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Ep 130: Is it really God’s will that I be in business?

And away we go. Alright ladies, welcome to thriver. Thursday live here on Facebook in our newly revived Facebook group, the blessed to thrive community. And the fact that I’m here with you now is nothing short of a mighty movement of the Lord. I mean, his timing is absolutely perfect. You know, I don’t know why. But he allowed the hack to my Facebook account that I had since 2008. He allowed it to happen. And with it the pause of this Facebook group, but Hallelujah, he has product back. He makes all things new. Hey, everybody, I see Nancy over on Instagram. I see Diane, good to see you. And I’m sorry, here on Facebook. I don’t know Am I able to see? Let me see if I can move some things around. Mary. Hi, how are you? Good to see you.

As you’re hopping on both places, Instagram and Facebook, if you just say, hey, just so I know you’re there, because I’m kind of looking at myself in the screen. And it’s beautiful to have this kind of interaction. Hey, Victoria. Good morning. So listen, I am super excited to see how God is gonna move inside this Facebook group of powerhouse women strong women of Christ following their calling to business. Because, you know, we were pretty much dead for six months, and God revived it. So I know he’s moving. So Alright, so today, I you know, I have strong beliefs and opinions in this area, beliefs grounded in Scripture. And I’m super excited to share my thoughts with you. So once again, good morning, welcome to thriver.

Thursday live, this is the place to be to learn powerful business strategies and grow in your walk with the Lord. My name is Judy Weber, and I’m a business strategist and consultant. I’m the creator of people focused marketing. And I help driven high achieving women of faith, like you build businesses of significance God’s way. And it starts, as I always say, with knowing who you are in Christ, and then deciding, see, the deciding part is really important, deciding to go all in on that identity fully embracing who you are in Christ, so that you can step fully into your God given purpose and then impact those you’ve been called to serve. All right. So today, as I mentioned, I’m talking about a truly hot topic in the Christian community. It’s a question I get asked all the time. And frankly, I see so many people struggling with this so many women.

And my hope is that if you grapple with this issue, today, you’re going to get clarity, and you’re going to find peace in what God is telling you so that you can move forward in confidence. Okay, and what’s the topic? Is it really God’s Will I be in business? That’s the topic. Hey, Diana, how are you, hon. So who’s excited about diving into this, because I’m going to give you scripture, I’m going to give you real life examples from the Bible, I am going to I’m not gonna convince you of anything, I want to bring you to a decision. I want to bring you to a place of comfort and peace and confidence in what it is that God has for you. Okay, but first, before I dive in, I need to make sure you know about my upcoming live three day virtual event happening next week starts a week from today. It’s called people focused marketing. And inside that workshop, that three day event, you’re going to learn how to exponentially grow your business.

And we’re going to do it in a different way than what everybody’s talking about, right? We’re going to be elevating people over the tech. Okay, too many women are working way too hard to generate consistent revenue like this. I see women posting many, many times a day on social on a bunch of different platforms, and they’re feeling tied to the phone or the laptop, desperately trying to please those little finicky algorithms Is that you, I see many women operating from a place of lack doubt and fear, not faith. you’re chasing prospects who end up being tire kickers and freebie seekers. And you just don’t know how to find qualified leads is that you if I’m talking, and you’re resonating, I’d love to see some, some fire some hearts, some likes, okay, I’m talking to you, okay? If you are wasted or have wasted 1000s of dollars on software apps and tech related services that you really don’t even understand what to do it because you’re thinking, Oh, this could be the one thing I’m missing. Right? Does that sound like you?

But this one doing all the things working 10 hours, 12 hours a day or more with little to nothing to really show for it, except overwhelmed frustration and exhaustion. And perhaps most concerning for us Christians, right? running your business in a way that feels inauthentic. You’re using tactics recommended by coaches and influencers who espouse a modern worldview. But what you really want is a god honoring approach. So to some or all of that sound like you and if so that workshop that I’m talking about the people focused marketing workshop is for you. It’s time to focus on the people that you’re meant to serve and be confident and that fueled CEO, the Christ called you to be. So I want you to join me live. Because you’re gonna learn how to skyrocket your business growth and bring simplicity and joy to running your business. Okay, here’s the deal. If you’re struggling in business, I know why. And I’m going to tell you why.

