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Ep 124: A ‘Daddy’s Girl’ On Mission to Help Broken Women

Alright ladies, welcome to this episode of The she is extraordinary podcast. I’m interviewing a beautiful friend and client should make a Dukes. She’s an entrepreneur driven by faith and her God given gift to inspire others through her writing. She’s an author of Dukes up and faith for every round a memoir. She’s a contributing writer to his favor magazine. She’s also a screenwriter Oh, and she’s about to produce her own film. And on top of all of that, she is a realtor in Northern Virginia. So let’s say hey to Shamika

Hello. Hello, everyone. Good afternoon, Judy. Thank you for having me. Oh, my goodness. Well, ladies, you don’t even see those listed on the podcast should make it look so hot. She’s got this gorgeous yellow hat on my head doesn’t allow me to wear hats but you’re rockin. I’m gonna send you a hat. We’ll see how it fits or how it looks. All right. So I’d love to start at the beginning. For those listening who have never met or heard of shameka Dukes. Can you tell us where it all began? You know? How did you get from there to here?

Sure. So my name is shamika Dukes, as Judy has already stated and the most perfect way and who I am. As far as my career path and everything I’m up to. I am a daddy’s girl from Woodbridge, Virginia, which is in Northern Virginia. It’s about 25 minutes outside of Washington DC. And my father is a retired that from the army. And so that’s where I get daddy’s girl from my handle from it is daddy’s girl. Um, but I’m a sister to my brother. He’s three years older than me. So it was just the two of us. And then, of course, my mom. Um, but more about me. I just, I’m a writer. Now I’m 40 years old and I’m really I feel thriving and this writing career and it’s funny. It started when I was 14 years old. My my writing career started as a hobby at the age of 14. I didn’t know it. I actually had a diary. I don’t know Judy, if you’ve ever bought like, I don’t know if you were a girly girl or not. But I had a store buy diary is your diary?
With the cute little lock the cute little key, right? Yeah, that’s a little you know, fake stainless steel key and lock, right. That’s what I had.

And, um, you know, I, I just really, through writing would observe life and different events that happened to me. It started with my uncle passing away, I loved my uncle Wesley, and he lived in New York, and my dad’s from New York. And so I have all these memories of our family trips to New York, my dad, never, we never flew, we never took an airplane or train anywhere to go see family, we’d be in the car for like 20 hours, going from New York to Georgia, where my mom’s from, and then cross back over, you know, the states to go to Indiana. Gary, Indiana, like we were just all over the place. But that’s where writing started. I wrote about different relationships that I was in, you know, if I had questions, you know, of God, like, you know, why am I saying goal? You know, why am I the girl who you know, hasn’t been married yet? Or, you know, why do I feel not treated on my job, you know, properly. I just had all these questions that I was angry. And, at one point, the anger and the questions led to really I could see that it was really just surrendering and my writing. And I want to go back, I want to make sure I don’t miss this piece. I had the store bought diary. But then once the store bought diary was completed, I had already you know, written on the last page.

That’s where this evolution of a diary if you will, but where I was grabbing a spiral notebook or a piece of paper, or paper towel from mom’s kitchen, whatever, I can find her privates in church, I would grab the back of the church program, and just write whenever the Holy Spirit and I need to write. And so I don’t want to go too far and to deep without allowing you to ask me any questions, but I’m so glad I’m here. I’m Judy, because I know that you spotlight extraordinary women. And it’s funny because I wanted to share with something with you if I could, for the podcast. Sure. in line to be in line with extraordinary woman I found a letter just to give you a glimpse of the power of the Holy Spirit and his hand on my life. I wrote a letter to my Myself and April 27 2017, I actually attended a Brian booth, Danny’s class, you know all about bajri before.

