect. I’m sure I’m not the first one to come up with that one. So I love it. Well, there was just so much great nuggets in what you’ve just said, I want to unfold just a couple things. Women tend to be hesitant to brag on themselves. Yes. So I think in that way, we are not as a general proposition, positioning ourselves as strongly as we could. So I’m sure you deal with this as well. So what advice would you have for those that are like, Oh, I really can’t, you know, say that I don’t want to brag myself up too much.
Channel, your inner testosterone, your inner male people.

I mean, regardless of what you think of strong male figures, and if they’re too cocky or egotistical, I could I could name some famous names, which I won’t, but channel a little bit of them because we all need it. I don’t care if you love them. hate them, you know, and they seem beyond egotistical. We as females need a little tiny bit of that in us. And you have to always, this is why I always ask myself to. And people asked me to what would a male question themselves? Like, if you were a man, why would they be hesitant to post that? Or would they be hesitant to say that? And so I literally have to think of that I have to remind myself like, Hmm, I bet my male counterpart wouldn’t even think twice about this, they would just go and do it. So my thing too, is, if you don’t, don’t give yourself time to overthink it, we are all over thinkers, especially females. I am guilty of this, of course. So the moment that you realize if you think in your head, okay, yeah, I should post this. Um, no. And then then our, you know, our egos like, Oh, no, I don’t think so. We fear fear base sets in, and then we doubt ourselves, and we don’t do it. So my thing is, do it right away and tell yourself that I made the decision. It’s happened right there, think twice about it.

That’s what that’s what that’s what men do. Do they move on. They don’t waste time overthinking? Like, oh, I don’t maybe this is me making me sound too. Oh, I think I need to change this word. Oh my goodness, don’t. And so just do it. Don’t Don’t give yourself time to overthink it. women generally are so concerned about others, we want to help others we want them to like us. And so I think it’s out of a thing of I wonder how this will be perceived. If I say all this, ladies, we’re in business, if you’re not confident about Yeah, you don’t put yourself out there and talk up your strengths and your unique approach, then they’re going to be working with someone else and they’re going to lose, and you’re gonna lose. Exactly.

And people love encouraging people like women especially brag about yourself, because guess what other females love that. And it’s inspiring to people. And when you’re actually doing you and other people a disservice when you aren’t sharing these things by yourself. Because you’re obviously doing yourself a disservice by not letting people know how amazing you are. But you’re also not adding that inspiration to other people, because you want to be able to inspire people. And that’s what we do. That’s the whole point of posting content to get to make more money all of Of course, and and get better at business and our careers. But at the end of the day, you want to have an impact on people’s lives. And you want to inspire people with your content. So when you’re not sharing your wins, and talking about these amazing things that you accomplished, you are not inspiring other people in the way you can. So always think about that, too, if you want to talk about helping other people. That’s a perfect prime example. You know,
that is a great mind shift. I really want you to go back and listen to this again, okay, until it sinks in until you believe it with your very core as well, maybe I have, I have found that on LinkedIn, I have over 17,000 connections, I will be honest, it’s not my number one platform at this moment. But I see the potential. What I found is that in the last two years, my reach has gone down significantly because I feel like something changed. You know, with 17,000 connections, I mean, it’s great how I collaborate, that’s my jam, I love to put people together and help people find people they’re looking for, which is great. But my engagement is like nowhere. So you have some tips on engagement over here on LinkedIn.

I do indeed. It’s funny, I actually just right before I came on this with you, I was on a LinkedIn live talking about this. So I go, I go live on LinkedIn, one Thursday month, and it was all about content today engagement. And here’s the thing, you have to be commenting on other people’s posts, if you want people to comment on your posts, it’s kind of the law of reciprocity. So the way the LinkedIn algorithms work is if you don’t have engagement on your posts within the first five minutes, then it’s going to be it’s going to be tough for them to keep showing it unless it starts getting traction quickly and builds up a lot of moments. Right. So it’s like, the first three hours are critical. That’s when you want to get the most engagement you can isn’t that that first three hour time slot. So a good and what I tell people is, if you have you have got to focus on commenting, leaving meaningful comments on people’s posts. I’ll come back to this by the way for creating content, and try to do at least five per day. So leave at least five meaningful comments per day.