And we’re going to fix it inside the people focused marketing. So the link is there in the bio. And here on Facebook, I have the link, someone could feel free to pop it in the chat. It’s Bitly bi t.ly slash capital P, capital F, capital M, and then small event, so slash PFM event. I hope to see you inside. All right, let’s go to God in prayer and then dive into this hot topic.

Heavenly Father, we know that we are here only by your hand. We know that this technology is working because you’ve allowed it and so we praise You, God, we thank you. I, I know that I prayerfully considered what I’m about to share with the ladies. But Lord takeover, I’m just a vessel. So God, I pray that the words I’m going to be sharing is pleasing to you. That is always my ultimate goal. And I pray that you are allowing the ladies that are watching or listening now whether it’s live or on the replay, to focus and to turn off the distractions so that they could hear Lord what it is you have to say to them. Thank you, God, we love you, and we trust you. And it’s in the mighty and all mighty name of Jesus, your son, our Lord, we pray. Amen. Amen. All right, if you haven’t said hello, I really, really want to see who is here.

Alright. So as I said, I’m answering this question today. Is it really God’s will that I be in business? And here’s where I want to start. as followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, what’s our main goal is to be in God’s will, like, What is his purpose for my life? What is his plan? And what does he really want me to do? And that’s exactly why I am constantly telling my clients inside the blessed to thrive Academy and my one on one clients and everybody else that I work with my students in my courses. I’m constantly repeating it in my talks on stage. And in my she is extraordinary podcast, this point, you need to be in a solid relationship with Jesus, you need to be spending time with him.

You need to be asking him, tell me, Lord, is this what you want for me? And then when you ask, the super important next step is listening, listening to his answer, Lord, what is your plan for my life? What do you want me to do? That’s a primary importance. So if you don’t carve out time, in your day, every day, to be in His Word, to spend time with him, that’s got to be your that’s got to become your number one priority. It’s more important than self care. There’s no better self care, right? That’s more important than you know, getting out and exercising, in my opinion, should you do those things? Sure. But Jesus is primary, right?

He’s the priority. Hallelujah. Okay, that’s a given. That is doing life with Christ. And of course, all facets of life, right? personal business, career, finances, all of it. So what is your plan, Lord, what is your will for my life? But here’s the thing, here’s what I see. When Christians have a big life decision, like where to go to college, who to marry, where to live, how many kids to have even what car to buy, right? Which is really not that big of a decision. But anyway, I find that many of us Christians kind of hide behind doubt.

The fear of getting it wrong. Oh, gosh, well, I make the right choice. Right. And that doubt that behavior, which is the choice to doubt, and fear, and overthink, that choice, and the actions and the behavior that follows often leads to either avoiding the decision altogether, so you just kind of stay where you are, you stay stuck in some cases, right? Or you just keep putting it off until you get that 1,000% clear answer, right? That’s what I’m saying about putting it off. Or Okay, that’s one thing, you avoid the decision and you put it off, or it leads to moving forward. But even though you’re moving forward, you’re not really moving forward, because you continually have that doubt and the fear and the overthinking coming up and you’re saying, Oh, did I make that right choice? So then you’re not all in on the decision you made anyway.

That makes sense. You follow me? So I find that many in business, live their life like that. And they run their business like that, with this cloud of doubt, and fear and overthinking that just kind of looms over their heads. Now, ladies, what’s wrong with that picture? A lot, right? Here’s the truth. That cloud is holding you back. Period. You can’t move up. You can’t move forward in a powerful way, when you are constantly questioning if what you’re doing is right. So hear me on this sisters, God does not want you living in doubt, or fear, or overthinking. Right, none of this analysis paralysis, no way. He does it. And then you might say, but Judy, how do you know that?