And the facilitator asked me ask the class to write a letter to ourselves so we could look back on in a couple years, and it’s so fitting for today, Dear shamika, your purpose is to educate, help and inspire others through the mind, heart and soul. And perenne I put resources that God gave you, I am a fierce woman, I am peace. I am a leader, first and foremost a child of God, His daughter that is covered. I am anyone who sends to me, my child, my unknown spouse, at the time, my family are covered by the Holy Spirit. I am extraordinary, so much that my world is often lonely, but different from in my view, I will not let others insecurities when in my presence, discourage me. I embrace the power purpose and God given talents, gifts that my father has trusted me with having until his will is fulfilled, I am grateful. I am humbled to continue in my journey of his will for my life, I will continue to work at keeping my eye on him. Only we can get in our own way. But God continue to lead me to the rock that is higher than I nothing can keep me from what he has destined divinely, divinely ordered me to be keeping the faith Shamika Monique Dukes.

Come on. Wow, amazing. Amazing. I got it. I could do that’s nothing I could do. You know, it’s so you know, it’s amazing. And we Christians can get this, like, God knew that you and I were meeting today. And he knew that he was going to introduce the she is extraordinary concept and movement, and that you would be divinely brought into my life line into yours. And we intersect and it is just Jesus. Thank you. I mean, hallelujah to the king. I mean, this is just so good. Um, I mean, it’s so neat, because Brian Buffini, I believe is a believer too. But I bet you any money, that that type of letter that you wrote to yourself is a little bit different than most other letters that were written in that room is just my guess. That is so incredible. Thank you for sharing that Shamika. I want to piggyback on that a little bit. Because obviously the Lord is hugely important to you he is of primary importance. And I can see that. And in what I have read about you online and what I know about you, I understand that your mom introduced you to the power of prayer an early age, and your dad instilled in you the value of the faith and the hard work, and the perseverance.

So I’d love you to share a little bit about that. And with a caveat, I do want to say that God just brought this to my mind. I was blessed like you to have imperfect, but very loving parents. And so I am sure there are some women listening that didn’t have the daddy. And and I know some women who have been abused by their father, and it’s horrible. And it makes it harder for them to really see the Heavenly Father as this good thing. But so we want to be mindful of that. But I would love for you to share with our listeners kind of what that was like being brought up in the faith and and obviously you’re grounded in it. How did that happens? Oh, that’s such a, it’s such a great question. And thank you for touching on the women that are listening that may not have their daddy their father in their lives, or if it wasn’t a good relationship, I’m very sensitive to that. Thank you for bringing that up. Because I feel that I’m called to reach all women that are seeking God that are seeking what I’ve experienced, that are seeking to be holes that are broken. My calling is broken going after broken woman.

And, you know, I come from very humble beginnings. My father was a correctional officer at a jail here in DC. My mother worked for the post office. So they both You know, my father did more like 12 to 16 hours. And my mom did eight hours. But my father really wasn’t home a lot because of work, you know, because he was the the major, you know, breadwinner. And, you know, while I have memories of sitting on my dad’s lap in his chair to watch the Knicks game and hearing him, you know, just yelling at the TV as if he’s at the stadium. Those are very fun memories. And the other one that’s very fun is riding my bike. He taught me how to ride my bike. But especially when it came to taking the training wheels off, because that was really scary. And one thing that I carry with me always is when he had his hand on the back of the seat, you know, in the 80s, we had this really long seats that you sat on. And so his man was like, way in the back, I’m probably gonna have two people on the bike with me. And I just remember I kept looking back I kept looking back, and he said, No, stay straight look straight ahead. That is that you look straight ahead. And is that message that I can hear clearly, like, it was yesterday when it was my teen 88 about so any daughter that’s listening, when I say daughter, I’m not it doesn’t mean literally it means any daughter that is a child of God that’s seeking Jesus.

