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Ep 120: The Power of Collaboration

Ladies, Welcome. Welcome. I’m having some technical difficulties here. Okay, here we go. Here we go. We are good to go. Ladies. Good morning and happy and blessed Thursday. Welcome to thriver. Thursday live, whether you’re here with me inside the she is extraordinary Facebook group here on Facebook or they’re on Instagram. I am so overjoyed to be here.

My name is Judy Weber and I am the professional woman’s business coach helping high achieving ambitious women of faith, build businesses of significance God’s way. And you know, for me 2021 is the year we’re going big. Right? Who’s going to join me? Hey there, Margie, who wants to join me in no playing small, no holding back. Okay, we’re going all in on who Christ made us to be Hey, Jennifer. All right. And when we do that, when we fully embrace who we are in Christ, we’re going to be able to step fully into our purpose, finally, right, using our God given gifts, talents and abilities to serve others, and always bring him glory, because that’s our ultimate goal, right?

So I have to apologize and confess that I’ve been absent for much of 2021 so far, because I had a big move from Philadelphia, cold cold Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to here outside Charleston, South Carolina. So welcome to my welcome to my ground floor, we downsized my husband and I, and I love it. I have boxes that still tons of boxes still have to be opened and everything put away. But I’m loving this weather. It is such a different lifestyle. I mean, it is insane. I love it. But it is time now to get back to work. And so I’m very excited to be here with you today. So when you’re here, whether we’re on Instagram, whether you’re here on Facebook, or whether you’re gonna watch a replay, I want to know who’s here, please tell me say hey, and where are you watching from?

Okay, this is, by the way, a momentous day. in history, it is the one year anniversary of the World Health Organization’s announcement, proclaiming COVID as a pandemic. And we know what the past year has been like hard on all of us, for sure. And for extroverts, like me, I’m telling you, it has been truly dramatic. Hey, Liz, glad to see you here. And I’m sorry, ladies on Facebook. I can’t, I can’t see you because I’m looking at my notes here. But I will be coming back to you on the comments. So please feel please post I want to engage with you. As soon as I’m done my notes here. Okay. But in this way of this one year anniversary of the announcement of a worldwide pandemic, I want to encourage you, sister to be comforted to know you’re not alone. Right? God is and always will be right there with you that says amazing promise and healing is yours in Christ. Hallelujah.

In fact, I want us to declare that right now. By his stripes I am healed. By his stripes. I am healed. Say it with me. By his stripes by Christ’s stripes. I am healed. Hallelujah. All right. May it be Lord. Oh, this is so important. All right, today. This thriver Thursday, live is all about the power of collaboration. Collaboration is not only key to taking your business from here to there. But collaboration, you know, with other people is what makes running your business fun. Right? So it’s growing you and it’s growing your business at the same time. So that’s an amazing thing. Oh, Jennifer says Good morning from warming up Pennsylvania.

Oh, awesome. Yeah, I know you guys are almost as warm as we were the other day. It’s crazy. Okay, so today I’m going to talk about why you need to be collaborating in your business. I’m going to be talking about who you should be collaborating with. Plus, I’m going to give you some collaboration ideas to get you started already. Okay, first, as always, we’re going to go to God in prayer. And then we’re going to dive in. Heavenly Father, we come before he just so grateful I just, I’m so appreciative of the fact that I’m here I’m living my dream, Lord in this beautiful place. Just it’s amazing how you move and so thank you, God for all that you’re doing in the background, some of which we may see and a lot of which I’ll bet we do not see. So Lord, I just pray that you will bless the words that I’m going to be speaking today may they be yours may I be your vessel, Holy Spirit take over i would love that Lord, there’s no better strategist, business or otherwise than you. So takeover. Lord, we can’t wait to see what you’re going to do in this time together. We love you and we trust you. And it’s in the mighty name of Jesus that we pray. Amen. Amen.

