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Ep 123: The Importance of Human Connection in Your Business

Hello, ladies, welcome. I’m so excited for this episode. Welcome, welcome. Wait until we get on Facebook Live. I think I live, I never quite know when I’m live. But Welcome, ladies to this really, really special edition of thriver Thursday live. And remember thriver Thursday live is the place to be to learn powerful business strategy and grow in your walk with the Lord. My name is Judy Weber and I am the professional woman’s business coach helping high achieving ambitious women of the Lord like you build businesses of significance God’s way. So I want to hear from you who is here with me live, please let me know in the comments. I’m going to get them right now want to make sure we’re looking at the same place here because the interactivity is what makes it awesome. Okay, so here we go. Margie is here, the couple other ladies here.

Awesome. Awesome. All right. So let’s remember that 2021 is the year that we’re all going big. Are we committed to that? Raise your hand say me, yes, I want to go big, no playing small, no holding back. And so I said that the last time but I wanted to make sure that it’s clear what I mean, when I say we’re going big, right? And it simply means this, you’re going to go all in, on who Christ made you to be. Because when we do that, me you, we are finally finally going to be able to step fully into our purpose, our God given purpose, using those talents in those gifts and abilities that he gave us by His grace to serve others. And, of course, obviously, the ultimate purpose is to bring him glory. You see, God wants us to live big lives. Right, john 1010. Jesus came, so that we could have life and life to the full right abundant lives, lives of significance.

Why? To advance his kingdom, and to bring him glory. So for those of us like you and like me, who are called to serve others through business, God made everything that we need available to us, available to us, available for us to succeed. Right? I mean, let’s face it, God, the God we serve Almighty God does not fail. Right? He is a winner, he never loses. And so if God calls us to be in business, then he didn’t call us to work it like a hobby. He did not call us to kind of dip our feet in the water and oh, I’ll give it a try. Ah, that’s like being lukewarm. Which we know what Jesus said about that. Right? So while this thing called entrepreneurship definitely has its ups and it’s downs, I’m convinced that we collectively as women make it harder than it has to be. Okay? Because all too often we’re under estimating our own abilities, our God given abilities, right, our zones of genius, whatever that is for you. And we underestimate our capabilities. What am I capable of?

We’re thinking too small, when it comes to what is possible. And so as I was writing this, I was thinking of my life. Verse Ephesians, 320. Now to him, the Lord Jesus Christ, who is able to do immeasurably more than all that we ask or imagine, according to His power, that is, by His grace at work in us, do you hear me Sister, okay? If that didn’t prompt an Amen, or a Hallelujah, or stir your heart, I want to read it again. Because I don’t know about making this your life first. But I really want you to study this verse this week. Okay. Now to him. The Lord Jesus Christ, who is able to do immeasurably more can’t even be measured, then all not just some, all of what we ask or imagine. And he does that according to His power at work in us through the Holy Spirit. And so, as we start this live, I want to begin right here with his questions. And be honest, no judgment, no shame, right? no guilt, none of that. When you’re thinking about what’s possible for you, and for your business.

Are you holding back? Are you thinking not about what’s possible, which we know with Christ, even the impossible, quote unquote, is possible. Right? Are we? Are we really thinking about what’s possible? Or instead, are we thinking about what’s reasonable? Or, you know, what’s likely, okay? or What does the average person like me make? or What does? What do most people doing what I do make? What impact? Do they have that kind of thing? Right? So in other words from the outset, I want us to put parameters, or rather, how do I say this? From the outset, when we put parameters and limitations around our thoughts? Oh, I couldn’t possibly do that. Or I’ll settle for this, right? Wrong. Wrong, wrong. Not good. Right. God is a big God, hallelujah, there is nothing he cannot do. So let me stretch your thinking on this point, before we dive into our topic of the importance of human connection, right. And I want you to consider Moses, I want you to put yourself in his shoes. Looks like you’re trapped. You’re cornered between a huge body of water and a powerful army behind you. an impossible position to be in. And yet, and yet, Moses chose it’s a decision ladies, he chose to trust God.

