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Ep 128: THE Most Powerful Thing You Can Do In Your Business

Alright ladies, Welcome. Welcome. Oh, I see I have lipstick on my teeth. Does anybody else do that? All right, why isn’t this working when I’m trying to go live on Instagram? Well, I can’t do it. So I guess I won’t do it. All right. Hello, ladies, welcome to thriver Thursday live, I am so glad to be with you. This, of course, is the place to be to learn powerful business strategies and grow in your walk with the Lord. My name is Judy Weber, and I am a Christian business coach for you for women of faith, right. And I’m the creator of people focused marketing. And I help driven high achieving women of faith, build businesses of significance God’s way.

And it starts with, as I always say, knowing who you are in Christ, and then deciding, you get to decide, deciding to go all in on that identity in the Lord. Right, fully embracing who you are in him, so that you can step fully into your God given purpose and impact those that he wants you to serve. Right? Remember ladies, because Christ is at the foundation of everything we’re doing, not just in life, but also in business, there is no limit to what’s possible, okay? With man, the Bible tells us it is impossible. But with Christ, nothing is impossible. And I need to get a hallelujah on that one. Alright, so as you’re hopping on, please tell me who’s here. So that I can take a peek and interact with you. And I really want you to stay till the end. Because I have a VIP opportunity for you for each of you. Right, a very special event. That’s virtual, right. So there’s no reason that you can’t be there. And I really want you sister to be a part of it, something truly not to be missed.

Well, I just got home yesterday last night, from my social media and marketing beach retreat, in gorgeous Rosemary Beach, Florida, where I got to spend four solid days with seven powerhouse, ladies. And several experts. And these ladies that attended are fully invested in building their businesses with Christ at the center. And I just want to congratulate each and every one of them for taking that leap of faith for doing the scary thing for walking their talk and investing in themselves like that, right? But you know what, for me in everything I do, it’s more than just working smarter, and not harder. Okay, we all here that work smarter, not harder. It’s really, especially as Christians, we have the ability to do business with simplicity and joy.

Right. So it’s not just, I’m going to work smarter. It’s, I am going to leverage everything God gave me. And I’m going to go to him and I’m going to trust Him, I’m going to be obedient, I’m going to be listening, and I’m going to be taking action as he directs me. And that is going to help doing business become much more simple, and absolutely more joy filled. Right, it is not just about joy in the learning. It’s also about joy in the doing. So it’s about getting systems in place done setting up marketing funnels, so they can do the list building and even a lot of the sales, heavy weight work right? While you enjoy this beautiful life, that God has given you a life of abundance here on Earth, a life where you’re not tied to social media, or your laptop, a life where you have a marketing plan, no more flying by the seat of your pants in manic or panic mode, manic or panic that just came to me today. And it really hit home based on several of the conversations I’ve had recently, right? And a life where you’re not stressing about bringing in clients. Does that sound amazing or what? Right? That’s an amazing way to do business.

It’s God’s way to do business. And it’s possible. The funny thing is, we overthink it. All of this simple joy filled business running and business doing. It starts with trusting Christ. having faith in your calling, having clarity around your mission and around your brand and keeping everything simple. simplicity. Do you want that? Of course you do. I want you to type in simplicity. And we’re going to type that in the comments if that is something that you really, really want. Okay, hey fontanini so good to see you, hon. And Catalina How are you sisters? All right. So I, I really want you to type that simplicity. Just Just type that because the act of actually typing it and reading it on the screen as you’re typing that in is going to help it to sink in to your subconscious mind, right? God made us a special way. We need to have things coming in at more than one sense, right? So if we’re typing it, we’re touching it almost right. And we’re seeing it, we’re hearing it, it’s gonna sink it. Okay?

