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Ep 126: Become #1 in your Market w/ People-Focused Marketing

Ladies, welcome to this episode of The she is extraordinary podcast. I’m here with a very extraordinary woman and friend. I’m just honored to call her my friend. I’m here with Stephanie the taco. She is with Keller Williams in the San Fernando Valley area in California.

And this woman is at the top of her game. In fact, in 2019, she was named be top individual agent in the entire Keller Williams franchise throughout the United States, she has consistently been in the top 10. She’s been recognized by the Wall Street Journal’s real trends, and being in the top 100 agents across all brokerages in the United States. He speaks at the local and national level. He’s been featured in a bunch of media outlets, including la magazine, San Fernando Valley, this journal, and of course, the National Association of Realtors.

So let’s welcome Stephanie to the show. Thank you, how are you doing? Oh, I’m doing great. I’m jealous of you. Because I’m looking outside and I have snow. And I’m sure you’re in beautiful weather there. It is mostly sunny at 63 degrees, which is a little cool for us. Ah, all right. Well, listen, I know you’re one busy lady. So I really appreciate you taking time to share. You know your awesomeness with my listeners, because I have quite a following in the real estate industry. Of course. Oh, let’s start off with just briefly your background, what led you to real estate? Oh,
gosh, I was extremely young. I had always had an interest in real estate. I didn’t know much of anything. I had I was I had gone to college, and I was then traveling overseas in the fashion industry. And I realized that I was quickly getting too old for the fashion industry at the ripe age of 21.

And I decided I wanted more control over my future. And I had I had an acquaintance who was doing who was my age who was doing very well in real estate. And I thought you know, I’m going to give that a whirl that looks interesting. It looks like something that I might enjoy. And I might be good at. I had no idea about any of it. By the way, I pretty much just jumped in blind. Got my real estate license jumped in. And that was a very long time ago.
But you don’t look like it was a very long time. No wonder why we’re friends?

No, no, no. I know. You know, it’s so funny. I was just, I was just talking to a friend just yesterday. And we ladies are so darn hard on ourselves. I’ve gained I gained weight since the pandemic and you know, others are like, Oh, no big deal. Meanwhile, I’m just like beating myself up. So I know we’re too hard on ourselves. But Alright, so I love these ideas. Okay, I’m just gonna say it simply because we just want to be the best that we can be right? There’s nothing wrong with that. Yeah, yeah, for sure. Yeah. And I know, I know that we both have that standard of excellence. Like, like really good or very good. It’s not enough. We want to be excellent. So you’re right about that. Yep. So I, I remember this awesome story of the door knocking of the door knocking story of how you kind of got your first listing? Would you share that here?

Oh my gosh, yes. So they told me they my broker at the time. They said, well, you need to I said, What do I do? Then they said, Well, you need to cold call, you need to door knock. And you need to do this regularly. You need to sit open houses. So I started door knocking which to me. Growing up, my mother would always curse when the quote pesky salesperson, unquote would come knocking at the door. Yeah. And so I had it ingrained in me that they were horrible people. And that was, you know, really, very negative. And everybody on the inside of the house was irritated. If someone knocks on the door, what are they selling? So that was my reference point of knocking on someone’s door. So it was very difficult for me to overcome what I believe that they would be feeling when I knocked on their door. So I was terrified.

So I was literally door knocking and this man answers the door and I had my script ready. And I said hi I’m Stephanie the taco and I’m just curious to know if you’re planning on making a move in the next year. And he said yes. Well, the problem was my broker didn’t tell me what to say if they said yes. And so I suddenly found myself going, Oh, no. Now what will actually first he asked me for his watermelon because it was around before Fourth of July, and he’s a first year first he was grouchy. And he yelled at me, what is my watermelon and I’m thinking, produce, he won’t produce why I don’t understand. But of course, back then that was when the real estate agents in their farm would drop watermelons at Fourth of July.