Wow, I got a great answer. Just look at scripture and see what God has already said. Let’s start with Second Timothy one seven. I did not give you a spirit of fear, or timidity, but of power, and of love and of sound mind. And some translations, translate sound mind into discipline. I love that word, discipline, stay with fitness commitment,
that it is what is lacking in every single business that fails. discipline. The business owner wasn’t committed. she lacked discipline, to stay the course. To understand and acknowledge that you need to take consistent action
and accepting the reality that this is a long term commitment. In many ways, when you start a business, it’s like a marriage when you say yes, it can’t be a timid Well, we’ll see how it goes.

We’ll give it a try. And if it doesn’t work, well, we’ll just move on to plan B. Know, according to Scripture, again, God gave you a spirit, which is oneness with the Holy Spirit living in your heart, a spirit of power, power, I want to land on that word, ladies. That word power, it conjures up a strong image, doesn’t it? I mean, just close your eyes for a second power. What image comes to mind? For me, I immediately think of Superman. I don’t know why. You know, I’m a women’s advocate. But I think of Superman. And then a millisecond later, I see Christ. He is the real Superman. All Powerful, right? Hallelujah. Did you get Do you know that his power is yours? Christ’s power is ours. And believe me, I don’t say that lightly. But I absolutely do want to implore you, as I tell myself, we need to lead all in on that truth.

Here’s the reality. Here’s the fact when the Lord God Almighty made you insert your name here, when the Lord God Almighty made Diana, and Nancy, and Mary and Victoria and lovers. What he made you to give you a spirit of power, His power, he’s got plans for you plants that you can’t even begin to fulfill without his power. And he knew that he knows everything. That’s why he decided to give you his power. But again, that power that Christ has for you sitting right here in the palm of his hand saying here you go, Mary and Victoria and Laverne and Diana and Nancy and others, right? Are you gonna receive it?

You know, it’s not just his power that He has for you. Christ has his joy, his peace, his call his power, too, right? It’s all yours. It’s all mine in Christ. Hallelujah. He’s got it for you. He’s given it to you. But have you received it? Can I get an amen on that? With the power that God Himself gave you. Fear simply has no place. Doubt has no place. Right? You have a spirit of power, not a fear or timidity? And do not fear is a command that is in the Bible. 365 times. And yes, that message is that important. And how awesome is our God, that he included that message for every single day of the year? It’s not by accident. no coincidence is with God. It was intentional as a powerful message and a reminder to us Do not fear. And there’s a bunch of Scripture mapped out to we’re not supposed to be like the waves and, and thinking this and then thinking that and doubting No, we’re to be solid in him.

Okay, so with all that, there may be some of you who say, Well, that’s all well and good duty. But that still doesn’t really answer my specific question. Is it God’s will, that I emphasize that I be in business. So I have a couple things for you. Number one, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, we’re called to bring glory to God. So whatever you’re doing, mothering, working in corporate, running a business, caring for a sick parent, right? Whatever you’re doing, we are to do it as under the Lord in love in service to honor him. And frankly love the people that were working for or serving, right? So here’s my question, as you run your business, or as you think about running your business and starting your business is honoring the Lord, at the forefront of your mind is a primary purpose for opening the doors of your business serving God and bringing him glory, honoring him by using those unique gifts and talents that he gave you. Okay, and that that’s a beautiful segue into the second point, to help you get clarity around this question of is it really God’s will that I be in business?

Here’s what I want you to know. And I truly feel like as I was writing this up, the Lord was telling me what to say these aren’t Judy’s words. Okay, I just want to share that with you. I take this responsibility, and it is a responsibility. Like heavily like this is a responsibility. I am a vessel of the lure. So please hear me on this. Right. Our creator gave each of us unique talents, gifts and abilities, no two of us are the same. Right? There are other business coaches and consultants and strategists out there, but they don’t do what I do the way I do it. And you might say, Well, I’m just a realtor, or I’m just a health coach, or I’m just a whatever, right? So So really, am I that unique? Oh, my gosh, please accept that truth, that you are unique. You have unique fingerprints, you have unique numbers have hairs on your head that God knows you are special and unique. And it’s easy for God to make each of us unique. Nothing’s hard for him. He’s the Lord Almighty, the creator of all, each of us is unique.