Ladies, it’s, I want to come to you today with this overall message of, it’s time to take a pause from your normal. In fact, if what you’re doing right now, in running, your business is not working, it’s time for more than just to pause, it’s time to put an end to your normal and implement a new normal, a normal that works. Okay? And why? Why do we want to do that? Because I want to give you freedom, time, freedom, financial freedom. And that is all even though it’s may seem far away. And even though you may have done all the things and you’ve been trying, and you’re like time freedom, and money, freedom, really Yes, it definitely is possible, because we serve Almighty God and he could do anything. Right. Thank you, Jesus, thank you, God, simplicity, and joy in both your business and your life. It all begins with faith in the one who’s able, he is fully able and graciously, fully available to us, fully available to us, Sister, I want to make this personal, right?

Jesus is able, Jesus is available to speak truth and life to you about your business. And this is his business that he has assigned to you than any thought. So we need to listen to him. And we need to be open with our hands and with our heart and with our minds to receive all that He has for us, the joy, the peace. And it just starts with believing and trusting and having faith even a faith of a mustard seed. Okay, this business that you have is a blessing from God given to you by his prompting, he quickens your heart and mind to do this, right? It is your mission to serve and impact others with your God given gifts in this way. And it’s not supposed to be this is running a business is not supposed to be an albatross around your neck is not supposed to feel like an anchor weighing you down. Okay, who needs to hear that? who needed to hear that? type that in place? All right. So I think today’s thriver Thursday is going to be a shorter one. And I just wanted to give you three quick thoughts around people focused marketing, which is, as you’ll recall, from the past couple of thriver, Thursday lives here in April.

It’s really marketing, that elevates human connection, the one on one, the personal aspect, relationship building, it elevates that human one on one connection, relationship building over tech. So let’s go to God invite him in, of course, and then we’ll jump on it. Heavenly Father, you are so good. Hallelujah. God, thank you that we are able to come together here. Using this technology, we are leveraging these beautiful tools that you’ve allowed to exist. So Lord, I just thank you in advance for your presence here. I pray that these words will be pleasing to you, Lord, interrupt me do what ever it is that you need to do to grab my attention. And let me your words, be what comes out of my mouth, Lord, so that you can bless these ladies so that they can walk in their identity in you so that they could fulfill the purpose that you have on their lives. Lord, we love you, and we trust you. And it’s in the mighty name of Jesus that we pray. Amen. Amen.

All right, so for those of you who joined in a bit late, I want to remind you to please stay with me till the end, because I have a VIP opportunity for you. It’s a special event, and I want you to be a part of it. Alright, so thought number one. Earlier this month, I introduced what I’m calling a novel concept. nobody’s really talking about it. And it’s what I call people focused marketing. And it’s such a simple yet powerful idea where I said this marketing prioritizes people over the tech, let’s put tech in its rightful place. It’s a beautiful tool, but it’s not the be all end. All right. And from the reaction and the responses that I’ve gotten, you agree with me, this is a breath of fresh air. This is a refreshing concept to look at people and relationship building as the way to build your business. Right? And if there’s one thing that we women do naturally, it’s relationships.

Who agrees with me? I want to see some love and likes on that one. It is loving on others, nurturing people, making them feel special. That’s what we do. It’s how God made us right. So I really want you to think about in this first thought, what I have kind of an action item for you. I want you to think about how will you change what you’re doing right now in your business, to leverage to maximize, to go all in on your innate relationship building skills. And I have a couple of examples for you. Will you schedule time to interact with people on social? Specifically, right, scheduling time that sounds nebulous. Let’s make it detailed. So you can implement? Will you time block 15 minutes to leave a thoughtful and meaningful comment on a couple of your followers? posts? Will you time block 15 minutes to dive deeper into conversations in the DMS? Will you time block 15 minutes to write out a couple of handwritten notes and send them in the mail? Will you time block 15 minutes to prepare a couple of quick personalized videos? Just checking in with clients? Or maybe leads? And be sure to reference something personal, right? something specific in that video. And it could be 30 seconds, right?

Maybe it’s something you saw on social or maybe you saw a recent family wedding or other event in their feed? Or, you know, maybe you saw them talking about excitement in something happening with their kid or something else? Right? So will you do that type of time blocking and then implement when it comes to really going? taking action on relationship building?