All right, well, if you hear some banging, I have a house being built not too far from me right next door. So I hope you’re hearing me Okay. I’m alright today. I want to do Quick experiment, and you’re going to be the winner, right? As you’re watching, I would love you to snap a pic. Right? Just take a screenshot, depending on what device you’re on, it’ll be a picture or a screenshot or whatever. And then I want you to post it on social and tag me at Judy Weber live using the hashtag she is extraordinary hashtag she is extraordinary. And if you do that, I’m going to send you my beautiful Bible verses for women entrepreneurs, as my Thank you, and you’ll be entered to win an Amazon gift card. So will you do that snap a pic right now, and then post it on social and my team is going to be tracking it, whether on Instagram or Facebook. And the gift card winner is going to be announced later this month. All right.

So let’s talk about collaboration. Let’s start here. What is it? collaboration is simply working with someone else joining forces to produce something, right? Whether that’s working on a project, maybe a course or a program, or maybe you’re putting together an event together, or maybe you’re putting a bundle together. I love collaborations. And I’m doing it right now with four of the most extraordinary experts in social media and marketing. All of us are facilitating next month’s social media and marketing beach retreat in beautiful Rosemary Beach, Florida. And as to what they say two heads are better than one. It’s a thing how much better five heads are right five, like minded heart centered Jesus focus ladies who are masters at their craft. Like I said, it’s powerful. And by the way, if you want information on the beach retreat happening in April, DM me there on Instagram and here on Facebook, comment below. Okay, so why let’s start with why why should you be collaborating? Well, here are a bunch of reasons for why you really need to be doing this, okay, to scale to grow and to have more fun in your business. Okay, the first reason to collaborate is awareness, and branding. We all know that to increase the growth of your business, you need more eyes on what you’re doing, right?

So collaboration with someone else increases the number of eyeballs on what you’re doing, right. So when we collaborate, we’re sharing our audience with the other person. And at the same time, they’re doing that to us. And so it expands our potential reach, which is a beautiful, beautiful thing. Okay. So for that reason alone, you need to be collaborating and thinking about that. Alright, the second reason for collaborating is double innovation. Double ideas. brainstorming is an automatic byproduct of collaboration, right? When we collaborate with the right person, or persons, we’re going to get new ideas. You know, we can’t think of everything. So when we come together, it’s like a, it’s like a brain. What does that word I forget now, but it’s when when brains brainiacs come together, and they, you know, download all that they have all the ideas that they have, that’s going to definitely spike productivity, and increase the innovative ideas that you’re going to get.

Plus, when you combine forces with someone, and I’ll talk about who that someone should be, it kind of takes the relief off of you from being the taskmaster or the overseer of everything, right? I mean, I hope let’s pause as I say that, I hope you have a team. I hope you’re not doing this alone system, because if you are you’re working way too hard, you need people in the right place. And that’s gonna be for another, another live but I just this idea of doubling your ideas, and increasing your productivity and having this innovation by sharing brainpower.

That’s a really good thing, right? And a reason why you should be collaborating. Third reason why you should be collaborating is you’re likely going to learn something about yourself and uncover some mistakes, right? Because a lot of times as we’re running our businesses, we can spread ourselves a little thin. Anybody? Hey, Anita, thanks for joining. Is anybody feeling a little spread too thin these days? If you are, you definitely need to grow your team and we need to chat about that. Right. Maybe that’ll be next week’s you know, Friday or Thursday live, but collaboration allows us to share our experiences with each other. Thanks for the love. Right, along with the mistakes that we made along the way.

That’s like, it’s kind of like masterminding Yeah, Nina says mee mee mee Yeah, for sure. I think we all tend to do that. Because if you’re like most women, you’re feeling like Well, I don’t want to ask them for help because they’re busy. And so I’m just going to try to figure it out on my own and I love that resourcefulness. But, sister trust me when I say when you collaborate with someone else, and you have these business besties that you know you can go to. It’s just, it’s just so good. It is just so good. And you can uncover mistakes. Oh, you’re doing that. Oh, I never tried that. What’s that like? Or, you know, you might identify something that someone else is doing and point out, hey, you could do this better and vice versa. So mistakes uncovered is Reason number three, why you need to be collaborating. Okay? Reason number four, focus, and accountability.