You are unique sister. So here’s the question at the end of the day, what are you doing with your unique gifts and talents? Are you using them in service to God inside your business? And if so, Rob, ah, I can’t imagine that you’re outside of his well. Here’s further confirmation for me that I want to relate to you. Okay. You remember the parable of the talents? It’s in Matthew 25. Okay, where the master, which I believe it’s a parable that the master is God, right? The master leaves his house. But before leaving, he gives his property he entrust them that property to his servants. And according to the abilities of each one, his servants received a number of talents, whether it’s five, or two or one, right? And when he got home after being gone a while, the master asks those servants for an account of the talents that he entrusted to them, what did you do with what I gave you?

And the first two servants explained that they put their talents to work and they doubled the value of what was entrusted to them. And they were rewarded. What did God say? What did the master in a parable say, well done good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little. So I will make you a ruler over more, enter into the joy of the Lord. Okay, that is a mouthful, ladies. When we use the talents that he’s given us, when we put them to work for him, he will multiply multiplies the name of my mastermind for Toby talking about in the weeks to come. And when you do that, you enter into the joy of the Lord. This is why I say your business needs to be joy filled, it needs to be joyful to run it.

Alright, let’s talk about the third servant who was given one talent. What did he do? Did he put it to work? Nope. He hit it, he buried it in the ground. And what did the master do? He chastised him and punished him. And the words he used in doing so we’re really, really harsh. You wicked, slothful, or lazy servant, You wicked and lazy servant.
Wow, I do not want to hear those words. And he took the talent from him, and he gave it to this servant who had 10 talents.

And here’s how that parable ends for to everyone who has will more be given and he will have an abundance, but from the one who has not even what he has will be taken away. So what was motivating the servant that hid the talent? One word comes to mind immediately for me fear he was afraid. What happens if I lose it? What happens if I put it to work and things don’t go the way we would love it to go right. I find that whole story especially as I studied it, again, very convicting. Okay, now I want to give you me as an example. Okay. And believe me, I’m not posting anything I am is only by the Lord’s hand and all of everything that I ever had or achieved is only because he’s allowed it. Okay, here we go. I’m getting emotional again.

All right, so take me as an example. God gave me drive and ambition. He gave me brains, brains to analyze and think critically and logically, and he gifted me with a message. And he told me, it’s an important one, fully embrace who you are in me, surrender to who I made you to be. So you can take a leap of faith as you step into my purpose for your life. That’s what I heard from the Lord. And that’s my message to each of you. He also gifted me with boldness and confidence and courage to speak. Whether I’m speaking to one, or 1000, or 10,000, either is perfectly fine with me, I don’t get nervous. Really, I don’t, except to the extent that I want to preach his message right now mine.
And finally, God has gifted me with this business, a business dedicated to him. And the women who are called to business who he connects with me, right?

Committed to the women who are committed to going all in on their identity in Christ as they serve the very people that God Himself wants them to serve. Now, all of what I just said in the last 20 minutes may sound a bit circular. And again, leave you with the question. Well, how do I know that I’m called to business? Let me let me say this, hopefully, this will be what brings it all together in a pretty bow, right? If you have that pull, that nudge inside to start a business. Or you had that before you started right? With an intention of serving the Lord and honoring all these giving you using the gifts you have. Only by his hand, by the way, right? Who else but the Lord would have quickened your heart and mind with that nudge.

Think about that? Surely not the enemy? Oh, my goodness, no, he’s the one throwing darts at your sister. He’s wanting to do everything in his power to pull you off course to steal, kill and destroy you, your business, your family, your God given purpose. But the enemy is no match for God. Hallelujah. But here’s the kicker. And I want you to hear me come in and listen. Because you have his power. As a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, the enemy is no match for you. Hallelujah, stronger as he that is in me that is in the world. I want you to I want you to really go to God with that.