If you can’t do it per day, do it every other day, on people’s posts. And then what happens is LinkedIn, you know, obviously sees you’re commenting on these people’s posts, you’re building relationships, the individual sees that too. They’re going to see more of your posts, because you commented on it. That’s just the way LinkedIn works. If you are interacting with people, LinkedIn is going to show you their posts more and same vice versa, right. So they’re going to be more likely to comment on your posts, you can take it a step further and you can create your own group of people. So these are called pods, engagement pods, and what you do is you get together and you can create like a LinkedIn message thread with five to 10 people and every time you Make a post, you put it in that LinkedIn, message thread, and everyone sees it. And then they like, and they comment on it. And then you do it too. There’s too. So everyone is helping each other out. So you can’t get away with building an influential personal brand on a social media network without doing what social media was meant to do, and network with people that right engaged with people build relationships, you can’t do that by just posting content. So it’s all about engagement duty, and that’s probably you know, to go back to your point on the reach and how it you know, decrease, you have got to focus on, you know, getting those comments and those likes rather quickly. And the easiest way to do that is to build you know, a group of people that are also posting frequent content, and then you guys just help each other out you like and comment on each other’s posts?

Wow, this is a silly question, I think. But I’m gonna ask today, how can you find a pod? How can you find that group of people? Or do you recommend creating one with just people? Yeah, I have my own. So anyone wants to join mine? Contact me on LinkedIn, let me know it’s free. You the best, and I have other ones, if anyone’s interested, I can invite you to their free the and I have a paid one too, that people join. But the best way, honestly, is to just make your own based on because here’s the thing, you want to you want to do this with people that are similar in similar industries, somewhat, because it is more advantageous for you. Because what happens is, if I leave a comment on someone’s post that is also, you know, works with C suite executives, for example, then it’s going to show that or they comment on mine, whatever it’s going to show to their people. So it’s going to say, you know, Judy left a comment on Mandy’s post. And so Judy’s followers are going to see that. So you want to try to form communities with people who have your similar people that you’re going after? Does that make sense? But it doesn’t, you don’t have to do that I’ve been in engagement communities where it’s a bunch of marketers like me, right? And it’s fine.

You know, I’m not going I’m not selling to marketers, per se. So what do we get? We certainly do have marketing agency clients that, that we help. But that’s not my main target audience, but I’m still in those communities. And so it’s not a huge deal. But if you really want to leverage LinkedIn to its fullest, you want to create your own like, again, even if it’s just five people that are all in similar niches. So it’s a similar audience that’s seeing your stuff. Because, you know, it’s a completely irrelevant audience. Let’s say it’s like an eBay person or something. And you’re a financial advisor, randomly throwing stuff out there real estate and cryptocurrency or whatever. But you know what I mean, they’re two totally different things. So you want to try to stay in your field a little bit. Because a good friend of mine, she’s in real estate in crypto.

Actually, it wasn’t the best one, because it’s for investment purposes. A lot of people invest in both real estate and crypto. But, you know, nearing the end of the time, but I would love for you to tell a story talk about humanizing. You know how important that is, and really being vulnerable and authentic. And I heard you tell on one of your recent lives, I think it was a recent blog about how you took 10 seconds before you message somebody, and it made all the difference in the world. And it really, obviously, it’s easy, quick, we can all do it. And it’s so important. So I’d love you to highlight that. Yes, I’m glad you brought that up. So the problem with LinkedIn right now is there are so many spammers abusing it. And a lot of people are jaded, because they’re getting hit up. And especially big CEOs and VCs and people that are pretty influential.

They’re getting bombarded with LinkedIn connection requests left and right. And most of them, you know, 70 plus percent are just trying to sell they all they care about the sale. So when you take 10 seconds out of your day to go to someone’s profile, and call out something personal that you see, it’s going to make all the difference in the world. That’s what I did. So there was a CEO and a venture capitalist, and he had lots and lots 50,000 followers or something, I thought it’d be a great connection. So I sent him a connection request. And I call out something on his profile that made me laugh. It was something like, if you’re just going to pitch me like don’t bother or something, right. So I called it out. And he accepted my connection requests and said, out of the know how many hundreds I think he literally said, he got like 100 plus a day connection requests. He’s like, not a single person has made a comment about that. You’re the very first one to who’s made a comment about that part of my profile. And I just appreciate you taking the time to look.