That’s huge. I would say, once I talk to ladies, as I’m blessed to do every day, those are two of the biggest challenges. How do I stay focused, Judy? You know, I have no one to hold me accountable. I’m like a one person operation. Okay. Collaboration can help you with them. And I apologize for all that digging and dogging I thought I had set my mac book to, to quiet but apparently I didn’t do it right. Hey there, hon. Oh, Diamond Realty. Trying to figure your first name. And I’m drawing a blank. So I apologize. But I’m so glad you’re here, hon.

Okay, so as I was saying, focus and accountability, when you have a collaboration partner, and you meet to discuss whatever it is you’re doing together, you’re sharing goals and objectives, you know, you help to keep each other on task, right? And you’re cheering each other on, you’re having these periodic check ins, you’re reporting to each other. It’s a win win, right? When I collaborate, I get to look at and evaluate ideas that I may have missed on my own. Hey, Rebecca. So I learn, and I produce more when I focus, right? And collaboration helps me to do that. So I hope those four reasons why you need to be collaborating, really sinks in and convinces you, okay, I got to do some collaborations. I’m going big this year, right? And a part of that is I’m going to identify the right people to collaborate with. Okay, so let’s talk about that.

Who do you collaborate with? You can’t just be anybody. And let me emphasize this ladies, choosing the right person to collaborate with is critical. It is key to ensuring a great result, a win win, win win. So that was four wins. So you might be saying, Wow, who’s getting all these wins duty through collaboration? Great question. Let me tell you, you will, you will, when your collaborative partner will win, your audience will win, and their audience will win. There’s your four, right? So when you’re thinking about collaborating with someone of primary importance, is that you choose wisely. Because when you stand up and tout somebody else, your audience to some degree is going to hold you accountable, right? Because by working with someone, you’re in effect, saying I approve of this person, okay?

So I don’t want to scare you, I don’t want you to overthink, I don’t want that to make you pull back replace small. But I definitely want you to make sure that you do your due diligence, and choose your collaborative partners carefully. Okay, so here are three things that I want you to think about when it comes to Who should I collaborate with? Okay, point number one, you need to partner with people you respect. seems obvious, right? Not only Who do you respect, but ideally, who shares your same target audience who has your same ideal client, right? Or if not specifically, your ideal client who has something that could benefit your audience, your ideal client, right? So I’m not just about teaching you ladies, I’m giving you action steps. Okay, so for this one, right, partnering with brands and people you respect, I want you to create a list, it could be three 510, or more potential collaborative partners.

There are so many ways to collaborate, I’m going to get to that shortly. But as you put together this list of potential collaborative partners, people you respect and admire, this is going to come in handy for the weeks, months and years to come. And remember, I want you to think about this people that market themselves effectively, right, they’re more likely to co market effectively. So I’m not saying you need to find someone who is doing really great in their business and only go to those, I think in I think it’s great to have a diverse list, those that are at your same level, those that are slightly above your level, and those that are your stretching, they’re the influencers that I’m going to talk about that in just a moment. As a matter of fact, what I’m about to say may blow your mind. That’s okay. So get ready. Okay. When you’re thinking about who could be a potential collaborative partner, don’t hesitate to reach out to an influencer. Reach out to somebody big, okay. And that’s a bit of a stretch. It’s going to be a stretch. You got to give them a reason why they should collaborate with you, but it has happened to me and others, right?

Here’s the thing, you don’t necessarily have to have tons of followers, right? If you if you have someone that you would love to collaborate with, and they’ve got like 100,000 followers and you’ve got like, 500, don’t think that I’m not even gonna bother. Okay, number one is nothing impossible with Christ, right. But always, always remember, more important than tons of followers is quality of the followers and engagement.