That’s what daddy’s saying. Look straight ahead. Look, keep your eye on hands. Stay in the word. And that’s how we that’s where that’s where I personally hear from God if I’m not in the word, I don’t know what God is saying about me what my father says about me, I don’t know the plans he has for me if I’m not in the word, and so it’s very easy to walk around in this world in this life and be distracted by what everyone else in this world is saying to you. And everybody’s not for you. You know, it’s it’s a as I say, a doggy dog world. Everything is not for you and even with social media, I feel like it just heightens you know, the chances of you you know, really just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Um, but just to stay on track. How did we get here you know, we didn’t have a perfect you know, home but we had a lot of very loving home very loving home to the point that as I got older was it was hard to meet different people that just weren’t like my parents, right. But honestly, my relationship with God became closer because of depression actually.

But God has always had his hand on me. He will bring things into my my remember it. So when I was three years old, my mom My father, my brother, and I, and my dad, I think I hopefully I mentioned my dad, we all went to churches chicken. That was like the biggest, you know, the places you go to for dinner. And what was in the 80s. And we waited in the car dad went inside. Well, he had a Volkswagen one of the Beatles. I think it was a beetle. I know it was a Bose flag, I’m sure I’m sure with a beetle because the engine was in the back. Okay, well, my brother and I were and the car overheated, the engine overheated and caught on fire. Oh my gosh. My dad came out and save this. And so, you know, again, I’m 40 years old. So some people think it’s silly or immature when they if they see you know, my handles daddy’s girl. But what God has shown me is my main father, my number one daddy is Jesus my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Ladies, whether you have your father in your life or not, I still have my father in my life. We have a good relationship. But honestly, I think it has something to do with I was growing up and I was maturing, and he was afraid to see me grow and see me mature and just the unknown uncertainty. Our relationship was broken from about the age of 13. And on I can’t really put a cap on it. We actually through COVID through this year, but you know, through the pandemic, I see me my father’s relationship, my natural father’s relationship. I see the gap closing and we’re getting closer. So yeah, that’s awesome.

Don’t don’t feel like it does not have to be your natural daddy. Jesus found me when I was depressed. I was depressed, depressed little girl from 14 until 24. And, again, I just I had concerns I was questions. I didn’t think I was like other girls in some ways because I never was in a real relationship. I had, you know, issues with my body type feeling. I’m very hippy, and you know, shapely and you know, just not comfortable as you’re growing and, and then had relationships that I thought were serious as I became a woman that were not. And so I just had a lot of questions, you know, and I really thought I was it was just me and the paper me the paper in the pan. And then when I turn 25 I because I have a background in human resources. I was a supervisor for a company I was working for. And it was for I supervise a call center. And there were about 10 women in the call center and it was Christmas time Christmas 2005 This is one reason I love Christmas in general because I have good memories as a child growing up around Christmas but I really love it because to that’s where dad uncovered revealed myself. The seed that was in me, the career of writing my purpose for writing as writing as my ministry. And I said, you know why this Christmas, I want to write a nice poem for the ladies I work with because, and I’m, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, if I keep going back and forth. And I keep remembering to, I want to make sure I include the details. So role from a period of 1994 to 2004, will capture that period of that’s what I was, you know, going battling with depression. And, but during that time, every time I wrote when I picked up a pen, the Holy Spirit gave me the idea to write everything down, and with a rhyme, so I was writing poems, I was writing poetry, but I didn’t pick up on when I was doing it. But in hindsight, 10 years later, I realized it.

So I wrote this poem around Christmas is 2005 now and gave it to 10 ladies that I work with, and one of them came back. And she said, shamika, wow, your poem is so touching it. It’s really heartfelt. And she just started asking me questions about Judy. And I was like, Why is she asking me questions, you know, cuz I didn’t, really, I had a best friend who she knew I would write like, you know, it’s a hobby. But other than her, no one really knew. And this woman was asking this question, and I couldn’t understand why and, and I was just totally shocked. And so the more questions she asked, I had to stop and think about it, because I wasn’t prepared for an ask me questions. And she said, Well, how many pieces do you have? And I’m like, pieces, you know, what are you talking about? You know, she’s talking about how many different poems and so I literally, I literally had an out of body experience, I could see myself walking into my bedroom, going under my bed where I hid all of my columns, that was in this big folder, taking them out, and then going through them just trying to have an idea in my mind how many I had, and I told her, you know, about 3540 pieces. And she said to me, You have a book and I said, I have a wife.

