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Ep 127: Marketing that Feels Good: Creating an “Experience”

All right, I am now live on Facebook. Let me get going on Instagram. Welcome. Welcome, ladies. Welcome to Thriver Thursday live, the place to be to learn powerful business strategies and grow in your walk with the Lord. How
are we today?

Who’s watching, please do pop, whether you’re here with me on Instagram, or here with me on Facebook. All right, my name is Judy Weber, for those of you that may not know, and I am a Christian business coach for you, for women. And I’m the creator of people focused marketing. And I help driven high achieving women of faith like you build businesses of significance God’s way.

And all of that starts with knowing who you are in Christ, and then deciding, you get to decide, you decide to go all in on that identity in the Lord, fully embracing who you are in him, so that you can step fully into your God given purpose. Why, so that you can impact those that you have been called to serve. And remember, ladies, because Christ is at the foundation of what we’re doing, not only in life, but in business, there is no limit to what’s possible, there is no limit to what’s possible. And I really want to see some loves and likes, okay, to that point, because it’s critically important, right? With man, it is impossible. But but with Christ, nothing is impossible, hallelujah. But what’s required to see God move. Okay, what’s some interaction here? What is required? In order to see God move? To the F word?

Yeah, it’s faith. Right? Okay. What did Jesus say? Time and time again? Oh, ye of little faith. I would hate to have him say that to me. But there’s no doubt that over the course of my years, even in more recent times, he would say that, God, what are you doing? Oh, ye of little faith, and even to His disciples, who got to do life with the Lord Jesus. And they saw firsthand, countless miracles. And and I’m thinking that as you’re walking with the Lord in real time, I can’t imagine that you didn’t feel His power, His love his awesomeness. And with all of that, his disciples faltered in their faith, so we don’t have to beat ourselves up, right? I’m never one to say, you know, feel guilty.

You should be ashamed. No, that is not of God. Right? There’s no condemnation for those in Christ hallelujah. Right. So we don’t want to beat ourselves up in that. But now here we are today. And we can look forward. And we need to stand on the Word of God, we need to live out our faith, right? This face faith thing is not easy for us humans, right. And even when we’ve seen God move at another prior point in our lives, somehow later, we so easily tend to forget that mighty movement of God from the past. And we doubt and we worry, and yes, even fear.

So what do we do as humans? And I hate when this happens to me, does this happen to you? Rather than looking to the future, with confidence in the Lord with excitement and anticipation with positive expectation? What do we do all too often? Well, like the disciples, we doubt, we worry, we fear and all of that can paralyze us, or at the very least hold us back and making us do less than we could less than we should write. You know, for example, some of you might be saying, You know what, I see Judy going live. I’m not doing that. I’m afraid. Number one, I don’t look good. Number two, I might stumble on my words. That’s just not me. I don’t want to be in front of the camera. Or how about this, maybe this is you. You know, I want to launch my business. But I don’t feel like I’m ready. So I’ve got to get my website looking perfect. I need to study online business more before I actually jump in.

Right. And each of those examples is really just holding back its excuses. It’s playing small, rather than fail faithfully moving forward. And baby steps are fine. Baby steps will get you there. Okay. So, again, 2021 is the year that we take God at His word, trust me. He’s saying to you trust me, daughter. I gotcha. I promised to equip you, where I call you. And I’ve called you to business and I want you to go all in on who I made you to be. I have a plan for you, says the Lord, a plan to prosper you and to benefit many. I have no doubt in my mind that God is saying right now to you watching me whether it’s live or on the replay, whether you’re here with me on Instagram or here with me on Facebook, he is saying Trust me. He’s saying go big. The Lord Saying I can do immeasurably more than all that you could possibly ask or imagine. Through my power, says the Lord in you. He says, Listen to me. Take action. big, bold, courageous action. The Lord God Almighty wants you to take this Terry step. That is scary step.

You’re not gonna fall. Right? You may stumble, like I just did. That’s okay. We’re not perfect. Only the Lord is perfect, right? So in all of that, what I just told you, there were a couple of great Bible verses, did you hear them? No, I didn’t reference them. But they’re there. Because the Lord God Almighty, in His Holy Word, has given us everything we need. We just got to open it up. Read it. And most importantly, live it out. Right? There were tons of God’s exceedingly great and precious promises tied into what I just said. So go back and listen, if you missed it, right. Stop listening to the world sister, and the world’s coaches and influencers and start listening to and obeying with the Lord God Almighty is whispering in your ear. Right? What he’s told you, and what he continues to speak to you, as you go to him, faith over fear.