Okay. And so yeah, think about that I want, I would love to see your list. So send it to me dm it to me here on Instagram, put it here in the post or do a separate post here inside the sheet is extraordinary Facebook group, I want to see your list, who are you having your eye on to potentially collaborate with? Okay, second idea for who, who you could collaborate with and what you need to be mindful of as you make that choice. You need to keep in mind your values, your values, your core values, and the goals of your company. Because these are the things that drive your marketing efforts, right. So you need to ensure that the person that you choose to work with is clear in his or her identity, right, and what they’re all about, in order to really have that synergy to make a collaboration, just totally awesome. Okay. So for example, for me, I’m a Christian business coach, I work only with women of faith. So I would never ever, ever, ever think of collaborating with someone who followed that book called The secret, the secret, or looked to crystals for guidance on moving their business forward would never do it.

That doesn’t jive with who I am. Thank you. Thank you for that core values. Absolutely. And Alexa just joined. Great to see you here. Right. So you need to stand firm in your values and find others who share those same values. And again, on this point, which really is married to branding, ladies, if you don’t stand for something, then you really stand for nothing. And if you’re feeling like you are kind of drowning in a sea of sameness, and you’re not standing out, let me tell you determine your convictions that you probably have personally, but you may have been hesitating to put out there, put them out there. And you’re going to find that, you know, people are going to be drawn to you, the people, the very people that you want.

Okay, all right. Now, third, the third thing about how do I find the right person to collaborate with? Well, you need to do some research, right? Don’t hesitate to dive in to their content, this content of this potential collaborative partner, is there content engaging? Are their followers interacting with them? You know, do you like what you see? Are they consistent, or not? So and really, on this point, it’s not just about social look at their entire online presence, right? Because your thing may be Instagram, but their thing may be LinkedIn, and there could still be an opportunity for the both of you to come together, right? And when you do your research, and you have this list creative, you need to go to God. And you need to ask him for confirmation. Right? And so once you get that confirmation, and he says yes, then you need to congratulate yourself and celebrate that win.

I’m a big, big proponent of celebrating, right? Because you and that collaborative partner that you have gone through all these steps to ensure is good for you. You may be able to work together for years, and both your businesses could literally explode as a result. Okay, I’ve seen it. Alright, the final thing, and if you have questions, ladies, please post them on Facebook. I’m coming back to you in just a few moments. The final thing I want to talk about is collaboration, inspiration, some quick ideas to get your brain thinking in the right direction and get you started. Okay, so I’m finding these great people, what am I going to do one moment, I’m going to take a drink of water. All right, a couple of ideas. Number one, you could create a webinar or an ebook, something educational, this works great.

When you share the same ideal client, you can divide up the work. And I want to give you a big guy example. But there’s no reason why you can’t do this to HubSpot. teamed up with LinkedIn sales to develop an E book on social selling. Right. And this joint effort that HubSpot did with LinkedIn demonstrated the expertise of both of those companies and they bolster their credibility, their email list their reach all of that. Okay, so maybe you could create a webinar or an ebook or something education Something like that. Okay, another idea. Cross promotions. There are countless ways ladies that you can collaborate with other businesses to cross promote each other. Here’s just a couple of examples. You can mention each other on social, right, you can share each other’s content, you can go live for each other, to showcase your respective areas of expertise. Okay, that’s online or offline, you can split a booth at a trade show, thank God The world is opening up.

Maybe you could do that, right? Maybe you could tap into each other’s email lists and send out some sort of joint promotional mailing. I mean, those are just some ideas, you can combine forces to promote each other stuff, right? Or to have each other guest on your podcast platform, in your Facebook group. In an event you’re putting on? Gosh, again, it’s limitless. Okay, so cross promotions. The third idea for collaboration is special offers. Everybody loves to feel special, right? So why not partner up with another person and create some sort of special offer? And again, this works super duper, if you have the same ideal client, what can I do? What can we put together? What can we bundle? Or what can we create that that both of our audiences would love? All right, for the fourth idea for collaboration opportunities is run a contest together. I’m telling you running a contest is one of the easiest and most fun ways to collaborate you can possibly do and you can get really creative with the prizes.