Okay, that is, that is a crazy story. And we know, we know that she was touched by God to say that she might have even been like, I don’t know why I’m asking you this. But I have to ask you this. That is, so that is just so neat how God uses Well, for lack of a better word, the crap in our life, to bring us closer to him. Because I just want to share, I have never been closer to the Lord God, then when my marriage broke up, and I felt abandoned, and I felt lost. But I dove into the word, and I would cry out to God, and I’m telling you, I would never want that to happen again. But I am not as close to God as I was then. And I mourn that I regret that. So yeah, I mean, we go through these ebbs and flows for a purpose. So um, you know, I know you said, You’re a mental health advocate. So I just want to talk about that a bit if that’s alright, with you.

Sure. Um, so I’m new to being a mental health advocate, um, once at age 25, is when I realized that I was depressed, I didn’t really realize that this depressed until 25, I was already in the recovery stage. And so I know I’ve said this, like 1000 times already, I’m not bragging about my age, but I tell you my age so that I can make it plain to you that I’ve been on this journey since 25. Now to Okay, now that I identified what went on back there, you know, okay. And now that I know that there’s a name for it, because in the black community, especially, we just did not go to a lot of us. I can never say all about everything. But, you know, people that I knew that look like me, we didn’t go to our families did not go to therapists. And so, someone had asked me know, did you ever reach out to someone for help? But no, because I didn’t, I didn’t even know it if you don’t acknowledge and how can you notice speak it out loud and say you think you want to talk to someone about it? So, you know, it’s not my parents thought they didn’t know they probably just thought Oh, she’s a teenager, you know, because I close my door a lot. And I had my favorite r&b artist, Mary J. Blige is one of them, and I would just put her CD on repeat and be sad, but it was like a happy face. Because you know, when you’re sad, I guess for some reason, it’s like, oh, yeah.

I totally get that. But I want to stop and ask you one question. So, um, I wouldn’t say that I was depressed, but I’ve gone through my share of mental health stuff like eating disorders, agoraphobia, anxiety, and that kind of thing. And when you’re going through it, you do feel like I’m a weirdo. Nobody else ever went through this. I can’t, I didn’t feel like I could talk to anybody. So does that sound familiar? Is that kind of where you were?

Guys, um, I just felt like, this is just me, this is just how I am. I didn’t really think there was something wrong per se, I just felt like, I know I’m different. But I’m just doing the best that I know how to do, you know. And, um, but moving forward. So from 28 to 25. And on, I really was searching, you know, once I realized that I had come out of that, and then realize who brought me out of it. It’s a lot to take, it’s a lot to digest. Yeah. And so I was hungry, as you read, mentioning, you know, when you’re when you were broken, I was hungry for the word I was chasing after God. And, you know, I didn’t know that. I didn’t, I didn’t think he was calling me to be like a minister or pastor or anything. But I just, you know, in fact, I was afraid of that I thought he was gonna call me to be a minister or pastor. Because when I first wrote, I have two versions of my book that’s out. This is a relaunch dude, stuff as a relaunch. So the first time I did it, I wrote the book, I was very inexperienced on what I was doing, because I did not plan to write a book, when once that woman said to me, You have a book, I could not shake it off, I could not unhear what she heard, that’s how I knew, okay, this is just as serious.

This is like, he’s really telling me to do this. And God knows me. He knows all of his children, all of his daughters, he talks to us in a way that it’s clear that we know it’s his voice. And he knows I have to hear things over and over again, like I have to receive at least three confirmations to really get it. And the first time I wrote it, I collected I put all my plans together and, you know, created a book. And I he told me to put scriptures in the book because I had been seeking Him and I did acknowledge that he was the reason why that I was better. And then I had been delivered. And I didn’t do it. I was disobedient. Because I was afraid. If I said that, if I put the scriptures in here, then someone’s gonna expect me to understand the Bible and to break everything down for them. It’s almost, it’s crazy, but I was thinking like, they’re gonna look at me like, I’m sad. Yeah, I’m like, I’m not saying you’re gonna, I’m just glad that you saved me. probation is free. What do you mean, you want me to put? You know, what do you mean, want me to charge people? I don’t want to do that. And so I just didn’t understand it. You know, and I did not trust him, that he knew what he was doing. And I was using shimmy, because my, and then and that was 2008. And then you know, a lot of things happen in between.