We get to decide, and I just did a post on that on Instagram. If you’re not following me on Instagram, here on Facebook, join me at Judy Weber live, I would love to connect with you there. But you get to decide faith over fear. Sometimes that’s a minute by minute thing, right? Thank you for the love, ladies love it. I really want this to impact you. taking baby steps in faith, taking those big scary steps, the big scary action and see in the Lord when we go all in on who we are in him. And it’s not by my own strength, but by his that’s when we can take those big, scary action steps with confidence, with boldness. And with that expectation of a mighty movement of God as He works to bring his perfect plan into fruition. Hallelujah. All Praise to the Lord, right. So listen, if you haven’t yet told me that you’re watching, would you please leave a comment?

Whether you’re on Instagram or here on Facebook? And I’m going to be coming back to you on Facebook in just a minute. But today, I’m so glad you’re here. We’re going to talk about the client experience. What is it? Why is it important? When does it begin? And what does it involve? Okay, so before we dive in, let’s go to the Lord. Heavenly Father, we thank you, we thank You, Lord for this technology, you know that I have a love hate relationship with this thing called tech. But oh, what a joy it is Lord, that we your people can use this tool to reach so many. Thank you, Lord, for blessing me with this reach. Thank you, Lord, for blessing me with clients literally from all over the world as far away as Australia and South Africa. And I’m on the east coast and I have clients on the west coast of the United States. I’ve got Canadian clients, Lord, I’ve got followers and people in this beautiful Facebook group and on Instagram, from from, from Europe from you know South America, Lord, You are just so good. And I pray that you will use me Lord as your vessel.

I know nothing. But for what you allow me to know, Lord, so speak through me, Lord, and and May May you quick in my heart and mind to say exactly the words that each of these beautiful ladies watching need. We’re going to really love you, Lord, and we’re going to trust you in doing exactly that. And we pray all this in the mighty name of your son Jesus. Amen. Amen. Okay, so we’re going to start the substance of today’s thriver. Thursday, live with a question. What is your client experience? I mean, do you have a formalized meaning it’s in writing client experience, policy or procedure in place? Or, you know, do you have this strategy laid out for an experience that you’re giving your people? Many don’t? And, you know, don’t get me wrong. I haven’t met a woman who doesn’t want to serve her clients in the very best way. Right? And if asked, you will probably say yes, Judy, I want everyone I come in contact with to have a great experience with me, especially my client.

That’s right. And that’s all great well and good. But do you have this client experience plan or strategy, as I mentioned, laid out in writing to ensure that your client experience is truly going to be that positive one you want it to be? And what I like to call a wow experience, right I truly memorable amazing once In a lifetime thing. Okay, if you follow me, you know, that two weeks ago in my thriver, Thursday live, I talked about the fact that as I look at the online space, I see too much elevation of tech. Right? It’s a minimal conversation around client experience and the human connection, this idea of people focused marketing. And I see you, you seem to be caught up in doing the social media thing, right?

Worried about growing followers, often for the sake of growing followers, right? doing Facebook ads, and boosting, you’re really running yourself ragged. Not to mention spending quite a bit of money with unfortunately, little to no return. Does that sound familiar? I want to see some love. If that’s you, okay. And if that is you? Well, let’s stop it. Right. It’s not about spending more time, or more money posting. And it’s not about putting necessarily more ads out there. Okay? Not without a strategy. That works.

Okay. So instead of spinning your wheels, instead of, you know, just racking your brains and spending all this time and money and effort on posting, right, on making the algorithms happy, I couldn’t give a crap if the algorithms are happy with me. Okay. I already know this is rented space. So I will take advantage of this opportunity. I will praise God for it. But I’m not going to put all my apples in that basket. And I don’t want you to either. Okay. So what’s the answer? The answer is focus on people. When I call people focused marketing, and I’m talking about one person at a time, that level of focus one on one. I mean, let’s get back to the basics, ladies. And those basics are powerful. Okay, the goal of running a business is not to wear yourself out, Can I get an amen on that? It is to impact people with your God given gifts. So my approach to business is, hey, let’s be streamlined.