That is not the type of relationship building that people are talking about? Don’t underestimate the power of the one on one. That is the power. Okay. So tell me just one thing that you’re going to be implementing? What are you going to do today? How are you going to time block today? Or maybe do today and every week? Or maybe every day going forward? That is people focused? How will you connect with others? What are you adding? which is going to help you to take away some of the other stuff? That’s not fun. And yet still make more headway in your business? still get better leads better quality leads, get more clients, what are you going to do? Tell me? Okay, idea number two, continuing in this idea of being people focused. In those times when we’re working with clients. Sometimes we drop the ball, right? We’re human, we’re gonna make mistakes.

But we need to make it right. And not just give excuses. And I want to explain based upon some things, crazy things that happened at the retreat. The enemy was all over trying to throw a monkey wrench after monkey wrench in the retreat, the time we were together in Florida. The well let’s say this, I had the most turbulent filled airplane ride in my life. I thought it might be the end. Maybe that’s a bit overly dramatic, but it was pretty darn bad. And at the end of it when I got off the plane, I mentioned that I prayed hard, and the flight attendants said to me, You ain’t the only one. So it was kind of a crazy thing. There was a literally a tornado under us as we were flying in to land. But
anyway, as a result of that, there was no internet in the house. Okay, can you imagine ladies? no internet in the 21st century, in a house going for $1,000 a day.

No internet. We never had internet for days. No bikes, that’s minor but it was promised no bikes. No oven mitts. I was cooking and I don’t know how to cook. I’m looking around where’s the oven mitts where’s the oven mitts? Here’s this luxurious, you know, six bedroom or whatever, six bath home and there was not one oven mitt. And then a couple of ladies said you know what, Judy? I my bed was not cleaned. That was a slept in bed. So I had to get housekeeping over Can you imagine? Can you imagine?

For what off, you know, I dealt with it. We dealt with it, we were able to hotspot and get some good work done, but not to the extent that I promised and so I will be over delivering after the fact. And everybody there trust me to do that. Because of the relationship that I built with them and because of what they did see go on at that retreat. But here’s what I got from the property management company. It wasn’t owned by a person it was owned by a company, a faceless company, right. And when I would call and complain about this and that and this and that and had to follow up Here’s what I got. Excuse is I got we’re doing our best. I got Oh, let me see what I can do. And I got passing the buck. Oh, it’s not our fault.

You don’t have internet, it’s because of the storm. It’s because of the internet company. It’s because of by passing the buck blaming others, okay? No. May you and your business never throw out excuses. Never say, Well, I’m doing my best. I mean, you don’t want to hear that. Never say, oh, Mmm hmm. It really wasn’t on me it was on there. Because look, ladies, people want results. If they have opened their wallet, they’re looking to you to fulfill promises. And they will understand when stuff happens. But we’ve got to do more than this crazy garbage that this million dollar multimillion dollar property management company gave me, okay? You, my sister are responsible for your business, you and you alone, as thriving CEOs, right and successful. When I think about the mega entrepreneurs out there, successful six, figure multi six, figure seven and eight figure entrepreneurs, they don’t make excuses. You know what they do? Instead, they make things happen.

That’s what I want for you. Here’s a fact, I don’t want you to hear me on this when something goes awry in your business. And they will that bugaboo that oops, that creates the perfect opportunity for you to shine. And I want to say that again. Because it’s that important. When something goes awry in your business. That is an opportunity for you to shine. Yes, an opportunity can be created, even in the midst of mistakes and O’s. And right. And here’s an example, if you have put out there that you’re gonna be doing a webinar, and people are paying for it. And they’re excited to show up for it, right. But a storm comes into you in your area, and your internet goes out so that you can’t go live, and you can’t do the webinar, you have a choice. In that moment, ladies, you can either panic and freak out and be literally paralyzed by disappointment, or worry or fear or all of the above.