He not only believed in him, but he believed in Hallelujah, that was the word from the Lord. I didn’t have that down. He not only believed in God, he believed him. He took him at his word, he trusted him with his promises, and the miracle happened. And not to God’s glory. Right. And God is still doing miracles today and every day. So Margie says, Yes, I was just thinking that this morning, I need to think way bigger. I need to dream bigger. Yes, sister. Yes. Love it. Lynn says out, you’re stepping on my toes. Yeah. My own to your right. And Nancy, great to see you here. All right. So on this point of, are you holding back? Are you thinking too small? about this? Are you expecting because God is so good, and he can do anything? Are we expecting God to move today?

Not someday. And are we trusting him with everything? Not just salvation? That seems to be easy, okay. Yes, I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior, Savior, I’m going to heaven. But yet, you know, with our day to day, oh, I need a client, oh, gosh, you know, you know, I need to pay the bills, and we’re panicking and we’re not trusting. And we’re not expecting him to move. We got to trust him with everything. But you know, the reality is sometimes that miracle doesn’t come right. Sometimes it’s not God’s will sometimes our loved ones die. It’s horrible. But, you know, that’s God’s will. So we have to trust him in that. But I can’t I can’t help but wonder how much do I miss? How much of God’s goodness Am I missing? Simply because I’m not expecting it? I’m not looking to him to show up. How much are you missing? Right? When we don’t think about what is truly possible, the impossible is possible with the Lord. Right? Instead of looking to him, we’re saying, What can I do? And that’s when we we go to work, we open a computer, we do all the things that everybody’s telling us we should do. But we’re not going to hinge. Nonsense, right? Talking to you talking to myself, right?

God gave you this business. He doesn’t want you to think small. And so whether your financial goal for your business is 25,000 for the year, or 250,000, for the year, or even more, or somewhere in between. God has big meaning important things for you to do with the talents and the gifts that he’s given you. Let’s not bury them in the ground, because we want to keep them safe, and we want to play it safe. God is calling you sister to use those gifts and talents uniquely given by him to you to help others. And again, most importantly for His glory. He’s got a plan. We need to become exactly who he calls us to be so that we can step into that purpose. And so today ladies before I dive into that Actual topic of human connection, I’m gonna encourage you today is today, it’s time to step up. And it’s time to go all in on who the Lord God made you to be powerful, strong, and courageous.

Remember, he gave us a spirit of power. And it’s his power working us when big things happen, right? We need only receive what he’s already given us by His grace, those talents, those abilities, the spark to go into business, and we just need to rise up to meet him, where he’s planned for us to be hallelujah. Oh, God, thank you, Lord. Those are the words that he gave me this morning. And he gave me even more through that, because some of the words I gave you were not here in my notes, okay. So I would encourage you to do what I will do. And I’m going to listen back to this again on replay, because I want to fully catch the message from the Lord through me as a vessel. Okay. This is a very special message of God calling his daughters to step into their extraordinary this. Don’t feel extraordinary. Judy, what are you talking about? Okay, wrong mindset. were extraordinary because of his touch on our lives. And by all that he’s made you to be right and to do. You are able sister because the Lord God Almighty is able, and he is enabling you. You just got to trust and step into it fully. Okay. Whoo.

Thank you, Jesus for that. So are you encouraged? And are you excited about how God is moving here today right now, even in your life? And in your business? I sure hope so. Alright, so Nancy says watch for the Ravens, Elijah, whoo, I’ve got to look into that one. That’s not something that I’m actually familiar with. So that’s really, really good. And Beth says Amen. His power. That’s right. Okay. So if you haven’t already signed it in the comments, whether you’re here with me live or on the replay, please do so now, who is here? And where are you watching from? So today, I’m going to be sharing about the importance of human connection in business and some of the things I’ll be sharing today. Absolutely. go against the mainstream rhetoric and teachings by the gurus out there, right. And I’m just fine with that. I’m happy as a lark.