Let’s do business in an elegant way. I love elegant, right. And I’m pretty much those that know me. I think Carolyn is watching and and some of my other clients are watching. They know that I’m kind of a goofy lady. So I don’t know that you really call me elegant. Thank you for that love up there on Instagram. But I want to do business in an elegant way, kind of sophisticated way. And I want to keep it simple. No need to overcomplicate no overwhelm, and hey, while we’re at it, let’s have some fun, love fun, right? Listen, here’s a truth that I really want to resonate with you today. God made us ladies naturally relational.

We’re great at connecting. I was watching sitcom yesterday wings on Netflix. That’s one of my guilty pleasures. And there was a reference to you know, hey, you know, I’m cab driver. And the other day, you know, ladies got in my cab. There were strangers. But within like a couple of seconds, they sounded like they were best friends. That’s how we are. Thank you, Lord, for giving us that natural relational acumen. Right. It’s an innate skill that he gave us. And let’s build our businesses around focusing on people that we want to serve, talking to them, taking a genuine, genuine interest in them, caring for them serving them, right. It’s about relationships, and we’re naturally great at it. Let’s leverage that God given skill. And all of that, I hope is a breath of fresh air. And charisma says Amen.

All right, thank you. Okay, so I’m telling you, ladies, and I want you to hear me 2021 is your year. And I want you to type that in the comments, wherever you are. 2021 is my year it is decide, and let’s make it happen. Okay. Faith, action. People focus marketing. That’s it. When you go all in on that, and you’re going all in on and fully embracing who the Lord made you to be, it’s got to be a win. It can’t be anything but okay. So where do we begin? Alright, let’s talk about client experience for a moment. It’s what your clients in my opinion, your target audience experiences, when they interact with you. That’s the client experience. So no matter what that interaction is, or where it takes place, right? It could be social media could be your website, it could be on email could be in person, but what do your clients and again, in my opinion, it stretches even to people before they become your clients, your target audience, what do they experience? What are they feeling? Right? And to me, then the client experience quote, unquote, begins to the first interaction, not just when the person becomes a client.

So when we think about that, That means we need to be mindful of all that we’re doing. Okay? Remember, details matter. So how are you showing up? What do your words say? Like? What are you saying? Because words matter? Do they accurately reflect your brand messaging? Do they even capture the essence of your brand? And do they position you as the go to expert in your market? And from what I see, we’re kind of good at it when it comes to social posting. Right? Like, like some of you that are really working hard on the posting, you are allowing your brand words to be used, you are coming into your own on your isms, right? My Judaism’s I have a bunch of them, right? You know, do it afraid, you’re perfectly imperfect go all in on who the Lord God made you to be all those kinds of things, right. But somehow, when it comes to interaction, one on one, I see many women falling down a bit. What do I mean by that? Well, when I asked ladies about their engagement, on social, for example, they say, Well, I don’t really know how to do that. I don’t know what to say.

Or they go the other way. They say, Well, you know, I kind of skipped the Get to know and I jumped right into, here’s my awesome product or service, you want to you want to jump in, you want to buy that, can you relate to that, like you’re kind of on one end or the other, right? But I need you and I encourage you to take the pressure off of yourself. And again, let’s get back to those beautiful basics, and lean in on our natural relational acumen, those skills that we’re naturally great at by God’s hand. Because ladies engagement and interaction one on one is not about the sale. It’s about the relationship. So when you prioritize simply talking with interacting with your target audience individually, like one at a time, with the goal of simply getting to know them, right?

The connecting, creating this great experience, that is the interaction a conversation that connecting, it becomes not a chore, or a dreaded task. But rather like you look forward to that time, block time of connecting, engaging, it’s an exciting opportunity. And it’s a joy to simply do what comes natural and connect and get to know these people that you’re connected with on social. Does that make sense? And what I’ve just gone through is really through points one and two, what is client experience? Why does it matter? And when does it begin? Right? So to summarize, what is the client experience? Well, it’s how you make another person feel. Right? When you’re interacting with them, when you’re speaking to them, no matter if that’s in written form, through a voice note, whatever it may be commenting on your posts, dming them whatever it looks like, how are you making that other person feel? Are you making them feel valued? Like you care about them as a person individually? Or are you just banging them with a sale? You’re like, you’re like that clanging bell in First Corinthians 13. You’re just nag nag nagging. Right? We don’t want that. So think about that. How would you like to be approached, and then we just do that, right? We treat others as we’d love to be treated.