And they would drop pumpkin at Halloween and all of that kind of stuff. So first, he’s screaming about at me about his watermelon. And I’m thinking you can go to Vaughn’s, which is the local grocery store down the street? I didn’t get it. And then when are you planning on making a move? And he said, Yes. He said, Yes. What have you sold, and I hadn’t sold anything. I had only had my license for five minutes. And I stammered, and I said, Well, did you want to list? And he said, Well, yes, I want to list and I said, Okay, give me your phone number. And I’ll call you later with a list. Like, he must have totally known, I was just stumbling all over myself.

Right. So I went back to the office, excuse me, I went back to the office. And I went to, there were these three guys in the office who were very successful, and they all sat together. And I would ask them questions, and I would ask them questions so much that every time I would walk toward their area of the office, they would pick up their phone, because I was that pain in the neck. And so I went to one of them. Explain the story of door knocking, and that this man wants to sell. And now I promised him some sort of a list. And I said, Look, will you go on the appointment with me? We’ll use your list. We’ll put my name on it, and we’ll share it. And he said, of course. So that was that was my first door knocking experience.

Wow. Wow. And I just love that that. You got that unexpected? Yes. And you just roll with it and impromptu. You’re like, okay, we’re gonna move this forward. That’s so good. Yes, take the next logical step. And so, I want to just, I’ve been in an all like, male dominated industry, but of course the law is, and you certainly were walking into a situation approaching three men, the three heavy hitters, and yet you did it. So for those ladies that are listening, that can relate to that situation, like whether it’s male or female, but you know, you’re looking at these heavy hitters, and you’re thinking they might be able to help me, maybe I should talk to them, but I’m afraid, what would you say to them?

Oh, I had no fear, have no fear. If you don’t, if you don’t ask you won’t get if you don’t raise your hand, you won’t get called on, the worst they’ll do is yell at you and tell you to go away or ignore you or brush you off. So and you what I found also was, they did get sick of me, they really did. And after a while they just but I didn’t have any fear and asking questions, because that was I was that was the only way I was going to learn. And I didn’t have any other ways to learn. There were no podcasts, there were no YouTube videos, there were no coaches, this was a long time ago. And the only way you could learn is to go to seminars, which I did. But those were maybe once every, you know, four or five months. And then it was just a really short window of time when I read books.

But I, I had an opportunity one time, there was a very successful agent in the office, and he wouldn’t give me the time of day at all. And I really wanted to go on a listing appointment with one of these guys. And that’s a lot to ask of someone because they’re doing their thing. And, you know, it’s awkward them, it’s gonna bring somebody along. So one day, this very successful agent needed a ride to the airport. And nobody was given him a ride. And it was like, I don’t know, Friday afternoon or something. And I said, I’ll give you a ride. And my whole intent was, I’m going to give you a ride, you’re going to take me on a listing appointment with you. So on the way, and that’s what I said, I’ll take it. You got to take me with you on one of your listing appointments. He said deal. So then on the ride to the airport, I picked his brain the whole way down, poor guy who probably would have been better off hiring a taxi. And then he let me go on the listing appointment with him. And it was extremely, extremely helpful. Just watching what he did and how he did it. Because I needed that that practical application.

Yeah, I really think the ride along and come along is so important because there is no better training in real estate than on the job training. And so when you can see somebody that’s masterful at interviewing home sellers or even home buyers and knowing kind of their rhythm and what they say and even as you said what they do like their body language and things Wow, that is there’s no better lesson. So that’s Oh, go ahead.

I was just I was just gonna say and, you know, in case anyone is thinking, Oh, yeah, well, I don’t have an option. tunity to take somebody to the airport, all you have to do is bring them a lead and say, Listen, I’ve got this listing lead, will you come on the appointment with me Do your thing, and we’ll share it. And of course, what what, what agent isn’t going to say Sure, no problem. So that would be a really easy way in to find out how a successful real estate agent Does, does their thing is to get a lead, get a listing lead and bring them in. That’s the deal.