Why? Because God gave it to me. So I know it’s right. today. I’m not gonna overthink it. I’m not gonna overanalyze it. I’m gonna trust, okay. Because what I’m about to share, I believe, was absolutely given to me by the Lord. And he’s never wrong. And he’s always right on time. So I can’t wait to dive in. But first, of course, we need to seek the Lord in prayer and ask for his presence with us and his leading his continued leading and his guidance. Alright. Heavenly Father, you are awesome. You are truly awesome. And I know I use that word too much, Lord, because only You are awesome. And so we just want to praise you and thank you. I just got overwhelmed with emotion. Lord, you’re just so good. You have such big plans for us. And we, we just don’t sometimes trust that you are as big as we know you are. It’s like our mind knows it. But somehow, we can’t quite comprehend how vast how big how loving, how wonderful how just awesome.

You are. Solo, Lord, Lord God in this time, will you help to clear any and all distractions from our brains so that we can be fully focused on you, I want you to speak Lord, I am your vessel. Pull me off script as you like, Lord, I’m, I’m ready. I’m willing, and I want to step aside to let you speak up. I asked you to bless and touch the hearts and the minds of these ladies listening and make it make a difference in their lives and in their businesses. Lord, we love you and we trust you. It’s in the mighty name of your son, Jesus our Lord, we pray. Amen. Amen. All right, I want to start with a personal story. And as I wrote this, things changed between the time I wrote this And right now, so it’s interesting, so stay with me, you’re gonna love it because it directly relates to the human connection idea. Excuse me. Well, I recently bought a car through carvanha, which is an online dealer, right? My niece knew someone who bought a car with them. So it was a great experience. great experience. They said, Now this was a Gen X are in their 20s is that Gen X or Gen? Who knows what but anyway?

To them, it was a great experience me? No, no, not so much. I was literally tied to my phone to Saturday. ago, talking through just trying to place the order for the darn car. So at first you had to talk to somebody via text. And at first it was a computer, I think a bot. And then eventually, I guess it was a person that was on the phone for like two and a half hours, maybe a little bit more. And it was so laborious, right, time consuming, because that person either wasn’t very attentive at their job, or are having several of these text conversations, right, because it took me up to him sometimes 15 to 20 minutes to get back to me when I was asking a question and thing. So I was basically, as I said, having difficulties with the form and so I needed guidance and assistance. Understand that initially, I asked for a phone call, Hey, can I call somebody? Oh, I guess you could, but really, this is going to be quicker, blah, blah, blah, you know, because it’s cheaper for them. Not that people on the phone and just to have these bots are these, you know, whatever, on the on these texts. So after much, much time, I think well over an hour and a half. I said this is nonsense. I need to talk to a live body. Okay. And so that finally happened. And the guy I talked to was amazing. Although it was drawn out, he was able to fix the issue. And but but here’s the thing. I wanted delivery on a certain date. And by the time I got through to like person and all the rigmarole.

Now it was five days later, which is today. Now, I guess, wait, okay, so anyway, follow me. I guess I’m getting the dates wrong. But in any event, that was two Saturdays ago, I know that for sure. And the car was going to be delivered that next Thursday. But then they said, Oh, sorry, that time is taken. How about Sunday, which was last Sunday? I’m like, Okay, I’m not happy. By the way. This whole thing stinks. I want to talk to a manager. Oh, well, a manager doesn’t work on the weekends. Oh, I said, Is he having fun? Is he having fun with his family? Yeah, I’d like to do that, too. It’s Saturday, and I spent the bulk of the afternoon on this call, whatever. He was very sweet. He said I promise. He said a couple times because I asked confirmation I promised promised Judy, you’re going to hear from a manager next week, which was last week. That didn’t hear anybody.

But it gets worse. The morning of the delivery this past Sunday. I got a text. Hey, your car’s gonna be delivered today at 11am, CNN. Within five or 10 minutes, I got another text saying, Oh, sorry. An unexpected transportation delay will require that you click this link and choose a new delivery date. Like what? Why don’t you just make it for the next day? Like now I have to click a button. No, golly, Lord, let the button work right. Ah, anyway, thankfully, the button worked. And it was to be delivered today. At 12 noon. I was so excited. But but but but just this morning, I got a text saying we’re excited for the delivery of your car. See you at noon. And within five or 10 minutes, I got another text saying sorry, not delivered.