So throughout this customer journey, some people call this client experience a customer journey throughout this relationship building process. There are of course, many touch points, with each of these touch points offering the opportunity to create, as I mentioned, a truly memorable, positive and yes, wow, experience. Okay, so what do I mean by touch points, you know, you meet on social, you comment, that’s another touch point, you take it to the DM, that’s another touch point. They, you know, opt in to one of your freebies so that you can email them. That’s another touch point and an opportunity. And then you jump on the phone.

All these are unique opportunities of connection and furthering relationship. And again, when does this client experience begin? At the first Mo, whatever that first meeting, or interaction takes place, wherever that is. So let’s take a breath. And tell me how does this mind shift this change in perspective about engagement on social? How does it make you feel? Does it feel more doable now? Does it feel less like pushy and less stressful, and actually more natural, maybe even something you think you might look forward to? I hope so. Alright, let’s talk for just a bit about three simple and fun ways to connect with new people. Within your target audience online specifically, okay, this isn’t about strategies to find new followers or connections, but rather how to connect and really engage with those already in your world. Okay, so the first one, how do you how do you connect? How do you engage? First of all, you explore their world. Okay? As in time, block time in your day, every day to go through your followers feeds, okay? See what’s going on in their life in their business, if that applies to you, and not just click a Like button, but comment with a thoughtful comment that shows you actually read the post.

Or if they did a video, you actually watched it. Okay. And then, in that comment, you end by asking a question, because you want to continue this dialogue. And thank you, Bonnie says, I love this mind shift. Awesome. Awesome. I’m so glad. Okay, so I’m going to give you a couple of examples to really bring this home about what makes a thoughtful comment. How do I even come up with that, right? Because I want this to be easy. Going back to the basics, God gave me this skill of relational abilities here, so don’t overthink it. Okay. How about this, you one of your followers posted an inspirational quote. We all love those, don’t we? I love it. So maybe in response to that, your thoughtful comment would be, wow, that’s one of my mantras if it is or Wow, those are Words To Live By.

I also and then maybe you’ll also want to give a related quote, right? Hey, that reminded me of this other quote. Or maybe you want to ask her Gosh, where do you find your quotes? Because I just love it. As I look at your feed, I just love your messaging. Okay. Or if she’s heard, creating a dialogue, if she responds to your comment, and she goes, Oh, I love that and whatever, that all works to continue the dialogue. And that’s the reason why a thoughtful comment should end in a question. Okay. All right, I’m giving other examples. I see this more on more on social, which I loved and which totally is in keeping with this idea of people today are really looking for hungry for transparency, and realness. Right? So let’s say someone that you follow has posted about a life lesson they’ve learned, they’re really being vulnerable.

Maybe your response could applaud her for being so real, right? And then maybe briefly, very briefly, not to take the highlight off of her onto yourself, but briefly share maybe a similar experience, or say something that bolsters what she said in the post. Okay, so you got to kind of, like I said, relate to the post. And then maybe if this makes sense for you, you might want to ask, wow, how do you get the courage to be so bold? Or maybe you simply comment, acknowledging the post and showing appreciation? And then dm her that question, hey, I’d love to share such a powerful personal story like you, but I find it difficult. Did you at first, like how did you get over that? You see what I’m saying? It’s really just talking with her as if she’s a new friend, like you would if she were here in real life right next to you. It’s really just being you nothing about what you do.

You’re getting to know somebody. And you know how to do that. It’s just the same process, whether it’s online or offline. Okay, so that was one simple way. Leave a thoughtful comment to the second way to connect and really engage is share a post. I love when people share my posts. It’s a beautiful thing, because it helps to expose me to other people. So no doubt, one of your people in your world online would appreciate the share as well. Okay. Third, simple way to connect and build relationships is to tag them in a post. So you can get them more exposure that way. Rebecca, Rebecca Jones, shared a post that said something about I dare you to, to call out something about I dare you to call out another woman that you really appreciate something like that. And it’s great. And I will be following up on that and doing the same thing because I love it.

And she listed me among three or four other accounts on Instagram that she follows in the women that she appreciates. That’s a beautiful compliment to be thought of that way. doesn’t cost you a dime. really doesn’t take a whole lot of time either. But it’s thought it’s thoughtful, and it’s the detail and it’s the calling them out individually. Again, people focus marketing. Okay, so I said I was going to give you three simple ways to connect and nurture relationships online. I’m going to give you a fourth, Okay.