So simple, Judy, all it took was 10 seconds for me to go and look. And it literally made me laugh out loud. So I made a comment about it. And it was as simple as that. And it’s so simple, but I’m telling you this, but hardly anyone is doing that because everyone is so rushed, and everyone’s just selfish and cares about sales and making money. And we don’t we forget about that human element, that human connection. The whole reason social media exists in the first place, and so I encourage everyone to send custom connection requests. I don’t care what social media channel you’re on, when you’re reaching out to people find something of interest or a post that they just made and comment on it something in their profile that made you smile or laugh, or maybe you went to the same college, whatever it is call that out immediately. So they know you’re a real human being and you actually went to their profile and looked at it. I think that’s a meaningful comment. A lot of times if you don’t know what to say, take a quick look at the bio, or the profile and say, you know, that’s a question, you know, a meaningful comment.

Last thing I’ll say on this, because I really love this idea of my whole thing is social. It ain’t about the post. It is about the engagement. And yes, and so, so many women are getting, you know, cuz these gurus are like, Oh, you got to post here three times, and over here five times a day, and they’re making them crazy. And I’m like, well, you’re missing it, if all you’re doing is focusing on the content, without reaching out to people one on one, you know, like, yeah, it’s completely pointless. And I’m so glad you brought up the comment thing, because this is, this is a tip for everyone, especially for those of you who struggle with making your own content, I have a really good workaround for you. So when I mentioned that you need to be commenting on people’s posts, at least, you know, five a day. Ideally, if you’re your target audience and other like micro influencers in your industry, what you can do is you can take those comments, and every time you leave a meaningful comment by meaningful I need more than one sentence not great post, Judy, keep it up, keep up with a great, that’s not gonna cut it.

Right, three lines, three lines minimum, typically. So every single time you post a meaningful comment, go back to that content repository doc I told you about and paste that comment in there. Guess what, you go back after a week and leaving comments, you’ve got multiple posts that you can make yourself. So you don’t have to overthink it, because you’re responding. You’re writing comments, and it just comes out and you’re brand new. And then you go back and look, you’re like, that could be a post. I do this all the time. Like, Oh, I just left a comment. That was a really good comment. Maybe next week, I’m gonna make a book out of it, right. So there’s so many different ways to come up. And that is the easiest way to come up with content. Just start writing people’s writing comments on great posts, keep copy and paste them go back whenever you want. Write your content, look at him, create a post from it easy as that you don’t even have to think about it. That is such a great tip. Things right in front of your face. But you missed it. So great. All right. So this is called the she’s extraordinary podcast. And so I like to end every episode, asking my guests about who’s an extraordinary woman in your life and what makes her extraordinary.

Oh, it was so many Jews. I would say my grandma, and she is who influenced me to be where I am today. So she helps pay for some of my college and always encouraged education. She bought me computer classes when I was a kid because I was a nerd and loved computers and, and she was a self made woman, you know, did did great. And sales actually one of my first jobs with her. And she’s always just been so encouraging and so strong. And so you can do whatever you want. Like Don’t Don’t let anyone hold you back. Like it’s just just an amazing, powerful, smart, business savvy female that came from an era where that wasn’t normal. Right. So her growing up as a successful businesswoman.

That’s not normal. That wasn’t normal for her. Right. She was the you know, everyone went to college. And so she was just so driven and set on that and always was just so encouraging to me. And I would say that she definitely is probably the takes the cake for that. And in terms of you know, having an influence on my life when it comes to female. So that’d be my answer. Love to hear inspirational stories, whether it’s about the mom that was super supportive, or in your case, the grandma who was actually in business, which back then yeah, but she said trailblazers. Exactly. Yep. Tell everyone where they can find you.

Yes. So LinkedIn, of course, Mandy McEwen and then micro marketing.com. Check it out. We have a new
brand. And everything is linked on there, though. So you can check me out at Monza marketing COMM But LinkedIn is where I’m most active. So feel free to send me an extra question mentioned that you saw me here with Judy, and I would be happy to accept that and happy to help you. However, again, Mandy and Mandy has been gracious enough to offer you ladies a free LinkedIn checklist. So I’m gonna be leaving that link in the show notes. So be sure to come back for that. Mandy once again, thank you so much for being here.

Thanks so much for having me. Oh, great. Thank you. Ladies. Thank you for listening. And if you’ve enjoyed today’s show, please consider leaving a rating and a review. And you know, your feedback really is important to me. So always tell me what topics would you like what guests would you like to see? Because I want to make that happen. So thank you again for listening and we’ll see you next time.

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