What it said there was another transportation delay. I was like, This is unbelievable. This is on a freakin lievable. So, right away, I’m like, okay, Lord, I don’t know if they’re yanking my chain. I don’t know what’s going on here. But I cancelled it. Okay, so how would I rate that experience with carvana? Negative 100? Pretty much right? Even if they would have delivered the car today, which is the second time they promised it right? I might have even if the car was in great shape. And even if they would have arrived on time today at noon, I still would have been maybe writing it a five or six if I were generous. And why? Why? Because of the utter lack of human connection. I didn’t feel taken care of. I felt like nobody cared nobody to really talk to. Right. Does anybody else experience things like that? Okay. In my quiet time yesterday, God brought all of this together to tie in beautifully to business, and what my clients are going through, and maybe you are too, right. I know many people watching are my clients. But I know many more now and even on the replay are not yet clients of mine. But tell me if this is something you’re going through. Do you feel tied to your technology tied to your phone tied to your computer, feeling like you have to post on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, right? Most of my clients have a love hate relationship with their social and frankly said Why? And so many of my clients, they tell me they’re spending so much time there and they wonder is it really worth it? Like, is anybody watching? Is anybody seeing what I’m doing? Does anybody really care?

Right there. working so hard serving, delivering value showing up for their audience and but they can’t help but wonder should I be doing this. So hear me on this ladies, you can work smart on your social, even with the algorithms, right? Even with those, the way you know all these people, they want your money. It’s not really about serving you, it’s about getting paid, let’s be real, right. But even with the algorithms, social remains a powerful marketing tool that when used effectively can absolutely impact your bottom line in a very positive way. And please don’t also misunderstand me when I’m talking about human connection. automation and systems absolutely have their place. email systems, funnels, things like that, right? evergreen type webinars, perhaps if that’s your business model, so automation and systems, they have their place. And by the way, they are absolutely necessary if you want to scale your business, but but but but it is the human factor that person to person, one to one connection, that makes social so powerful, right? So what do I mean by that? It’s the comments. It’s the DMS, it’s the true heart to serve one person at a time. So that you can make a difference in that one person’s life. It’s again, that human connection that makes social marketing and social selling worth doing.

Okay, so what I find from working with my clients, whether one on one or inside my Academy is that they tend to be more focused on the tech part, posting, right? And not on the people part. Like Let me have a real person to person interaction. So let’s let’s really get to the crux of what I’m talking about here. We just went through, I know for me, one of the toughest years ever, as a result of COVID, social distancing lockdowns, you know, can’t get out there. Some people in certain states weren’t even allowed to leave their home for heaven’s sakes, insanity. So, with that, especially, that only heightened the need for this human human connection, people ladies out there are craving this I know I am, are you? Right? God made us to be in community that’s mentioned so many times in the Bible, the importance of coming together, right. And in the beginning, God said, Man shall not be alone. It is not right that he be alone, right? I hate being alone. And I’ve been alone here in my house. It’s a beautiful home, but I can’t wait till my kids come home from for Easter break next week. And I can’t wait for my husband to come down and get done with his work up in Pennsylvania. We are not made to be alone. So as you strategize about your marketing, I urge you to prioritize that human connection. And in particular, the one to one interactions and conversations.

So with that said, I want to unpack this just a bit in our time today, let’s talk about this idea of one to one in the way of social. Okay, well, the number of followers that you have is certainly a credibility marker, for example, when someone visits your profile, it looks good. If you have 1000 followers rather than only like 20. Right. But and this is another big but for today. I know people that have 20,000 followers, and they don’t have much actual engagement, and they are literally struggling to generate revenue. Okay, I know people like that, as opposed to some of my clients that have you know, one just has just over 600 followers. And she’s literally booked out. So, what I’m telling you about prioritizing human connection, and the interaction, one to one, as opposed to the posting and the whole tech, you know, side of it, like bots and all the rest. what I’m telling you is not theory. It’s real life. I mean, business is a people thing, right? People buy not robots. And it’s foundational what what is what is foundational when it comes to making a purchase, what has to be there? Before someone says yes, to grab their credit card to work with you.