But long story short, I repackaged it, I met a woman who a mentor that showed me how to do it the right way. The first time around, I had a publisher, this time I self published it. So you better believe God, once I saw all that it said, to get this book together to get a typesetter hire and pay for typesetter. Hire and pay for an editor, hire and pay for the photographer, hire and pay someone to do the graphic design, you better believe I’m a lot better at saying this is my book. And this is how much it costs. And it’s good for you. Absolutely.So I’m sorry, I didn’t want to answer your question. So about the mental health. So I was searching for. After all that was out of the way I was still searching for I was hoping for forgiving back. You know, like God, you healed me and, and I’m in a different place now. Like, I’ve got it. But I’ve got to go back and go get somebody else. I got to I’ve got to go back and get another woman, another little girl, another teenage girl who is going or grown woman that’s going all ages that’s going through something that is similar. It doesn’t have to look just like what I went through.

But if I can, through sharing my testimony explained to them what happened to me and how you say to me, if it can, if it can draw them to you, I just I’ve got to do something. I just I just couldn’t sit down on it. Right. And I came across and became an advocate, if you will, I came across Nami, the National Alliance for mental illness. And I’m in the very beginning stages. I just started with them. I think January last month, or it’s March now, so January, and right now I’m just learning more about Nami, what they do their involvement with whether it’s Congress and you know, certain legislature later that’s passed. And I’m also in a group coaching so that class so I can learn more about what others battle with and all that kind of good stuff. So I’m just learning more about myself in the history and things like I went through so that I, I want to be in a position to continue to help other people the best way that I can. And that’s one way that I think is gonna help me do that.

Well, that’s amazing. That’s amazing. Um, I want to touch on your film that you’re producing. You’re a screenwriter. And this year, I’ve seen you want to produce your film by the end of the year. So tell us about the film, and kind of what’s involved because I know I know nothing about it. My youngest son is all about directing and producing, but I know nothing about it. So tell him, give him my nice talk to your son. This is, oh, this is new territory. You know, that’s what makes it so exciting. You know, the book, writing the book and getting that published with new territory. At first, it was scary, but now it’s exciting. And just when I thought God was done, you know, I just thought, okay, you want me to write, you know, write my book, take my poems and publish a book. Okay, I can do that. And I thought I was just gonna go on living my life. He said, I got more. I got more.

Yeah. He said he had more. But to be honest, I actually approached God about the movie, because at the time, because it’s under the old version of the book, things were really nothing was happening with it. It was stagnant. But it was stagnant because of me. I wasn’t doing. I wasn’t doing anything. I was promoting it. I wasn’t selling it. You know? So I said, I said, You know, I really want to see my story that’s now packaged in the book. I’d like to see that on the screen. Because I think that more people watch screen films and movies. And maybe I can reach more people. This is me negotiating that, right. And so this is before the relaunch was published. And he basically told me, you know, we had unfinished business with that first book. And so I had to take care of that first. So I did. And now I met a lady, my mom had fell ill in 2017. And I retired about when I retired, she made that I resigned from federal government service, I was with the federal government for seven years and resigned, so I could help mom and be her caretaker. And like you said, how it’s just, you know, God, we’re moving and adding, like, say the serious ways anymore, but God has a plan for sure.