They could come from both of your businesses, and there’s no wrongs here, say like, Oh, can I do this? Can I do that, you know, check the policies of your respective socials when you post these things. But outside of that, you can do any anything you want, right? And by collaborating, you’re going to be sure to reduce your cost, while at the same time making the contest more attractive. Right? So run a contest together. And finally, I am going to be jumping on clubhouse in mid April, when I get back from my social media and marketing beach retreat. clubhouse is a an amazing platform that’s literally blowing up.

You need an iPhone to get on it now. But I am certain, I would imagine that by the end of the year, if not sooner, like maybe the summer they’re going to open it up also to like Samsung, and what’s the word? I can’t think of it but a non iPhone phone. Okay. So why would I ask you to collaborate on clubhouse? Oh, my goodness, clubhouse is all about collaboration, host a room together on a hot topic for each of your audiences, right? And sometimes it can you can feature one with an area of expertise, and the other one can monitor the room, right? And then then you can monitor the room for that other expert. But in doing so, and I don’t want to get too deep in the weeds here. But you really should schedule out your clubhouse room. And, you know, put it out to your peeps again, getting more exposure, right? If you are on clubhouse, you know that even competitors, quote unquote, are coming together. And it makes sense. Why? Because each of us is unique. So there’s no need to fear, no need to fear.

So that’s it. So I told you why you need to collaborate. I told you who to collaborate with how to determine that, and I gave you some ideas. So I’m going to end it with a question. What action Are you going to be taking as a result of watching today? What are you going to be doing? What are you going to do? Even this weekend? That maybe you know, you didn’t plan? But now you’re excited about possibly looking at doing some collaboration? I want to know. Alright, so let me see if I can do what I promised. And actually see the comments here on Facebook. Okay. Clark is here, Android. Thank you. That is the word I was looking for. Hey, Holly, good to see you here. And Clark says content is key to connection. Yeah, yeah. That’s so true. Because think about it.

If someone doesn’t even have any content, like why would you want to collaborate with them? If they’re not going to bring you value, then, you know, there’s it’s got to be a win win approach by both parties, or if it’s more than one by all parties, right.

Hey, Sharon, so glad you’re here. Alright, so ladies, what questions do you have? How can I help you in this way of Connect of collaboration, and you know, what word almost came out of my mouth connection. Why? Because from collaborating, in doing that we’re connecting. And connecting is all about business. Right? If you are not connecting, then there’s no doubt your business is struggling. Right? So so if you are doing all the things, which you don’t need to be, let me assure you that you got to do one thing, do a great master and then do something else. But if you’re doing all the things, you’re working hard, you’re putting in 1012 hours a day. And you’re like, why isn’t my business growing? I would venture to guess that you’re not connecting. You’re not having conversations, you’re not going into dmws.

With your ideal client, you’re not you’re not talking to people, right? If you are connecting, you will grow your business. And if you’re not connecting, then you’re not. Right. So I’m talking now about affirmatively reaching out to people. But you can also connect by going back to something else I said, In this video, this training is you need to be you need to not be afraid to say you know, here’s what I stand for. And here’s what I’m all about. So I want to encourage you to live that out. Because when you do, business is going to be funner funner, that a word I love it. This is going to be funner you’re going to get more clients, and you’re going to be able to serve more people. And that’s the whole point.

So ladies, thank you so much for joining me thank you and ladies on Instagram, if you are not yet in my facebook group, the she is extraordinary Facebook group, but to do so please join us. I was up to 3500. And then I got hacked and I had to restart. So we’re growing, we’re almost to 500 and growing every day. And by the way, ladies here in the group, if you know of a Christian woman who has a business or is thinking about growing a business, would you invite her please to join us here? Because I’m going to be joining you every Thursday at 11 with a powerful business training just like today. So let me know your feedback. Let me know your comments. And as always, ladies, I would love to know what are the key topics that you want me to cover. So thank you ladies. Well, God bless you and I will see you next time.

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