It’s trust. It’s trust. And think about it yourself. Who do you trust in the way of vendors and people that you work with, and why do you trust them? It’s because you know them, right? And oftentimes that trust develops over time, and oftentimes, it comes After spending at least some one to one time with them, even if that one to one is an online conversation, there’s still that human to human connection. I am so hot on this, that I’ve developed an entirely new marketing approach. And I’m packaging it into a brand new program coming soon. So stay tuned. But for right now, I do want to give you a sneak peek into this approach so that you can see how it might work for you to grow your business and make running your business super fun. Okay, so I just have a couple of thoughts. Thought number one, you should be killing it in business. Yes, you I’m talking to you, every single one of you. Okay, why? Why? Because you’re a woman. And women are naturally relational, naturally caring, naturally thoughtful, and others focused. So that’s what business is all about ladies.

So if you’re not killing it, it’s because you are thinking too small, you are holding back. And or maybe you’re focused on the wrong things in your business. You’re not having those conversations, you’re not meeting people if you’re able to get out which I hope you are or soon, right. And I recently saw a statistic that women do better in sales than men today. Not surprising to me. Why? Again, because we care about people, we’ve got what it takes to thrive and yes, even in sales, we need to stop overthinking. Oh, what should I say? How should I say it? You know, all these different questions, but just get out there and connect.

You’ll find your next client. Okay. So that was thought number one, you should be killing it in your business and you can be okay. Thought number two, creating an exceptional client experience or even an exceptional prospect or lead experience is guaranteed to boost your bottom line. Okay. client experience, lead prospect experience. Okay. Think about it. The first impression when you’re introduced to someone, whether it’s someone live or someone online, think about how do I make this other person feel right with that first interaction? Am I making them feel seen? Heard? appreciated, valued cared for?

Okay. That’s, that’s the power. That’s the power of a good post being vulnerable, showing up, right? And then when you take it into commenting on other’s posts, or in DMS, you know, are you I’m sure you’re not, like so many others that are just like, Oh, hi. Great to meet you. And by the way, here’s what I sell, boom. Do you want some? No, wrong? Wrong? Wrong? Okay. So the first impression, how do you make the other person feel? And with your clients think about? How do you make them feel during the project during the engagement during the time you’re serving them? are you communicating with them regularly? Are you checking in? And how are you doing that? Okay, and then again, with client experience, how do you make them feel after the services after the project is over? Are you staying in touch? How are you staying in touch?

Right? So you’ve got to Wow, everybody come in contact with. And that’s easy to do. Right? Wow. Because you’re extraordinary. Hello, you’re extraordinary in Christ. So just be authentically you step fully into who God made you to be no holding back, you are the expert that God made you to be you have these experiences that he gave you in order to allow you to pour in to people the way you are right now and help them whatever that looks like for you. Right. And by wowing people, prospects, they may likely if it’s a good fit, and if they are your ideal client, they will become a client. Right? As far as clients, when you allow them as you’re serving them, then that’s going to instill loyalty, right? And that will lead to referrals, and on and on and on. Okay. So I found some interesting statistics that I want to leave you with to really drive this point home.

Okay. Did you know that word of mouth is the primary number one factor? behind 20 to 50%? of buying decisions out there? word of mouth? Somebody’s saying you’re awesome. 20 to 50% of the people that buy from you heard somebody else say that. There’s power in that the human connection, that referral from someone to someone else. Okay. How about this statistic, existing clients spend 33% more than new clients. If you ask About this one, increasing your client retention, just 5% can lead to increased profits. Now, the stat said up to 90%. I think that might be a slight exaggeration. But again, when we retain our clients in our services in our memberships in our programs, and or we retain them in the way of upselling, to something new, they stay with you, what else do you have for me, because I love working with you, you really deliver and you just wow them, that’s gonna, that’s going to significantly increase your revenue. Okay, here’s another statistic, a significant portion of your future profits, well, over 50%, future profits are going to come from 20% of your existing clients who stay with you longer, and they just don’t want to leave. Like, like, you’re leading them, you are that leader, and you’re serving them up real good stuff, right. And when we talk about referrals, it’s a beautiful way to grow your business and obviously significantly reducing the cost per lead associated with some conventional marketing like Facebook ads.