And let him speak truth to you that truth to you. For me, I remember graduating college, the first in my family to do so. And I remember getting to go to law school getting into Villanova law. And every day every single day, I walked into that school, I said, Thank you God. Every single time I walked into a courthouse or into a law office for a deposition every single time I said, Thank you, God, I was so grateful. It was like a dream. How could I a simple girl from a poor family from a small town? How can I be a lawyer? It was my dream job, I thought. But in my heart, I knew that being a lawyer working for this big prestigious firm was not my purpose. I knew it.

And even years later, when I worked in house as General Counsel, the director of HR, I love the people I worked with, oh my goodness, I love serving those employees. But even with that, I also knew I had a feeling in my heart. Deep down in my gut. That was not where I was supposed to be. Do you know what I’m talking about? Have you felt that? Please? I want to see some comments whether it’s live or on the replay. I want to know, do you have that deep feeling inside, throwing you to business? It wasn’t that I was burned out or tired of working or anything like that. Right? It’s not like I took the easy way out started off partnership. Anybody in entrepreneurship knows it is not an easy road. Right? And I’m high energy. I’m anything but lazy.

But it’s clear to me, especially looking back and analyzing kind of what happened in the timeline. God was nudging me, directing me to where he wanted me to be. I just needed to follow, right. And you know what all of those experiences before I actually landed on doing what I’m doing right now, they strengthened me. They taught me important things. So that today as a women’s business strategist for Christian women. Now I’m able to impart that wisdom gleaned from 20 plus years in the law, and a bunch of years, even in the C suite, to ladies that are also like you following that prompting of the Lord to do business, his way to serve with excellence at a high level, and unapologetically generate a profit, value for value. what you have to offer is valuable And so for that value, you rightfully should get value return. Just as the Proverbs 31 woman, that extraordinary mom, wife, serial entrepreneur, just as she did read proverbs 31. Sister, it’s a good idea to use read that weekly.

She her business was profitable. The Bible tells us that. Okay, and so, in case you don’t know, there are other entrepreneurial women in the Bible, successful women who not only served the Lord with all their heart, but who had influence in their communities. And yes, again, they had money, they had profits, and oh, the wonderful things they did with those profits, right, that money. Take Lydia.

There’s mentioned of her in the book of Acts Philippians, and Revelation, she was a woman who loved God. And she had her own business, she sold purple goods, Purple’s a color of royalty, right? And it was an expensive, expensive thing, right? So here’s what we can learn briefly. From Lydia, three things, okay. She was hospitable, she loved people. When we first hear of Lydia, she’s gathered with other women worshiping God. And she invites the disciples of Jesus into her home many times. And eventually that home becomes kind of like a church base in the city of Philippi.

She was hospitable, she was Christ focused, God focused. Second, she was profitable, she doesn’t seem to have a husband, there’s no mention. And she continues to work selling her goods, you know, selling her goods and for the kingdom of God, right. She’s She’s like promoting, promoting God, like, like she’s all in for the Lord.
And she’s also selling goods. So it’d be fair to say that she’s making a living and providing for herself and others that she welcomes into her home. Right. So she’s hospitable and loves the Lord. That’s where her focus is. Secondly, she’s profitable. She’s maintaining a life for herself and others. And third, she is valued.

We see in Revelation that Paul speaks of the value of her work, he does not diminish what she’s doing. But instead, he writes of her works as good. It’s a beautiful picture. beautiful picture. So if you have that nudge deep down inside, to start a business, right, or if you’ve already started your business, seek His face for assurance that you are exactly where he wants you to be. Because here’s the other thing, too, if you’re already in business, think about it. There have already been so many steps that you had to take to get that business off the ground. And at any one of those points. God could have shut it down.

Done. Easy, nothing hard for him. But you’re here in business, or you’re having that nudge, right. And you want this and not for selfish ambition, but rather to honor God, in gratitude, using the gifts he gave you. And know this. God knows what businesses you serve, and in return to get paid. It’s no secret to him. So please, I implore you stop apologizing for charging for your services. stop doubting, stop fearing. Okay, that is not of God. So with that, I hope and pray that if you don’t now have that clearer picture as to whether you truly are in God’s will in your business.