That that is so good. And again, it goes back to no fear, no fear, just ask the question. Well, let’s talk about lead generation. Because I know that like you and I talked, it was a while ago now. But you have built your business, on building a network, and referrals. So I would love for you to tell those ladies who are new in the business or maybe have been around for a few years, but they keep repeating year one, they can’t seem to get traction, what would be some tips you would give them in the way of lead gen.

Oh, boy. So I do think the basics work. I do think picking a farm and farming that area works if you pick one area of 500 homes or 600 homes that you know, has a reasonable turnover rate. And don’t pick the hard areas like pick the areas where it’s attractive homes that you know, turns over. And just go in there and after you know if you door, knock it regularly, if you mail regularly, if you door drop regularly, and if you follow up regularly, it’s like a diet. After a year, you will own that area, they’ll know you they’ll come to think of you. So that’s a great way.

And in the meantime, you’ll get consistency out of that. And definitely after two years, if you do it consistently, you’ll be strong in any area. And then at the same time you’re networking with your peers, you’re networking with whatever your influence your your sphere of influences. You’re, you know, showing buyers, you’re following up. It’s so many it’s so many different avenues. It’s not any one avenue. Now, also social media in videos are really important. I think that’s another mode that people can tap into, to gain followers and, and connections if you will.
Right. Right, right. Well, let me let me ask now, I want to be specific, if you don’t mind. And that is, so let’s stick with the farm, for example.

And I’m going to ask you in a minute about how the pandemic changed the way you do business. But let’s go back to normal times. So what would be your recommended frequency for, you know, showing up live? Like to meet those in the farm in normal base? Like what would you say once once a month, and every every 30 days they should see you. I used to door knock when I door knocked? I hated it. Oh, but it’s effective. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, that was my appointment Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 10 to 12. It was in my book, that was my appointment. Nothing would stop me from doing that. Well, and I love what you just said nothing would stop me from doing that. Even though you did not enjoy it. One of the things that I didn’t only not enjoy it, I hated it.

Okay, that’s even better. Because I know so many listeners are feeling that way. So, um, well over time. Did you learn to not hate it? No. Okay, well, that’s even better. So that goes along with what I often say, ladies, if you want to thrive in business, you’re just gonna have to do what you don’t want to do when you don’t want to do it. You know, work? Yeah. Yep. So true. Yeah, yeah. So that’s just that’s just so good. But I love how you said nothing would get me off of it. Because what I find is that I’m crazy for the time block. Like, there is nothing more valuable than our time. Nothing more precious. Because when it’s gone, it’s gone. Right? Because if you invest your money, you invest your money. Well, you’re going to be getting that back and then some but when you invest your time, it’s here and then it’s gone. And so so many women are like well, you know, I had this in my calendar, but then the phone rang or then this or then that and I’m just like, no, unless the house is on fire, or some other agency. You’ve got to honor that time block. What are your thoughts there?

Oh, I agree. And it is really hard. It is really really hard. But it’s like a listing appointment. When I have a listing appointment, my phone is not with me it’s off. It’s not accessible via phone. I am with that client I am present. And that is one area that you know you want that listing can’t You can’t be taken away. on call looking at your phone or doing anything, so you just have to be disciplined and apply that to those other areas, which is it is easy to just go. Okay, I won’t, I won’t do whatever it is I won’t work out, I won’t go door knocking, I won’t do my calling. I’m going to dig through my gazillions of emails and get back to these people. But if you don’t, time block, and literally sometimes I have to shut my phone off and put it in the drawer to be able to focus on whatever it is that I’m trying to time block for. Because it’s a poll. It’s a poll, and it’s Yeah, that’s, that’s, that’s that challenge is real.

Yeah, I mean, I grapple with it too. But again, it’s like honor that time block, honor the time block. So focus is something also that I think we women can struggle with, because God made us in a way that we could multitask. We’re good at it. So yeah, are tricks on how you stay focused? Um, oh, gosh, how do I stay focused? I mean, is it just discipline be just being disciplined and knowing that you’ve got to take it one task at a time? Absolutely. Yeah, absolutely. And I do think it’s important to know, know yourself, like, for me, I’m a morning person. So for me, if I knock out the hard stuff, first thing in the morning, it’s so much better if I wait till later in the afternoon or evening to knock out the hard stuff. It’s not happening up procrastinate. Oh, my emails so much easier than dealing with that. So for me, it’s, it’s doing it in the morning, Know yourself?