Now, if your ideal client audience is millennials, here’s a stat for you. Nearly 30% of millennials say they’re not even going to try a product if their friends don’t say that they’ve used it and love it. Okay, So bottom line, ladies, I need you to review your client experience. And also review your prospect experience. And how can you elevate that. And I want to drive this point home. I interviewed a friend of mine recently for the she is extraordinary podcast, I mentioned her before Stephanie, the taco, that episode is going to be released in April, she has at the very top of the Keller Williams real estate franchise across the world. She’s at the very top. And she got there doing exactly what I’m talking about. And just this growing her business, one client at a time, giving them concierge level White Glove level service, that’s to the best, no fancy tech, she had no CRM. She had, you know, a spreadsheet at best. And she had sticky notes and all the rest. Okay. And I don’t say that to be smarter in any way. Because guess what she got to the top of this worldwide real estate franchise without tech. Why?

Because she led with her heart. She led with service. And by the way, not only no fancy tech, but no online marketing to speak up until very recently. So if you’re saying, Oh, well, that sounds great, Judy, but that won’t work for me. Okay, that’s a limiting belief. No, no, no, go to God with what I’m telling you see what he tells you. Okay. All right, our final Thought for the Day. human to human interaction doesn’t only work when it comes to getting leads, and filling your pipeline, and maintaining and retaining your clients.

This human to human connection, it also works when it goes to collaboration, when it comes to collaborations, right? I mean, when we can get together, and one on one, meet other ladies, other people, I don’t know who you serve, I serve lady. So I always say that. But when you meet other people who are serving your ideal client, and they have an audience that’s separate from yours, but you decide to come together and collaborate, whether it’s on club clubhouse on a room, or whether you’re going to put on some sort of event, whether it’s live or virtual. I mean, there’s so many different ways to collaborate. And I talked about that recently.

Wow, there’s power in that. But it begins again, with the Reach out the one on one connection, you have to identify who it is that you may want to collaborate with. And you have to have a conversation and really get to know them and go to God and say, Lord, is this a good? Is this a good combination? Does this work? Always go to him and ask that, but this human to human connection, it’s big stuff. It’s big stuff. So let me see if we have any comments, any thoughts? Margie says this is really good stuff. I can’t wait to hear about the new program. Yes, I’m very excited about that. So I know you’re delayed.

I’ll give you a few minutes to ask a question. But ladies, I’m on fire for this. Because I see too many of you struggling doing things the conventional way. But I’m really hearing from the Lord. No, you are different. We are called out right. So we are called to be separate. So why should that not also follow in the way that we do business? Right? Our heart is to make an impact, not necessarily to make a billion dollars. But here’s what I know when you lead with your heart. And when you go all in to who it is God made you to be, you very well may get there. Because God’s gonna open up doors, he’s going to put opportunities in front of you. Because we’re much is given much as expected. And if he sees you have faith in the little things, that he’s going to create bigger things and grow your faith in that way. So that’s what I pray for you. That’s what I know is possible for each one of us.

So I’m super excited. So not seeing any any questions I am going to go but have a beautiful day today. Ladies, enjoy this day that the Lord has made think on what we talked about today. I would love your feedback, please leave it in the comments below. Listen to the she is extraordinary podcast. I’m going to be putting this there because I think it’s that important. And I’ve just loved your thoughts. And by the way if you have not yet left me a rating and a review over on iTunes for she is extraordinary. Please do so because it means so much to me. And it allows me to, you know, understand better how I can serve you. What topics do you want? What guests would you love to see me interview? Let me know and my team will reach out and make sure it happens. All right. Wow. God bless you all have a beautiful and blessed rest of your week.

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