Or you could choose to stay calm and think, what can I do here? How can I turn this around, and really get your creative juices flowing. And that is what thriving CEOs do. And that’s what I want for you, I want you to think like a thriving CEO. And so you might think, Hmm, okay, I need to reschedule this. But for now, even though I don’t have internet on my laptop, I’m gonna send an email through my phone, letting these people know that I can’t do this as scheduled because of whatever right? apologize for the inconvenience. But let them know that you’re going to turn this negative around and make it a positive almost by giving them something special, and something they’re sure to love. Maybe it’s a bonus checklist or access to a related training that most people have to pay for right? Or maybe it’s pointing them to a fabulous resource that most don’t know about. Do you understand what I’m saying? You’re the CEO, ladies, you get to call the shots. And you got this because God’s got you. Hallelujah.

This is the mindset of thriving CEOs. I want this to be your mindset. Are you up for the challenge? I know you are. God gave you what you need to be up to the challenge. as followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, we had the mind of Christ. I was reminded of that by by amber at the retreat. I just I mean, how many times have I heard it, but for some reason when she said it really sunk in we, as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, have the mind of Christ. And I know that Jesus never panics. I know that my god never fears. And I know that my god never gives up. Hallelujah. And because we have the mind of Christ, neither should wait. You know, as we read about how Jesus lived his life here on Earth, we see how we treated people. He was at once tender yet firm, right depending on the situation, he understood how people felt. And at times, he himself felt things very deeply and he wept, right. And yet, when the situation warranted, he was unwavering and firm, like when he flipped the tables in the temple, right? So we need to be at once tender hearted and yet firm.

Jesus is His earthly life was empathetic, and yet the disciplinarian, right? He reminded his disciples of truth. Right? He was empathetic, but getting called people out and pointing them to obedience to what they know is right to do what they know is right. And so me as a coach, I’m empathetic, but yet, I think you want your butt kicked, right? Because you don’t just want me to tell you what makes you feel good. Because that may or may not get you to what you want, you want results, and I want to get you there. So at times, I have to be that disciplinary and at times, I have to kind of slap your face to wake you up. Right? You understand that? Right? And what else Jesus in His earthly life was the master at creating opportunities. He always created opportunities for those he loves. And even in the midst of chaos. What was the first miracle that Jesus performed? He turned water into wine.

He in the midst of chaos, not just himself, snapped his fingers and said, check out the wine. What did he do? In His grace, he created opportunities for those there to participate in the miracle, even in the midst of chaos. So how can we do the same? How can you do the same and create those opportunities when something goes wrong? Right? How can you create opportunities for people you love? Your clients, your followers, right, those in your email list, etc? How can you create those opportunities, even in the midst of chaos?

Okay. All right. The third insight that I wanted to share is it again, it’s so simple, but it is yet so powerful, okay, listening is one of the most effective things you can do in your business. Okay. Let me give you an example. And really drive this home, when you mentioned to your husband, or your mom or your best friend, whoever you kind of share life with that something happened that upset you in your life. Okay, I know that I know I do that, do you do that. And when you do, if you’re like me, all you really want is for that person to listen, like I don’t know about you. But I really don’t like when people tell me what to do, call me a control freak, anybody else out there. So a lot of times, I just want to share and kind of download because I’m tired of telling myself, I just kind of want to get it off my chest. And I really don’t want them to go off. I want them to listen, and allow me to vent. I’m not looking for them to say well, you actually should have done this, or they should have done that. I really just want to share my feelings and get it off my chest I want to be heard. And I’m brave. I’m saying that because I want to bring it around to your clients and your prospects.

Because at the end of the day, they really want to be heard to. And my question to you in this third point is, are you listening? Are you really listening to your clients and prospects? Right? Have you created those all important opportunities to be able to listen? And it’s specifically one on one, it’s up to you to create those opportunities. And what are those opportunities look like? Well, depends on your business model depends on your industry. And it depends on what you and the Lord God come up with, right and what you decide to implement. So what are those opportunities look like? How often do you make those listening opportunities available? And also, how do you communicate those beautiful opportunities that you’re opening to listen, especially one on one to your people? Now, one thing that a lot of people do is they have discovery calls, we might call them different things, sales calls, discovery calls, you know, but but maybe you could think outside the box, like way beyond the box and create opportunities that nobody else is doing.