Well, that is so good. I used to say I used that expression. Yes, swallow your frog, like do your most difficult thing, or the thing you hate to do? Or that you avoid it, get it done? And then you don’t have that stress saying, oh, golly, I’ve got to make sure I do that. It’s already done. So I’m with you there. with you there. Um, well, let’s talk about follow up. Because no matter what the lead gen strategy is door, knocking calling on the phone, social media, and a million other things that are possible. If you don’t follow up, nothing’s gonna happen. So yeah, the the excuse that I often hear is well, and you know what I’m gonna say I’m sure I don’t want to, I don’t want to, I don’t want to bug them or or feel salesy. I don’t want to make anybody feel that kind of way. But what advice would you have for the ladies to kind of get over that mindset?

So I understand that. And what I do is I always ask for permission. So at the end of the appointment, if they’re not ready to make a decision, which most people aren’t, I find anyway, then I say, great. I don’t want to pester you. When should I follow up? I let them tell me. Okay, how about a week from Monday? Okay, great. I’ll call you a week from Monday and then do it. And then on Monday, I call them just checking in as I said, I would not trying to test your you just want to follow up depending on if I first I’ll call them if I don’t get them on the phone, I’ll leave them a message. And then I’ll also say, in my voicemail, I’ll frequently say, I’m going to also send you a quick text, that might be an easier way for you, which is basically me saying, Look, I know you probably don’t want to call me back yet, but maybe you can respond quicker and a text right. And that six that we just get into follow up.

As I said, I would don’t want to pester, you just want to be diligent with my follow up. And then I will continue to do so. Every few days, you have to also know your audience, right? You kind of got engaged, like, you know, you know, there’s that person who is like, if you push too hard, they’re gonna be like, I hate you. And then you know, there’s other people who are like, yes, stay on me. So you kind of got to know your audience, but follow up, follow up, follow up, follow up, follow up until they tell you no, no, do you feel that out? As far as whether they’re the ones they need you to kind of, you know, be on them versus they don’t want to hear from you? Is it kind of your gut feeling over years? Or what would you say?

Um, I think I think it’s reading people and then that’s why I asked for permission. Like if they say, like, once in a while, someone will say, Oh, you know, we’ll we’ll call you. And then I’ll say, Okay, well, if I don’t hear from you by next day, a week from Tuesday, Can I check in? Sure. Like, what are they gonna say? No, I’ve never had someone who said to me, oh, you know, we’ll we’ll get back to everybody once we made a decision. And then I follow up and say, Well, okay, if I don’t hear from you say then by a week from Tuesday, Can I check in? I’ve never had someone say no, then of course, they’re gonna say, Well, yeah, okay. All right. She’s gonna be a pain in the neck is probably what they’re thinking. But at least that way, it gives you permission to follow up. At least it gives me permission to feel like I’m not being a total pain in the backside.

Right, right. Well, I’m sure you had those people that didn’t said, Sure Stephanie, call me a week from Tuesday. And then it might be hard for you to actually get them on the phone or even hear back from them. How do you handle that? Yep, absolutely. Then I will maybe I’ll text them, or I’ll send them an email. Or I’ll change it up, I’ll send them a little note card in the mail. I’ll send them a postcard of, you know, a real estate postcard that I have on myself. And I’ll pop it in the mail just thinking of you just checking in. And again, after a while, they’re like, oh, my god, she’s not going to go away. We better tell her what we’re doing or not doing.