For all of us. And I do believe that when one door closes, you know, get ready, because another one is about to open. And so, you know, I left federal service, and some people, my dad, especially because he loves me, and he was like, you know, you shouldn’t leave your good government job, you know, but and I, my dad gives me really good advice. And there’s been many times where, after the fact, he was right, but I would never tell him he was right. But, um, you know, it was a good thing. I’m glad I did it. Because while I was taking care of Mom, I met a lady who knew another lady who is who’s now my mentor who another mentor, because you’re also my mentor, I’m just so blessed to have to. But her name is tressa as a real small word. And she basically taught me how to write a script, the screenplay that I’m that you’re referencing, and I finished it, I finished my first drive in 2018.

I’ve been tweaking it ever since anybody who enters the field, the film industry that that world, you will learn very quickly, there are a lot of revise after revise after revise, you’re always, you know, doing a revision of your, your script. And so I’m at the stage where I just, I’m doing a lot of resource research to see which direction do I want to go? Do I want to sell my script, you know, to the big guys, you know, or do I want to film it independently. And I’m really leaning towards filming independently, because I want to make sure that I still have a say so and how long has delivered because I haven’t you know what I’m learning about myself duty. And I think it’s uncommon. I’m not seeking to be a serial, anything. I’m not seeking to now that I wrote, okay, I have two books, but only one that I really talked about promote. I’m not looking to write five to 10 more books, and the script is done. I’m not looking to produce another one. So I think that’s why I tend to really take my time, like, I don’t feel like I’m in a rush. I know that God has given me something that I know that I could have not, could not have come up on my own. So sometimes I feel like it just drops out the sky. And but at the same time because of that it comes with a responsibility that I’m learning to have this accountability. And I don’t look at it like I’m going to have a second shot if you will.

So I’m very careful about you know, what I put together who I work with, and how I want it to be delivered because the Holy Spirit is all in me and Everything that I do and so, yeah, I’m doing I’m in the recharge stage, you know, the next step would be pre production. But it takes money. And so you know, until that comes until those resources come, and I’ll still be researching and praying about it. Absolutely. And you know what I love? And I hear it through everything you’re saying that you have you mentioned earlier, I didn’t trust God, in that moment, right when he said, read the Bible verses and you say, Well, no, not really. Thanks. But no thanks. But now I see that you are totally surrendered to Him. Right? You are like, Okay, what do you need me to do God and that you’re not stressed, I could see the relaxed, like, personality, the relaxed demeanor, I see it on your face. And it’s the rest and the peace of Christ holiday. And it’s just it’s the beautiful thing. I do want to highlight a couple things. As we wrap up, I can’t believe how quickly things go. But I love that you said you’re in new territory. And that as God opens up opportunities, you pray first, and then you walk through it even afraid, because one thing you said is, well, first, it was scary about the book.

But now it’s exciting. And so I really think that’s a life lesson for all of us, ladies, I think especially entrepreneurs like us to say, you know what, the first time you go live is going to be scary. The first time you write a book is going to be scary. The first time you have a one on one coaching call or whatever it is, it’s gonna be scary. But that’s where we begin. They’re all for like 30 somethings verses in the Bible that talk about fear. And I’m not one of these people that there’s a lot of there’s a lot of perceptions about fear out there. Like someone will say, if you have fear, you don’t have faith. I don’t really believe in that. I think fear is real. Fear will show up. Your faith has to be bigger. You have to be in control.

You have to give your trust complete trust tries to guide like you said surrender totally surrender, because it does show up that absolutely, yeah, I totally don’t believe that fear is a sin or fear is against faith. I mean, I guess I’m either gonna fear or I’m gonna have faith. But I think as humans, before we go all in on the faith. I think it’s normal and human to have that fear, even if just for a moment before we catch ourselves and say, okay, God, I trust you. You got this, no matter what that is. Right. So that’s really awesome. All right. One thing we didn’t talk about, that I think I want to touch on just for a moment, is how you’re juggling at all. Like, you’re a real estate agent. You’re an author. You’re very active on social media. I see you live on Instagram, and you’re, you know, writing for his favorite magazine. So how do you keep it all straight? How do you do it all?