That if it’s not now that in the coming days, as you think about and maybe rewatch this, that you will get that clarity, that’s my prayer. So let me see. Felicia, good to see you. Laverne says that poll to start a business is so strong. Yes. And Victoria said daily, sometimes I think she was referring to reading proverbs 31. Absolutely. So ladies, what you see is what you get with me. I’m all about the Lord Jesus Christ, first and foremost, and secondly, about empowering other sisters in Christ, to go all in on who God made you to be, so that you can truly fulfill your life’s purpose and walk into the plans he has for you. And so I’ll leave you with this thought.

I heard a a woman who I highly respect. She’s an eight figure earner. I heard her talk about becoming the next level of yourself, like working hard, she said, to become the next best level of yourself. And I kind of get what she’s saying but but as a Christian, I don’t see it that way at all. When we as Christians surrender to it. When we surrender to Christ, we say, Lord, this is this is my life that I give to you, Lord, this is really your life ultimately, and this is your business, Lord. So what would you have to do with it?

And by the way, who am I, in you to do something with this business? So to me, it’s not, Oh, I got to work hard, I got to become the next level of me. You have everything you need to become the woman that God made you to be.
And it is us that is holding ourselves back. By believing wrong things about ourselves. We’re listening to the enemy’s lies.

We are listening to the naysayers and maybe they’re in our own homes, which can make it very difficult, but we need to listen to God, Lord, who am I in you? Who did you make me to be? We just read about in Second Timothy one, God gave you a spirit of power sister, and of love and of sound mind discipline. Not we’re not little little wallflowers. We are not delicate, little, you know, I can’t even think of the word. But we as women. God made us powerful. And after speaking with other Christian business coaches, and other colleagues that are in this same space, we all feel that strongly that the Lord God is preparing us, his daughters to do big things. And let’s face it, we need to step up. The world’s never been freaking crazier. Am I right?

So we can’t back down. We can’t be timid. Too many people are counting on us people we don’t even know yet. But God knows that they need us. They need you to serve them as a realtor, they need you to serve them as a coach, they need you to, to provide products that they so need, whatever the whatever your business is. So trust me when I say now it’s not the time to doubt. Now, it’s not the time to fear. Now is the time to say Lord God, who am I in you, to drown out the enemy’s lies, to stay laser focused on who we made you to be? And just surrender to allow that beautiful, strong, powerful, courageous woman that God made you to be to exist like right now. And it starts with a decision. Lord God, I surrender, who am I?

Lord God, what is your plan for me? I’m going to sit quietly, Lord, because I want to hear from you. A little bit of faith, he could do so much with it. And I see some yeses here on Facebook, Victoria and Wilma say yes. And Mary says, I love this. But this is a word from the Lord. I’m just a vessel. But here’s the thing, as I always say, learning is good. Listening is good. But what’s better is implementing. So will you schedule time block put in that calendar special time today, or the next couple of days? To implement what I’ve been talking about to go to God?

And, and and if you’re feeling pressure from family members, what are you doing? Well, you know, and meanwhile you do feel drawn to business, but you’re feeling the pressure. Then for you, I especially would ask you to go to God and say, Lord, may I please see you boof? May I please hear from you? Because I’m really feeling doubtful, and I don’t want to doubt because entrepreneurship is not an easy road. It’s not takes time, like a marriage. It takes time to foster and nurture and grow. You got to be all in. So hope that was helpful. Victoria says so glad to have been able to pop on I woke feeling overwhelming doubt from the naysayers.

Oh my goodness. See, this is a divine appointment from the Lord. And this is why I love to come to you every Thursday at 11am, Eastern central Eastern Standard Time, or Eastern Time for not instead your time. I don’t ever understood what that was. But I really, really, really would love to see you here every Thursday. Now that we’re back on the blessed to thrive community and of course on Instagram. I try to go live there as well. So ladies, please do leave comments. Let me know what your thinking was this helpful.

What questions do you have? You matter to me? That’s why I show up for you every Thursday. So I look forward to hearing from you. God bless you have a beautiful and blessed Thursday and make sure you sign up for people focus marketing. That live event has the potential to change your life and your business. That’s my goal. And so I hope to see you inside. Well. God bless you sisters, take good care.

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