Yeah. And so so Do you ever feel like that? Oh, gosh, I’m bothering them. Well, what I don’t feel like I’m bothering them. But I feel like something else is going on. And they’re not telling me like they got they got a friend in the business they got even though I ask all those questions up front, like there was one recently, where I followed up, followed up followed up, but he kept saying Go ahead, and you wouldn’t take my call, but he would respond to my text. And I could tell I was losing him. He was not he was not I was not for him for whatever the reason. And but he wasn’t, you know, I asked the questions, because I want to know, if you’re not going to like, Is there any reason you wouldn’t be comfortable in doing business with me? Yes. My relative in San Diego, we you know, it’s three hours away, right? something ridiculous. Yeah, he’s gonna do it for $1. Okay, then just tell me that, but not everybody is upfront and transparent. And so I’ll just keep pushing away. But I could sense that this guy had something else when he wasn’t being transparent.

So I call him he wouldn’t call back. But I would text him and he’d respond. But he would say yes, please check back with me next week. Okay, I checked back with him next week. And finally, he sent me a text, we’ve decided to go in a different direction. So I then I called him he didn’t take my call. Because when I don’t get one, I want to know why. Yeah. So anyways, I ended up, I ended up here. And I sent him a text. He didn’t respond, saying, you know, thank you so much for your time. Can you please tell me how you did arrive at your decision, and he went crickets on me. So I ended up just pulling it up online. And he did list with an agent out of the area, who’s a tremendous discount broker. So I’m like, okay, he was just picking my brain.

That was his whole thing. But like, it took it, I still had to, I wish, I wish he would have been transparent and just said, Listen, I’m talking to the local expert, so I know what to do. And then I’m going to use my friend from out of the area who’s going to do it for a discount, and I’m just picking everyone’s brain, I would have been much better with that. Because then I wouldn’t have had to continue to follow up, right. But that part of the business and it just goes with it.
Absolutely, absolutely. And it’s that mindset of, I’m not bothering them. I am being the diligent professional, who by the way, I want all these ladies listening, whether you’re in real estate, or whatever industry you’re in, know that you’re the expert. And I hope that you feel that you’re the best thing going in your industry, and that if they go another way, they’re not going to get the excellent service that only you provide. So I really want the ladies to hear that message. My broker is still in production. She’d say, You know what? Hey, Judy, you know, when you stop following up when you see the sign in the yard?

Or when exactly or when they tell you when that when they tell you when we’re listening, we’re not listening with you. We’re going in another direction. Okay, I’m done. Yo, yeah. All right. So yeah, we’ve got to be bold, like I one of my mantras is do it afraid. So you know, the mantra, the mantra is, do it afraid? Oh, yeah, absolutely. If you hate door knocking, but it’s important to you, and I’m talking again about non non COVID times, and we’re gonna dive into that next. But you know, ladies, pick up that phone, if that’s important for you, if that’s your way of getting business or go live on social, whatever your I have to do it, but I hate it thing is do it afraid. And the exciting thing is, the more you do it, the less of a pain in the butt, it’s gonna be you may never come to like it, you may always, like, dread it, but you’re gonna love the business that comes from it. Because it’s all about connection. Right?

Absolutely. Let me ask you about the pandemic, how has these COVID days changed the way you do business? And I know this is gonna depend state by state, but I’m just curious how it impacted you. Oh, so I mean, it’s such a sensitive subject, right? It it. When it first hit, of course, I thought, Oh, my God. That’s it. You know, I’m done. It’s been a good run. It’s over. It’s all over. Nobody’s gonna move ever again. And of course, just the opposite happened. I mean, at least here in Los Angeles, right? It’s been just insane. We’ve had over 50% of our sellers leave California and for a whole myriad of reasons. But anyway, the first month was difficult, you know, I my first zoom listing appointment. It was a cold listing, the woman reaches out to me and she says, Okay, well, we’ll do it by zoom. And I said, Great.