I don’t know the grace of God. I know that’s like, That’s sounds cliche, but it’s true because I get up at about nine I don’t get up super early. Like I know some people get it like six or seven you know, and I probably should try to get a lot earlier because what I’m finding is I in my heart, the first thing I want to do after I wake up my eyes say thank you Jesus for Let me see another day. This is the data what have made, I will rejoice and be glad in it and then go straight into the work. I’m working on going straight into the world, that part I’m working on. I do get it for the most part every day, but it’s not at the top of the morning like I would like it to be. But yes, I work nine to five as well. I’m still working in human resources, but I am blessed that I can do that from home. I have a 10 year old son who’s also in school virtually attending classes at Liberty University.

Yes, love Liberty. And so um, you know, I’m, I’m homeschooling as well, I’m the cafeteria woman when he’s when he’s ready to eat, you know. And so I would say at 5pm on a good day, then I start running my business I am interviewing, I’ve now started with his favorite magazine. I’m on social media a lot. I was always on social media a lot. But now I’m really seeing where I’m on it for connections as well. Because if I see someone that we that may be a good fit for the magazine, from time to time I’m reaching out to folks to do an interview with them. Right now I’m just doing interviews for the magazine not for not video mag interviews yet but so I do that from time to time they come in they check around so it’s not like every day, you know thing and but they might have they might invite me to a round table to be a part of on on
social media.

And then you know I’m working with a buyer right now. God bless her because we’ve written about seven offers and she’s you know, the market is just brutal. You know that God for buyers. And so trying to make sure I can help her write a winning offer a winning winning offers so that she can get into her dream home. Yeah, Mr. Reddy keeping up with these track, you know, these these projects, making sure that Amazon orders are going out and my book is available. I always forget to say this. It’s available I it’s an audio book. It’s an E book, and there’s a paperback version. So there’s all different kinds of prices price tags attached to that. Oh, you know, they’ll you’ll find one that’s affordable. So yeah, I don’t I don’t know. I go to bed at like two in the morning, Judy. Oh, well, no
wonder you sleep till nine. You’ve got to sleep sometime. So Oh my goodness.

Alright, so tell us where we can find you online. And then again, tell us the name of the book and exactly where we can find it again, please, sir, the book is Duke SAP and say for every round, it’s a memoir. You can go to www dot Dukes up. That’s a dude. Like Dukes of Hazzard like Dukes up it’s www dot Dukes. books.com You can find me on at deer as a deer like reading the letter to someone dear daddy’s girl with an ask on IV and I’m on Facebook as shamika m like Mary Dukes. Okay, excellent. Okay, last question. This is called she is extraordinary podcast. So I would love for you to tell us about an extraordinary woman in your life. And what makes her extraordinary.

My grandmother she did pass away many years ago. Is it okay to use my grandmother, Lucy? Sure. Super extraordinary woman. She She moved in peace and quiet. And that’s like she was not and I think I’ve taken on a lot of her qualities. She was not allowed person. She was very classy. I will say that too. But she she was loaded with so much wisdom. And she shared a lot of that with me when she was here. And, you know, not a complainer did not complain hardly one bit. And so she was an extraordinary woman. She was holding it holding everything together, holding the family together. In fact, it wasn’t until she passed that I realized some of the dysfunction that we had in our family. Prior to her leaving this earth. I thought we were like a perfect family. And so yes, my grandmother was an extraordinary woman. And I hope that I know that she’s proud of me. And when I when I run my business, I’m definitely thinking about her when I set my mission and my vision in my business.

Wow, that’s awesome. Beautiful, beautiful thing. Well, thank you Shamika for joining me today, no doubt you have blessed many. And ladies if you have enjoyed this episode, would you please take a moment leave a rating and a review because it really matters. Also, feel free to reach out to me via dm at Judy Weber live let me know other guests you’d like to see topics you’d like us to cover? Because we’re doing this for you. Extraordinary lady. So again, sumika Thank you love. Love you, sister. All right, bye bye, ladies. We’ll see you next time.

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