And then This bonus is talking about the DMS because I really think DMS are very, very important. We’re here on Facebook in messenger, okay. So think about reaching out to someone that follows you on DMS or in the messenger with a question an opportunity, invite them to a phone chat and not to a discovery call. Okay, that’s not what I’m saying. Invite them to a get to know each other chat. Okay. Remember, the focus is on them. And when you’re thinking about, well, what should I ask them? About? What what’s my opportunity? Okay, well, ask yourself, What can I do for this person? What do I have to offer this person? And I’m not talking about my products or services right now. But what can I put in front of them to make it worth their while to take time out of their day, to talk with me and get to know me better? Hey, Barb, glad you’re there. So listen, great news.

The more you do this kind of people focused marketing on a one on one basis, and you really be intentional and strategic about how you reach out to people. And ultimately, you get your client experience written out. In writing, right? In a plan that all you have to do now is implement. The more you do that, the easier it gets, the easier it gets to figure out what the heck am I posting? And how do I thoughtfully respond in comments, right? The easier it gets for you to think about collaboration and opportunities have ways of serving the other person, they just come to you. Why? Because you’re flexing that muscle. you’re practicing that natural skill set of yours that God gave you. And you’re awakening your creativity to that giving way of thinking as it relates to grow and relationship. Okay, so so this is the beginning of business building, truly. Because we know that business is all about the people. And so when you think about it, why do we expect that someone’s going to find us today and become a client tomorrow, that may happen? But a lot of times it is a longer term investment on our part. And that just makes sense, right?

Aren’t you the same way? Are you going to throw money at someone you just met? Or are you going to take the time to get to know them to see whether or not you like them, get them that they get you? And that that trust has been established? Okay? So I want to end today’s live with a challenge. And I’m going to try to come to Facebook, I’m having on Instagram, so I can’t use my phone. But if you have any questions on Instagram, or Facebook, please put them in the chat. And I really want to know, has this live inspired you to kind of take a breath from the usual marketing frenzy and focus on relationships and focus on people. Have you found this to be enlightening and encouraging, and more in line with how you want to do business? I hope so. Okay, so I’m going to end today’s live with a challenge because learning is great. But implementing what you learn is better. That’s what it’s all about.

Okay? So I want you, each of you, each of you, whether you’re here with me live or on the replay, I want you to connect with three people today. Three people, if you do five, great, but I’m going to challenge you to connect with three people, people are already following you, okay, you pick the platform. And I want you to use one of these ways, I just went through one of these four ways of connecting and then beginning to build this all important relationship, you know, leave a comment, share a post, tag them, dm them with three people. And that shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes, maybe five, maybe 10 minutes if we stretch it out. And just imagine with me, what would happen if you do that every day, Monday through Friday, at the end of the week, you will have interacted with 15 people. And it didn’t take that long.

And hopefully they’ll respond and a dialogue is going to be started. And you’re going to begin to build and nurture relationships and it’s going to be fun. And it’s going to be well received. totally doable. Do you see that? Okay, let me tell you no overthinking, no over planning. No getting ready to get ready. You are ready. Okay, you are ready. And so I want you to trust that. And I want you to take me up on my challenge. And when you do, I would love for you to kind of let me see how can I do this?

I want you to DM me, or private message me Hey, I’ve done it. Or you can snap a picture of some engagement and post it and tag me somewhere. Okay. I want to know that you’ve done this. Okay, so I’m looking at my Facebook comments. I Oh, how are you sister? So glad you’re here. Michelle? Yes. 2021 When is my year Diana? Yes. 2021 is my year awesome. And Diana says yes, I’m seeing the result of my connections with people in so many ways. I love it. I love it. Beautiful, beautiful. All right, I’m not seeing any questions.

Take me up on this challenge, ladies. It’s too important not to, okay, take me up on this challenge. Because here’s the deal. Your business is not going to grow by you continuing in this daily grind. That daily grind is going to lead to burnout. And it’s gonna lead to exhaustion. That’s never a good thing. Okay, so we’re going to step out in faith. okay with me, I will step out in faith. You’re going to do the scary thing. Because and how you’re going to do that. I’m scared. How am I going to do it? No, we’re going to trust in the Lord God, and where he’s called you, and what he’s called you to do.

And we’re going to trust on his power and strength to accomplish everything that he’s called us to. He’s promised to equip us so we’re going to take him at his word because he is reliable. Hallelujah. So thank you for watching. Do I meet every Thursday right here at 11am Eastern here on my she is extraordinary Facebook group or they’re on Instagram. I would love to know your comments so feel free to leave them here. Or DM me love you lady so much love. God bless you have a beautiful beautiful rest of your day.

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