So I’m like, I did a whole test run. I didn’t know how to use zoom. I have my camera ready, I get my makeup on, I’m dressed and everything. And I click on the meeting, and her screen is black. And I said, Oh, I can’t see you. And she said, Yes, that’s correct. of like, Alright, so I did a whole listing presentation, staring at myself into a black screen for it was the weirdest thing. I had no feedback I had no, like, I couldn’t read her. It would have been better just a phone call, because but she didn’t want to do that. It was weird. So the first month, nobody, of course wanted to meet. And then as the months went on, people got more comfortable about meeting. And of course, I tell them the same thing. Look, if you’re comfortable, I would prefer to come to your house, I want to see your home, wear a mask that won’t touch anything. You know, I’ll stay six feet away. And most most people are comfortable with that. And I prefer that because zoom is there’s that weird hesitation. It’s just, it’s just not the same.

Right, right. So how was your business in 2020 compared to prior years? So I feel almost guilty. But 2020 was my best year by far. In my 32 years. Wow. Wow. We I closed 51 houses in 60 days of August in September. It was off the charts. I mean, it was just insane. And that wasn’t because of me that was because of the market. I mean, I was positioned well. And I was I was I was at the I was at the right point in the wave in the ocean when the wave came up. And I just knew how to paddling. Or I just I took full advantage. But it was I mean, it was crazy. 51 houses in 60 days. That was just I mean, it was it was not that that’s a record. I’ve never heard of that. And that is a beautiful segue on planned but a beautiful segue to my last question. And that is tell us about your team or the structure of your business. What else do you? Yes. So I am a listing agent, I built my business in a way before most teams are currently set up. So when I was a newer agent, and I realized the leverage of humans and people, I went and I added an agent to my team and my broker sat me down and said, You can’t do that you’re not the broker, you can’t have people working under you, what are you doing? And literally stopped me? And I’m like, Okay, well, there’s only one of me. So I can work like 20 hours a day and sleep under my desk.

But how do I break through this? So I started leveraging my time with admin. So I am one agent with a team of admin. And I have I am master of a listing presentation and the marketing side of selling a house. That is what I have devoted three decades to really mastering this, how to sell a house, that’s what I’m good at. And then I have people who helped me so I have somebody, most of my staff is licensed, but they work for me administratively. So I have somebody who works with me on the front end in prepping the the comps and the marketing getting it ready for when I go to the appointment. Someone who helps me with all of the marketing and exposing of the property and the follow up until we get an offer in somebody who helps me with the from the point of offer through counteroffers negotiation. She has a TC. I have somebody who works four days a week to float and help with wherever the bubble is. I have a woman who’s been with me for 21 years. She’s a licensed agent, and she’s a mini me. So it is it is constantly living and breathing thing. It is not set.

And every time you think it gets set, the market changes or the people change. But it takes it takes it takes a village
and it’s amazing how structured the way it is now that’s working like clockwork for you. I’m sorry, say that again? Or how I was just curious how many years or how long it took you to come up with this structure that you have in place now that works so well. Oh, well. We’re still we’re still caught me. I tweak it all the time because I want perfection and there’s no perfection in this industry. Right? It’s organized chaos. We’re at the mercy of people’s personalities, their timing the the drama of the business. But I would say that so my, when I was I was in the business for maybe three years, and I was literally sleeping under my desk. And the broker deemed me a fire hazard because I had all my files pushed out into the floor because they gave me a small little cubicle. And I’m like, well, that’s not enough room. So I’ll just pile this stuff on the floor. So a woman came up to me in my office, and she was twice my age, I was in my early 20s. And she was a seasoned agent.

And I remember very clearly, because I was sitting on the floor, I like to work on the floor. And she had her hands on her hips as she was standing over me as I was sprawled out in the middle of the office on the floor working on file. And she said, you need my help. And she was going through a divorce. And she wanted to, she didn’t want to get out of the business. And she wanted an income. And she saw that I was just, you know, flailing all over the place. And she said, you need my help. And I said, Well, how am I going to pay you? She goes, we’ll work something out. Just do it for 90 days. And if it doesn’t work, after 90 days, we’ll go our separate ways. I said, Okay, sounds good to me.