So I really can’t give you an example. But I want to I want to really implore I don’t just want to ask you I want to implore which means like, really recommend highlight, almost like beg you to not worry about what other people are doing. You’re a thought leader or you should be. That’s the goal. It’s not, oh, here’s what other people are doing. And I’m going to see where I fit it. Ah bust, bust open and put away you know, the constant comparison of what other people are doing and do it different and you know what’s funny about this This whole listening thing and creating opportunities to listen. And that is that not only does listening to people individually one on one and, and you soaking in every word and showing compassion and heart and how you really care for people, that’s really great, right? But listening gives you something, right? It gives you all the important insight that you otherwise wouldn’t have insight into how your people are really feeling, giving them that safe space to really speak their mind. And that’s a win for them.

But it gives you that powerful market research into how your clients and your prospects think, what are their concerns? What really are their pain points? What’s the source of the pain? What are their thoughts? What do they want? What do they need? So with all of that, how will you my sister be more intentional about listening to people? What opportunities will you create? I really would love to know. Okay, so here’s my special VIP opportunity, I’m going to try to come to you to answer any comments and see what’s going on in the group. But for now, I want to share with you that I’m going to be doing a special three day event starting April 26, April 26. And frankly, I haven’t even named this, okay, but it’s something that I know you don’t want to miss. Because inside of this three day event, beginning on April 26, you’re going to learn the power levers to pull what you need to do to make business simple, faith fueled and profitable. Okay, I want to break out each of those words. Simple.

What is that it’s streamlined with cipta symptoms, streamline with systems, giving you that time freedom I talked about earlier, time freedom like you’ve never experienced before. Okay, like simplicity, not just what I’m labeling it, but what it really is, what it can be for you. Okay, so simple business simple. Wow, who would love that? Okay. The next word I used is faith fueled. So we’re not just talking about faith based. I’m talking about fueled by faith, right business fueled by faith, how faith will exponentially grow your business. Okay, so I’m excited to share with you what the Lord has given me. And finally profitable Yes, sister, we are going to without apology, without guilt, pursue a business that generates revenue, consistent revenue. Why? Why do we want to do that, not just for selfish reasons. So you can buy stuff, but so you can get back, give more back to God.

And so that you can invest more in you and your business so that you can serve people at the highest level. So the opt in page is going to be live this weekend. But right now, you can get on the VIP list today. Now just type power levers in the comments, power levers, like a lever that we’re going to pull. Okay. So let me come to you want to see if I can see who’s here with our levers.

Okay, and I have a little bit of a delay. So Stephanie said that is the motto of my business. We were created to shine. Yes. And that doesn’t mean that we only shine when things are going good. I always say today is your day to shine. We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow. Stephanie. That is beautiful. That is really beautiful. And Lynne is here, so great to see you. Alright, so I’m not seeing any questions. But I want to see you the week of April 26. Because if you’re tired, and I know that you are I know so many of you are tired. You’re tired of being tired. And you may have tried so many things. You may have done so many challenges. You may listen to so many podcasts, and you just feel like golly gee, I’m smart. I’m good at what I do. I’m great at what I do. And I get clients. Wow. It’s just great. Whatever it is you do you serve, and they get more than what they paid for.

Right. But yet you feel like there’s that missing link. What am I doing wrong? What could I be doing better? What What am I missing? Have you thought about these things? I know you have a great many of you have. And that is why I put together this brand new event. It’s going to be virtual. Like I said, I didn’t even name it yet. We’re going but you’re going to learn how to do business better God’s way with simplicity. A business that is faith fueled and absolutely a business that is profitable and gives you that time, freedom.

That you are longing for I know you’re longing for it. So I hope to see you on April 26, seventh and eighth. And I’m going to be, as I said, kind of leaving that optive link over the weekend. So sister I want you to enjoy this Thursday. This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it and let us utilize it in our best way. Right looking to him, knowing that he’s there ready graciously to tell us what to do and how to do it better and maybe just maybe you’re here listening to me because he wants you to be there. The week of April 26. All right. Love, love you so much sisters have a beautiful and blessed day in him.

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