And that was my first foray into hiring someone. And of course, when I hired her, she freed me up so much, that I was able to do more business, which meant we had to hire somebody else. And it kind of just went through that, by itself. with tremendous growing pains. I mean, tremendous growing pains. I had no business background, I didn’t understand business structure. So it’s just been a work in progress, and constantly shifting and morphing.
Okay, next question, before we wrap up, and this is, what you’ve just said, is, to me, it just speaks to the importance of mindset, like, correct me if I’m wrong, but I will bet you dollars to donuts that from the very beginning, you said, I love this, I’m going to be a success.

Am I right? Yes, I wrote down. Oh, yeah, absolutely. In fact, my husband found something that I had in a box somewhere. And it was my goals. And it was from my first three years in the business. And it was literally goals, writing down your goals can be powerful, because I wrote down some pretty lofty things 30 years ago, and most of them have come to pass, which is pretty cool. But it’s a mindset, it’s writing them down. And then it’s, it’s, it’s following up.

So for those that are in the business, and they can’t seem to get any traction. And for me, like you could give them the if there was one strategy that always works, which isn’t the case. But you know, my thought is, if your mindset is not right, no one strategy or tactic or whatever is going to get you there. So is there any, I guess, mindset, tweak or shift that you have found, that is going to get you back on the right track anything specific.

So I think you really have to want it. And you really have to be willing to put in the work. I remember clearly one of my managers who would do urine reviews with all of the agents. She told me one time that someone said to her, an agent said, You know, I really want to do what Stephanie for taco does. But I don’t want to have to work that hard. So you have to really look at yourself and say, do I really want this? It’s like a diet, right? Like everybody wants to be a size two. But what it takes to be a size two is, you know, you can’t eat, you have to eat only spinach and chicken and you can’t have all the good stuff. So do you really want that? And if you really want that you’ll make it happen. And yeah, it takes hard work and dedication. So or whatever size you want to be, I don’t mean to say size to that’s not, you know, you know what I mean by my god, you have to be careful what you’re saying.

Absolutely. Whatever you want. There’s a lot of people saying out there, I want this, but they don’t realize that no matter what that one is, will require sacrifice. And men this tremendous sacrifice, right. And that could be a sacrifice of dollars to invest in a coach or to invest in a program or to invest in something so that you can grow yourself and develop. And it’s definitely going to be a sacrifice in time, especially in the beginning.

Totally. You have to give things up. If you say yes to something you’re saying no to a lot of other things.
Wow, that’s powerful. Absolutely. All right. Well, let’s question and this is this might make you think a little bit here, Stephanie, but this podcast is called the she is extraordinary podcast. So I would love for you to share with my listeners, an extraordinary woman in your life. And what makes her extraordinary.

Oh my gosh. Probably my mother is the first one that comes to mind because she was the One who told me that I, she used to always tell me when I was little that I was special. I wasn’t special, but she would tell me that. And she would tell me, she was so positive with her reinforcement, she would tell me, I was smart. And I was beautiful. And I mean, you know, she would tell me all of these things, and I believed her. So I, as a, you know, a young kid, my mother was very instrumental in me believing in myself. So I would say she is probably the person.

I love that our mom is I just interviewed a woman yesterday, and she said the same thing. It’s my mom. My mom was so supportive. And that is so critical to set you up because my mom would always say, Hey, dude, two types of people, a follower and a leader. Which one are you going to be? And you know, it’s just it’s just really awesome. Well, Stephanie, thank you so much for taking time. These these nuggets of gold. I’m sure my listeners are going to love the where can they find you online? Or where’s the best to meet up with you?

Sure. So I’m Stephanie the taco.com. I am with Keller Williams. I can be found via Google. Or my email, which is Stephanie at team the taco.com. Awesome, Stephanie. Thank you so much for being here. Ladies, if you enjoyed this episode, please consider right now leaving a rating and review. And always let us know your feedback because it is very, very important.

Once again, Stephanie, thanks again for being here. I so appreciate it. Thank you. Great to talk to you. Alright ladies, thank you for listening. We’ll see you next time.

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